There is no doubt that vinyl siding is a fantastic upgrade for any building. This low-cost siding comes in many colors, textures, and styles, and is practically maintenance free, resistant to moisture, strong enough to last for decades, and awesome at cutting energy bills down to size. But, vinyl isn’t perfect. Nothing ever is. The wrong replacement siding can have you dealing with frustrating issues like fading, buckling, yellowing, and rainwater getting in behind the siding. While these problems can be fixed, they are a headache you don’t have to live with. When you choose reinforced siding, you’ll get all of the benefits of vinyl, plus a whole lot more.


When you look at a sheet of reinforced siding, the first thing you will notice is that it is much more rigid than standard vinyl siding. Our reinforced siding gets its rigidity from a tri-beam construction that promotes strength through the entire product. On your home, that extra strength will help to prevent uneven walls and buckling. It is also 5 times more impact resistant than traditional siding. You’re not going to have to worry about hail, sleet, and strong winds damaging this siding!


If you want the look of real wood cedar siding, without all of the drawbacks that come with it, like splitting, peeling, or wood rot, than you’re going to love reinforced vinyl siding. And, unlike wood, you’re not going to have to paint this siding every time you turn around. The color process used to make our reinforced siding goes right through the panels and keeps it looking beautiful.


Reinforced siding comes with superior insulating qualities. The contouring foam on the back of each panel has graphite particles that help slow down the transfer of heat. That means your energy bills are going to be lower, and your home is going to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


The reinforced siding our certified installers apply is 500% more breathable than other insulating systems and is built to prevent moisture retention. This will protect your home from all of the issues that moisture can cause, like fungal decay, cracking edges, buckling panels, and more. When the heavy winds rip across your exterior walls and the rain beats against them, you won’t have to worry with this siding option.


It is amazing what mother nature can do to vinyl siding when the right conditions occur. High winds, sleet, ice, snow, hail, and heavy rains can do a number on vinyl siding. That’s why we use reinforced siding with a double rolled over nailing hem. This is the most secure method for attaching vinyl panels, and will give your siding what it needs to resist almost anything mother nature will throw at it, including seasonal contraction and expansion.


When choosing new siding, most people don’t think about all of the bugs that will be trying to get in through that siding; but they should. Bugs can destroy the wood of your home and find tiny cracks to get in and build their nests inside your wall voids. The product we use comes with built-in pest control agents that will help your walls stay protected and help you reduce costs for professional pest control.


Since this siding has a rich wood look, it seems only fitting that it should be built to show as few seams as possible. You may be able to get a similar wood appearance with standard vinyl siding, but reinforced siding comes in 16-foot lengths, instead of 12-foot lengths, reducing seams by 33%.


At Window Nation, we don’t just sell reinforced vinyl siding; we exclusively sell Gladiator XL siding. We believe that Gladiator XL siding with its custom Fullback® Insulation backing is the best vinyl siding money can buy.

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When you ask the question: “Does siding make a difference?” The answer will differ depending on who you ask. A painter will tell you that painting your house is much less expensive than having your home covered in siding, and that a professional paint job can last for up to 15 years. While a company that sells siding, like us, will say that siding holds its color better than paint, is much less maintenance, and will save you more money in the long run. So, who is telling the truth?
If you have never seen your Ohio home on an infrared camera in the winter, it may be worth taking a look. Infrared radiation has a wavelength from 800 mm to 1 mm and is emitted by objects that are heated. When you look at your home in this “light” you will immediately see that your windows are where the most heat is lost. In an infrared image, they will appear red, but, if you have no siding on your home, you may notice something else. Something disturbing! Your walls could be nearly the same temperature as your windows.
Infrared evidence doesn’t lie. If your home is losing heat, you’ll see it. Then you won’t have to wonder. You’ll know for sure that siding makes a difference. When you add siding to your home, you add insulation to your home, and that means energy savings put right into your pocket.
Sure, a professional paint job may be cheaper up front; but, in the long run, siding is definitely the way to go. Not only does modern siding give the same natural beauty as painted wood, it adds lasting savings to homeowners who have to worry about keeping heat in and brutal cold out.
For your Ohio home, new siding is one of the best investments you can ever make. Whether you’re looking to give your home that new home look and added curb appeal for resale or looking to add an upgrade that will pay for itself over time and start putting money into your pocket, siding is the way to go. Winters in Ohio don’t just suck heat out of your home; they suck money out of your pocket.
At Window Nation, not only do we sell the best siding available anywhere, we also make the process of choosing new siding easy by sending a professional right to your front door. Your Window Nation specialist will help you pick the perfect siding that will meet your needs and fit your budget.
In Ohio, siding makes a difference. Give us a call today and get your free in-home estimate scheduled, and start reaping the energy savings new siding will bring.