Remodeling projects always trigger an atmosphere of excitement. The climate of the home becomes energized with the newness of smell and the energy that comes from changes and improvements. However, nothing seems to equal the feeling, energy, and excitement of brand new replacement windows.

The new look, the ease of cleaning, and the improved efficiency of the home bring a true sense of satisfaction to the proud homeowner. The process of achieving all this, however, begins with right choices and decisions. The first step is knowing who to contact when considering replacement windows, and there is no better choice than Window Nation.

Harley and Aaron, owners of Window Nation, represent the third generation of window replacement experts and understand everything involved to make every customer totally satisfied with the entire process. Window Nation seeks to guide the homeowner through every decision involved in the acquisition of new windows.

One of the big decisions involving selection of style and appearance is choosing between a bay window and a bow window. Whether you are on the outside looking in or standing inside looking out, a bay window offers beautiful three-dimensional design that allows additional lighting and view. The extra options of a bay window can even include a roof that orchestrates an entirely new look to the home. The window can be enhanced with a display of decorations or a showplace for plants. You may even consider the bay window with a seat board option.

The particular taste of each homeowner varies somewhat, directing some people to choose a bow window rather than a bay window. While they are very similar, the bow window has an elegant look with more gradual curves rather than sharper angles. The smoother, more gradual curve fits certain styles of homes very well. You will appreciate the added lighting and space made possible with your custom made bow window from Window Nation! The exceptional energy efficiency of this custom made beauty will help lower heating and cooling costs while enhancing the beauty of the home. Enjoy the soft, gradual bow look while still having the option of beautiful handcrafted wood seat boards and trim.

At Window Nation, we offer multiple options for energy efficient window glass systems. Our professionals will guide you through these important decisions. Browse through our huge variety of window styles and colors. Our windows are all custom made locally and our installation teams are all lead experienced window installers. Whether you choose bay or bow, your satisfaction is guaranteed with Window Nation of Philadelphia.

There are few windows that will add more character and elegance to your home like a bow window will. But, few windows are as confusing as bow windows. If you don't know what a bow window is or you're wondering what a new bow window will do for your home, you've come to the right place.

Facts About Bow Windows

  • A bow window is several windows in a line. The most common configuration of a bow window is an arching row of five windows, but there can be as few as four windows and as many as you want to have. The only limitation is that eventually your windows will create a complete circle.
  • A bow window will add a lot of light to the interior of your home. When you have several windows in a line, you're going to have more light coming in.
  • A bow window adds style and character. Even in a simple configuration, this window will cause beautiful shadows on your interior floors and add elegant charm to the exterior of your home.
  • When you have bow windows installed you'll also have the benefit of more interior space. This space can be used to put a cushioned bench that will make the perfect little nook for some light afternoon reading or simply a shelf on which to put plants and other decorative items.
  • The more windows you have in your bow and the wider those windows are; the more interior space you will have.
  • A bow window is a difficult window to install, and not recommended as a DIY project. If done improperly, heat can leak out in the winter and cold air can leak out in the summer. Even worse, water can get in and cause damage to your home, or mold problems.
  • When you have Window Nation install your bow windows, you can trust that your windows will be installed properly. Every installation team has a factory trained installer who has been certified through the InstallationMasters program.
  • All of the bow windows installed by Window Nation are completely constructed at one facility and custom made to fit your specific needs.
  • All bow windows from Window Nation are manufactured with 100% uiPVC virgin vinyl and are fully fusion-welded with a heavy duty, multi-chambered design and an architectural aluminum reinforced frame. What is that in English? Our windows are built to last.

Are you ready for all the benefits of new bow windows? Speak to one of our agents and schedule a free, professional in-home estimate today and get started on what could possibly be the best investment you've ever made for your home.

Have you been looking for a way to improve the exterior of your home? There are lots of  obvious changes that can be made: paint your siding, add some landscaping accents or even plant new trees in your yard, but one idea you may not have thought of is adding a bay window or a bow window to your home. The addition of these windows can take your home from looking like every other home on the block to looking like it was custom built just for you. Besides adding beauty and character to the exterior of your home, here are more benefits for adding bay windows or bow windows to your DC home: 

  1. Bay and bow windows make a statement both inside and outside your home. The three-dimensional shape of these windows can give you added shelf space or seating space in the interior and create a dramatic new view of your property.

  2. Vinyl bay and bow windows from Window Nation are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry that guarantees the entire window, glass, vinyl and even the labor for as long as you live in the home and even 15 years to the next homeowner!

  3. All our bay and bow windows are custom made to fit the exact specifications of your window opening; they are also made to be energy efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs and increasing the comfort of your home, even during weather extremes.

  4. A patented scupper system that comes with bay and bow windows from Window Nation prevents moisture from accumulating in the window frames by channeling it outside.

  5. We can offer superior installation on all our bay and bow windows as well, using a custom designed ‘low-profile’ cable anchoring system so that your window unit is hung from your roof joists, allowing for more structural integrity. Our bay window roof options allow for more architectural interest for the exterior of your home.

  6. Our bay and bow windows come with several options to suit your home’s individual needs. We offer many models, elegantly styled contoured grids between the glass, recessed halogen lighting and foam-insulated seatboards to make your new bay or bow window the focal point of any room.

If you’ve been considering adding more interest to the exterior of your home to improve your home’s curb appeal, call Window Nation today for a free window estimate to help you determine exactly what style window will fit your needs and your budget. Bay and bow windows are both excellent options to upgrade the look of your home, but if you’re looking for other vinyl, wood or fiberglass windows to replace your outdated and drafty windows, check out the replacement windows in DC provided by the professionals at Window Nation. We offer many different window styles, colors and glass options that are sure to fit your needs; contact us today to discuss your needs and we’d be happy to help you choose the replacement windows that will change the look and comfort of your home.