Have you ever wondered how long we’ve had animals as pets? Archaeologists say it is a very long time. Ancient Egyptians worshiped a cat goddess and had their beloved cats mummified and buried with them (along with their mummified mice, in case those cats wanted something to play with in the afterlife). But, evidence for the domestication of dogs can be traced even further into our past. Some say the earliest recorded evidence of dogs as pets was unearthed in Israel, where a puppy was found cradled in the hand of human. If, however, we take into consideration research that has been done to connect Chinese street dogs with four species of grey wolf; we can go back even further. But, it doesn’t really matter how many years ago it happened. All that matters is that we have had a special bond with cats and dogs for as far back as we can remember–and for good reason. They are important to us, in more ways than we can even understand. So, when we were given the opportunity to support the Cleveland Animal Protective League financially, it only made sense. Here are a few more reason we chose to make them one of the charities we sponsor.

The Cleveland Animal Protective League was incorporated in 1913. That means they have had a long time to develop a sustainable and efficient administrative system. We believe this allows them to be effective in their mission.

What is their mission? For over a hundred years, the APL has had one singular goal and that is to protect these special animals from anything that would do them harm. This has led them to develop several programs to meet this goal: animal admissions, adoptions, an animal welfare clinic, a trap-neuter-return program, a foster care program, and ongoing humane investigations. Dogs and cats rely upon the kindness of humans for their safety and welfare. The APL is here to help, every step of the way.

All of these life-saving programs require money and caring people to implement them. Since the APL does not receive any financial support from governmental agencies, it is up to the community to provide what is needed. If you’d like to join us in giving to the Cleveland Animal Protective League or donate your time as a volunteer, send them an e-mail through [email protected]

Dogs and cats are more than pets; they are our companions, our friends, and our family. Join with us to support all of the many important resources that are offered by the Cleveland Animal Protective League.