Stay Warm This Winter With New Vinyl Siding

We rarely think about how the exterior of our home can increase our home’s energy efficiency, but the replacement window professionals at Window Nation in Ohio know that new vinyl siding can play a big part in helping to insulate your home during both winter and summer months. Contemporary vinyl siding is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions and with CharterOak Vinyl Siding colors and style options, you are sure to find siding that will complement your home. Here are just a few great reasons why you should choose CharterOak Vinyl Siding from the professionals at Window Nation in Ohio:


  • Vinyl siding offers protection from the weather extremes we experience here in Ohio. Heavy winds, rain, ice and snow are no match for our durable and weather resistant vinyl siding.
  • Vinyl siding offers increased insulation for your home to help keep both heated and cooled air inside, helping to make your A/C unit or furnace work more efficiently, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year long.
  • The vinyl siding available from Window Nation offers many different options to accent your vinyl siding. Looking for vinyl siding trim that is a different color than you actual siding? Maybe you need shutters or gable vents? Our vinyl siding includes these options!
  • Vinyl siding is incredibly easy to maintain. No scraping or painting needed here- the color of each piece of siding goes all the way through the piece, so if your siding is looking dingy, simply give it a wash with a hose and it will look new again!
  • Vinyl siding can be fixed easily. Pieces slip on or off your home without trouble so that any damaged pieces can be replaced quickly and without bother.
  • When Window Nation installs your vinyl siding, you can be sure it will be done correctly! Our expert installers are professionally trained on the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation so that we can make sure your siding is installed correctly.


Think you might like to add vinyl siding to your home? The best thing to do is to either stop by our showroom in Warrensville Heights or Cleveland or you can give us a call today. One of our representatives would be happy to discuss vinyl siding for your home! If you are looking for more than just siding, we offer affordable windows in Cleveland as well as doors to help give your home a full makeover! Give us a call today for more information on any of the services we offer.


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