This year, make the home improvement fixes that you have been putting off years. Start off small by adding simple touches, such as new accent furniture or replacing existing lighting fixtures. If you’re looking to make major changes, consider replacing your old, drafty windows with new windows from Window Nation. No matter the project size, following our tips to give your home a shake-up will make your home feel like new again:

  1. Update Paint – Re-paint the rooms in your house for a quick and easy way to make your home feel new again. Popular colors in 2019 include jewel tones, such as rich greens and golds, and muted colors including dusty pinks and blues. If you’re looking for a subtle change, consider adding an accent wall instead of completely repainting.
  2. Bring in More Light – If your rooms feel dark and dingy, consider purchasing new lighting fixtures to bring in additional light. Look for the Energy Star seal on the products you purchase for maximum energy efficiency. If you’re looking for a bigger change, replace your existing windows with double hung windows, perfect for rooms that face porches or decks.
  3. Add Color – Make old furniture feel like new again by adding accent pillows or blankets to add a pop of color to your rooms. Room accents in bright colors will make a splash in drab rooms. Consider pairing bright room accents with black and white furnishings for an extra pop.
  4. Upgrade your Space – If you’re looking to make big changes to your home in 2019, consider replacing your existing windows with new bay windows from Window Nation. Bay windows can change the look and feel of your rooms, creating an inviting reading nook or a unique look into your backyard.
  5. Add a Backsplash – Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your house, so why not make it fun? Replace old, boring tile with a patterned backsplash for a more modern appearance. Geometric patterns are particularly trendy, adding an interesting pop to your space.

If you feel your home is stuck in a rut, consider making changes to your rooms to make your old home feel like new again. Start off small by adding pops of color and patterns to your existing rooms or make larger changes by replacing your existing windows with bay windows from Window Nation.

If you decide 2019 is the year to replace your windows, our exterior design consultants are here to help with all your window replacement needs. Schedule your in-home consultation today!

Are you thinking it is time to add a beautiful bay window to your home? Well, we’d like to help. At Window Nation, we know all about windows. Here are some quick pros and cons that will help you make the right choice.

Before we get to the pros and cons it is important to make sure we’re talking about the same window. Some folks get bays and bows mixed up. Not you. We’re talking about those other people. The big difference is that bay windows are a unit that comes with three windows, bow windows are usually four or more windows that are installed in an arc.

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Pros of Bay Windows

Since bay windows create more space inside your home, you can do fun stuff with that space. Some people like to make the sunny nook where they can sit and read a book.bay window in kitchen

It is the perfect place to put a soft cushion. You can even store your books in shelving underneath. Some people adorn these areas with plants and other ornamentals. The sky is the limit.

More windows mean more of a view! When you get new bay windows, you’re going to see more of your yard.

Small rooms can feel cramped. When you add a bay window to a small room, it can really open it up.

There are few upgrades that will give you as much curb appeal as a new bay window. These are not windows that blend in. They stand out in a beautiful way. When you go to sell your home, potential buyers are sure to notice.

Bay windows allow more natural light into your interior spaces. More windows equals more light. Right?

More light without compromising on interior comfort. Bay windows have side windows that can open up and allow cool air to come in. Window Nation bay windows also come with the most advanced Energy Star features available. This will let the light in and keep unwanted heat out.

Cons of Bay Windows

When installed improperly, bay windows can develop structural issues over time. That is why it is vital to have them installed by a professional. But not all professionals provide the same level of installation. At Window Nation, our installers use materials that won’t fail over time. So you’re going to have strong, sealed windows for years to come.

Bay windows cost a little bit more. They aren’t as easy to install as double hung windows. But all the benefits far outweigh the costs.

If you’re ready to make the leap and add a bay window to your home, let us know. We would love to take this journey with you, and make sure you get an upgrade you can live with.

Remodeling projects always trigger an atmosphere of excitement. The climate of the home becomes energized with the newness of smell and the energy that comes from changes and improvements. However, nothing seems to equal the feeling, energy, and excitement of brand new replacement windows.

The new look, the ease of cleaning, and the improved efficiency of the home bring a true sense of satisfaction to the proud homeowner. The process of achieving all this, however, begins with right choices and decisions. The first step is knowing who to contact when considering replacement windows, and there is no better choice than Window Nation.

Harley and Aaron, owners of Window Nation, represent the third generation of window replacement experts and understand everything involved to make every customer totally satisfied with the entire process. Window Nation seeks to guide the homeowner through every decision involved in the acquisition of new windows.

One of the big decisions involving selection of style and appearance is choosing between a bay window and a bow window. Whether you are on the outside looking in or standing inside looking out, a bay window offers beautiful three-dimensional design that allows additional lighting and view. The extra options of a bay window can even include a roof that orchestrates an entirely new look to the home. The window can be enhanced with a display of decorations or a showplace for plants. You may even consider the bay window with a seat board option.

The particular taste of each homeowner varies somewhat, directing some people to choose a bow window rather than a bay window. While they are very similar, the bow window has an elegant look with more gradual curves rather than sharper angles. The smoother, more gradual curve fits certain styles of homes very well. You will appreciate the added lighting and space made possible with your custom made bow window from Window Nation! The exceptional energy efficiency of this custom made beauty will help lower heating and cooling costs while enhancing the beauty of the home. Enjoy the soft, gradual bow look while still having the option of beautiful handcrafted wood seat boards and trim.

At Window Nation, we offer multiple options for energy efficient window glass systems. Our professionals will guide you through these important decisions. Browse through our huge variety of window styles and colors. Our windows are all custom made locally and our installation teams are all lead experienced window installers. Whether you choose bay or bow, your satisfaction is guaranteed with Window Nation of Philadelphia.

Bay windows aren’t right for everyone. Walk down this quick list and see if these reasons match the reasons you have for wanting windows installed.
  • You want more light. If your goal is to bring more light into a room, bay windows are the perfect choice. This type of window bulges out from your home and gives three angles of entry for light to come in.

  • You want to open up space. Unlike flat windows, your new bay windows will open up some space to put decorative objects, figurines, seat cushions, plants, and more. If you’re looking to make a room feel larger, bay windows are the way to go.

  • You want to add character to your home. This type of window will stick out, quite literally. Bay windows are an interesting, eye-catching addition to any home that will increase curb appeal and add character. If you’re looking to make an impression with your new windows, bay windows can make it happen.

Why Choose Window Nation?
Once you’ve decided that bay windows are right for you, you’re faced with the difficult task of choosing the right company. Why is this such a difficult task? Because many of the issues that can creep up to bite you in a few years aren’t as obvious as they should be. Here are some things you won’t have to worry about when you choose Window Nation.
  • Having to get new windows in 5 years. When your windows are installed by Window Nation, our team will gut your window openings down to the studs and rebuild them before your bay windows are installed. That is why we are confident enough to offer a comprehensive warranty on the entire window, glass, vinyl, and labor for as long as you live in your home, and 15 years for the next homeowner.

  • Water damage. Our bay windows have a patented scupper system that prevents moisture from accumulating in the window frames by channeling it outside. And, our GAF Weather Watch coating prevents water from penetrating into your home.

  • Energy efficiency. When you have Window Nation bay windows, you’ll have sealed insulation in the window frames that enhances thermal performance, and energy star efficient glass to keep heat out.

  • Quality control. Since we manufacture our own windows, we can ensure the highest level of craftsmanship like double stack four point welders that guarantee extraordinary strength on the corners of all our bay windows.

Are bay windows right for you? Take the next step. Reach out and speak with one of our experienced agents and start the process. You’ll be amazed at the difference new bay windows can make in your life. Let Window Nation help you make the right investment so that you can enjoy your new bay windows for years to come.
OK. Immediately, you might be thinking that "making the season bright" is a term that we only use for Christmas. But brightness isn't just what makes the Christmas season bright, it is also what makes Thanksgiving great. We're not talking about lights strung everywhere or sparkly decorations; we're talking about how the sunlight comes in through the windows and warms a family gathering. And we have some ideas on how you can make next year's Thanksgiving even brighter.
Thanksgiving feast including turkey displayed in a bright kitchen with a huge windowAround Thanksgiving, you're going to spend a whole lot more time in your kitchen, right? Well, the first way you can make it brighter, is by adding a garden window in your kitchen.
Here are a few Thanksgiving benefits garden windows will provide:
  • More light. That is the obvious first one. When you have a new garden window in your kitchen, you are really going to love how it brightens everything up. This makes every task in the kitchen easier on your eyes because it adds more light to see by.

  • A spot for festive decor. If you like to put out pumpkins, gourds, ceramic turkeys, baskets filled with plastic food items, cups filled with grain, or other Thanksgiving decorations, that garden window is the perfect place.

  • An area to ripen fruit. Your new garden window is the perfect spot to put a bowl of fruit to ripen. That fruit also makes a great decoration, if you don't keep it there too long.

 What is the second area you're going to spend a lot of time in? The dining room! This is a great spot to put in a new bay window. Here are a few of the Thanksgiving benefits of a bay window.
  • More light. Just like that garden window, your new bay window will extrude out from the house and offer a way for more light to come in.

  • More warmth. Those bay windows are going to be much larger than your garden window, which means you're going to get more warmth coming in. Warmth isn't so hot if you're sweating in the kitchen, but when you're relaxing around the dining room table, those big bay windows are going to be a treat.

  • More space. Your new bay windows will come with some room to put dishes of food or give another area where people can sit and chit chat. If you fill your home with people every Thanksgiving, this can be a big help.

When you're ready to see how a new garden or bay window can make Thanksgiving brighter, give us a call. We have the best windows in the industry, backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties that guarantee the entire window, glass, vinyl, and labor for as long as you live in your home. Keep in mind that we offer free in-home estimates to better help your window buying experience. 

Have you been looking for a way to improve the exterior of your home? There are lots of  obvious changes that can be made: paint your siding, add some landscaping accents or even plant new trees in your yard, but one idea you may not have thought of is adding a bay window or a bow window to your home. The addition of these windows can take your home from looking like every other home on the block to looking like it was custom built just for you. Besides adding beauty and character to the exterior of your home, here are more benefits for adding bay windows or bow windows to your DC home: 

  1. Bay and bow windows make a statement both inside and outside your home. The three-dimensional shape of these windows can give you added shelf space or seating space in the interior and create a dramatic new view of your property.

  2. Vinyl bay and bow windows from Window Nation are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry that guarantees the entire window, glass, vinyl and even the labor for as long as you live in the home and even 15 years to the next homeowner!

  3. All our bay and bow windows are custom made to fit the exact specifications of your window opening; they are also made to be energy efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs and increasing the comfort of your home, even during weather extremes.

  4. A patented scupper system that comes with bay and bow windows from Window Nation prevents moisture from accumulating in the window frames by channeling it outside.

  5. We can offer superior installation on all our bay and bow windows as well, using a custom designed ‘low-profile’ cable anchoring system so that your window unit is hung from your roof joists, allowing for more structural integrity. Our bay window roof options allow for more architectural interest for the exterior of your home.

  6. Our bay and bow windows come with several options to suit your home’s individual needs. We offer many models, elegantly styled contoured grids between the glass, recessed halogen lighting and foam-insulated seatboards to make your new bay or bow window the focal point of any room.

If you’ve been considering adding more interest to the exterior of your home to improve your home’s curb appeal, call Window Nation today for a free window estimate to help you determine exactly what style window will fit your needs and your budget. Bay and bow windows are both excellent options to upgrade the look of your home, but if you’re looking for other vinyl, wood or fiberglass windows to replace your outdated and drafty windows, check out the replacement windows in DC provided by the professionals at Window Nation. We offer many different window styles, colors and glass options that are sure to fit your needs; contact us today to discuss your needs and we’d be happy to help you choose the replacement windows that will change the look and comfort of your home.