Summer Safety Tips For Your Family

The immortal words of Alice Cooper come to mind at this time of year “School’s out for summer!”. Kids everywhere are jumping for joy as the school books are set aside and it’s finally time for fun in the sun. Even though all kids want to enjoy their summer vacation to the max, it’s important to remember a few words of precaution to keep your kids safe during all their fun summer activities.

Don’t forget the sun is powerful!

Even when the sun isn’t out in full force, you and your child can get a sunburn. Overcast days can be just as harmful to your skin as very sunny days, so it is important to put sunscreen on regardless of the weather. Check with your child’s pediatrician for the sunscreen that is most appropriate for your child as well as guidelines on how often you should reapply.

Keep in mind that insects and summer go hand in hand.

Summer heat brings out tourists and allows for visits to the beach but it also brings out the bugs. Insects like mosquitoes and ticks are both more prevalent in the summer months and because both of these insects are known for transmitting dangerous diseases, it is important to protect your child from their bite. Use an insect repellent that has DEET or picaridin in it to help fend off insects looking to feed on your kids and keep skin covered when outdoors, especially in the evening.

Playgrounds may be fun but they can be dangerous too.

Make sure your kids dress appropriately for the playground and know the playground rules. Kids should wear sneakers and avoid loose clothing at the playground to keep them from slipping off the equipment.

Water safety is a MUST.

When spending time at the pool, the lake or even at the ocean, make sure your kids have some knowledge about pool safety. Kids should have life jackets and flotation devices, but remember that floating toys are not sufficient as flotation devices. Always have warm clothes and a towel available for after a swim and keep a close eye on kids while they spend time in the water.

Helmets and protective pads are important safety gear.

If your kids like to bike, skateboard or use any other outdoor toys, it is a good idea to have protective gear for them that fits appropriately. Helmets, elbow pads and knee pads are all good options to keep kids safe while spending time on bikes and other outdoor gear.

All school year long, kids look forward to their summer break. Help make it a safe and enjoyable time by teaching your kids the basics of safety, along with your own personal rules to keep them safe. One playground injury or serious sunburn is enough to ruin a good part of your kid’s summer break- keep them safe with these helpful summer tips from the replacement window pros at Window Nation.

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