Spring Home Improvement Guide for Hartford Homeowners

There’s nothing like the first day of spring in Hartford. It’s no secret the Connecticut winters are harsh. We certainly earn our springtime in Hartford, and we like to enjoy it as much as possible. This winter has been particularly challenging, and you might feel the urge to make upgrades to your home. Now that the temperatures are starting to warm up, it might be time to consider a home improvement project.

A spring refresh is going to feel especially good this year, and replacement windows and doors from Window Nation are an upgrade you’ll enjoy year-round. There’s no better way to enjoy a warm spring day in Connecticut than opening your windows! Get a head start on your spring home improvement projects by upgrading your existing windows and doors with modern replacements from Window Nation. Our home improvement experts explain why you need to upgrade your windows and doors before summer.

Open the Doors

First step: Take a walk down your driveway and look up at your house. That grass won’t need cutting for a few weeks still, and you could always get a new doormat. Have you thought about getting a new entry door

Your front door greets the world. Upgrading to a new fiberglass or steel door gives your home an infusion of curb appeal, and a secret boost of energy efficiency. Doors from Window Nation feature a multi-point locking system – so they are definitely secure. You know, should you ever decide to lock up and leave your house for a few hours...

In Spring, we start spending more time out in the backyard. Upgrading your back doors is a smart way to blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Think about getting French doors installed that open your home out to the garden. French doors let in natural light, and encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the weather. 

If you have one of those sticky (and dated) sliding glass doors, there have been improvements in this area you might want to consider. Window Nation can install a new sliding door that features an anodized track – which won’t gum up and are much easier to clean than the old-school models. 

Add Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

We’ve all been in that Zoom meeting where one person is backlit, the other is huddled in a closet, and everyone else is playing with their new ring light. Maybe (just maybe) the simpler solution is to finally take on that window upgrade

If you have rooms that are boxy and dark, a well-placed replacement windows makes a big impact. Our exterior design consultants can help you strategize what works well for your home, take precise measurements, and give you a customized look.

Double or triple pane glass will increase your home’s energy efficiency, keep the UV rays out, and make sure you look gorgeous on those work calls. It’s one less thing to worry about getting right in your new home office or homeschooling set up. 

Yankee thrift is real, and saving money on your energy bills will be a welcome benefit to this upgrade. You could also see big savings when it comes time to sell your home: the return on investment for replacement windows is over 70%!

Want More Home Improvement Inspiration?

When you’re upgrading your home, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the options. Window Nation has a virtual home show online where you can play around with different looks. You just upload photos of your home, and the home improvement visualizer will show you how new elements like windows, doors, and siding will work together. If you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule your in-home or virtual estimate now!

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