Sliding Windows Benefit Cleveland Homeowners

Are you keeping a dirty little secret? We’re not talking about that guilty pleasure TV show you like to watch (Real Housewives of….?) or that candy bar you keep hidden in the back of the freezer. We’re talking about your windows! You know they’re drafty and perhaps even unattractive. You see how dirty they are everyday but don’t take the time to clean them because they are too difficult to maneuver. You also know that if you have them all replaced, your home would be more air-tight and energy efficient. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve been waiting for someone to convince you of all the good reasons to get those drafty old windows replaced, here’s your list! Our top 5 reasons why you need new windows in your Cleveland home.

  1. New windows are more energy efficient. Most of the windows on the market today are significantly more energy efficient than windows that are just 10 years old. You want to choose a window with a lower U value; the lower the U value, the greater resistance to heat flow and the better the window’s insulating properties.
  2. New windows can help block the sun’s damaging UV rays. Have you started to notice fade on your wallpaper or paint? Or maybe your curtains or knick knacks aren’t looking so bright anymore? If so, your windows aren’t filtering out enough of the UV rays that are streaming in. Most new windows offer UV filtering to protect your belongings from fading.
  3. Hate cleaning? That’s Okay! New sliding windows are much easier to clean than your old windows. Sliding windows come in a super simple lift out sash or swing & clean styles that both allow for much easier cleaning. They also have an easy glide track and roller system, which makes it a lot easier to open those windows and let in the fresh air!
  4. Most slider windows from Window Nation include 2 security locks for extra protection; do your current windows provide that much security?!
  5. New slider windows from Window Nation are double (and sometimes even triple!) weather stripped to give you maximum protection from air leakage. Because they are installed by our Master Installers, you know they will be installed correctly- exactly as the manufacturer has specified.

So why are you still sitting there?! Give the pros at Window Nation a call today to get those old windows replaced with beautiful new sliding windows from Cleveland’s window installation experts. With spring finally here and summer on the way, now is a good time to cut down on your dirty little secrets- your windows should not be one of them! Call us today for more information on our windows, doors and siding services in Ohio.

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