Replacing a front door is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make. Have you considered replacing yours? What is holding you back? Well, here are a few things you may not know about getting a new door. Who knows, you may find that getting a new door is exactly what you need in 2016.

1. That old door could be costing you money. If you have an old door, it might be letting the heat right out. If you could look at your home with an infrared camera, what do you think you would see? Doors and windows are where the most heat escapes from a home. How bright do you think your front door would be? Older doors have less insulation and let the heat pass right through. Plus, when a home settles, it can cause a door to warp. This creates gaps for heat to slip out. Does your home have its original doors? You may find that upgrading will actually pay for itself in energy bills savings.

2. A new door will retain most of its value? Doors are a great investment. That is why many home improvement experts put a door replacement in their top 10 list. Depending on what entry door you choose, you can recoup as much as 80% of the cost at resale. So, why not have a beautiful new front door to greet you every time you come home?

3. Do you have anything valuable in your home? When a door begins to wear out, it becomes more of a security issue. Plus, newer doors have more security features than those older doors, making them a lower risk for easy entry. If you decide to keep living with that old front door, you could find yourself losing more than just a little heat every winter.

4. Are you selling your home? A new front door doesn’t just mean a facelift for your home that you will enjoy every time you return from work, it means more curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell your house in the next 5 to 10 years, that new front door will help you do it faster.

What do you think? Is it time to give your home a stylish upgrade that will retain its cost, save you money on your energy bills, offer greater security, and give you more curb appeal when it comes time to sell? If so, we have good news. At Window Nation, we make getting a new front door easy and fun. You don’t have to go anywhere and you don’t have to do anything, except share your vision with us. We’ll send a specialist right to your “old” front door, and walk you through the process from beginning to end. It is just that simple.

Entrance doors are the focus of the front of your home. While they should be a reflection of you and your home, they also need to be energy efficient and practical. The choices that are available are all but endless. The doors themselves can be made of wood, steel or fiberglass, each of these with their own benefits and drawbacks. The glass, or door lites, can also come in many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. The addition of one or two sidelights alters a front door from a drab ordinary door to a presentation of a smooth working door system that is pleasant to see and sets forth a statement of beauty. All this is well and good, but how do you know which entrance system is right for you? While wood entrance systems have their own benefits and place, here at Window Nation we choose to offer the two most popular, cost and energy efficient options of steel and fiberglass.

All door openings in your house are essentially just holes in the walls that need to be able to be opened and then resealed again easily and efficiently. If your door, whether it’s a side door, front door or back door is not created with quality products and precision accuracy than if will increase your energy bills. Both our steel and fiberglass doors are manufactured to be energy efficient and to fit snugly and perfectly in their openings to help prevent any unwanted air exchange between your home and the outside.

Our steel doors have rot-resistant wood frames and brick mold trim that are treated with PineGuard™. PineGuard™ carries a Lifetime Warranty. Another standard on our steel doors is the bulb and blade door sweep on the door bottom. Our steel doors are weather tight and rot resistant, and with our Trilennium™ Multi-point locking hardware your door will be more secure than ever.

A polyurethane foam core is the center of our high performing fiberglass doors. This polyurethane core is five times more efficient than a wood door. Add in our Tru-Defense® Door System that creates a weather-tight seal between the door and the frame and you have a virtually impenetrable door system.

We have an entry door to fit every style and budget with over 75 door styles to choose from, 40 colors and stains, and 35 decorative glass options. Once you have decided on your door, let our professionals handle your installation. A top of the line door will only be as good as its installation. Whether you choose steel or fiberglass be sure to choose the best option that you have for door sales and installation, choose the experts here at Window Nation. Contact us today!