Drafty windows can become a real pain in the cold, winter months. It becomes a battle between hot and cold. You have to turn up the heat, while your windows keep letting in cool air. It can become very expensive to try and heat your home in the winter. Making your home more energy efficient is always a plus for you and your bank account. Having energy efficient windows can improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. It will save you money in the long run and keep those drafts away. There are a few tips and tricks to keeping your drafty windows at bay as much as you can.

Here are a few tips to help you cut the drafts down.

  • Weather Stripping: Adding an extra lining a protection between your windows and the cold, winter air can help save you money in heating costs.

  • Caulking Windows: Adding a layer of caulking between the window and the frame can help to keep drafts away.

  • Curtains: Adding curtains to your windows can help protect from drafts. They sell thicker curtains, specifically for draft protection. They are more expensive but worth the protection.

  • Shades: There are many different types of shades that you can invest in to help lessen drafts. There are different styles for you to pick from to match your home’s unique style.

These tips will help you in the fight against drafty windows. However, they do not completely solve the drafty window problem. They only lower the amount of cold air that your windows let in. They are a temporary fix to a long term problem. The best thing you can do is replace your drafty windows. It will be a larger upfront cost but new energy efficient windows will save you money in the long run.

Call the helpful professionals at Window Nation today to get started on a plan to end drafty windows for good and begin enjoying new, replacement windows for years to come.

Yes, they do! Just because the weather is ‘cold and frightful’ doesn’t mean that you can’t get your windows replaced! Don’t think that you have to wait for spring to come to do this home remodel project. It can be completed with very little interruption to your home and lives. Here are few of the common concerns that people have with winter window installations and the resolution to them.

Often, the concern people have is that they picture a hole in their wall with no window in it. That is not the case at all. In actuality, the time that your old window is out of its opening and that the new vinyl window is not in it, should be very small. Your replacement windows are all custom made to fit in each window opening so it should be as simple as taking one window out and quickly installing another. Closing the door to the room where the installers are working will cut down on any cold or hot air making its way through your home. If that’s not a possibility, hanging a blanket or drop cloth will help contain the temperature fluctuation to a smaller space.

Another misconception is that the cold temperature will negatively affect the performance of caulking and adhesives. Experienced professionals, like the experts at Window Nation, know exactly which product to use for every temperature and window situation. We will only use a product that has been proven to perform at the given temperature and application that your installation calls for.

Installing new, vinyl replacement windows this winter can help your winter energy budget immensely. Keeping warm air inside and the cold air outside is one of the largest assets of new windows. You will truly feel the difference in your home, as well as in your wallet when new windows become part of your home.

If you have any questions about the installation procedure, feel free to ask us the staff at Window Nation! We have been installing windows for many years and in all seasons and weather conditions. We know how to take care of you and your window needs in the best way possible. Our warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. With over 150,000 window installations under our belt, you can rest assured knowing that your window install is being handled professionally and correctly.

Don’t let the daunting weather of winter stop you from considering to do your window installation. Call us today, and let our capable crews work for you.

The care and maintenance of one’s home is extremely important and must be an ongoing activity for every homeowner. The value and marketability of the home hinges on the care and upkeep provided. Among many others, one of the more critical areas of the home involves the windows.

The basic maintenance and upkeep of windows includes keeping them painted and in smooth working order. Real Estate companies are quick to show that a well maintained home can command a much higher price than the same home that has a neglected, rundown appearance.

No one likes to feel a cold draft of air while sitting in the comfort of the home. Windows are a number one contributor to a drafty house. There are a variety of reasons why the window may be drafty. While improper installation can be a cause for drafts, the number one reason usually has to do with the age of the window. Older, outdated windows are not energy efficient and become loose in process of time. This obviously creates a financial hardship with the homeowner’s heat bill as he endeavors to compensate for the cold draft.

When examining your windows, make sure of the ease of operation. A poor performing window will cause a strain on the window casing every time it is opened or closed, creating even more gaps and drafts. Look for any condensation or fog that may occur between the glass panes. This is another sign of a leaking, ineffective window. Water stains, deterioration or chipping around the window, inside and out, will also be an indication of the need for drastic repair or replacing your windows. Often, older windows are very difficult to find parts and can be very expensive to repair. Replacement windows become the logical choice and solution to drafty windows.

Be sure to look for the Energy Star symbol when choosing replacement windows to ensure that you are being offered the most efficient product. Energy Star labeled windows will provide at least twice the efficiency in heating and cooling your home as windows manufactured just ten years ago. There are many energy efficient glass options to choose from when selecting your replacement windows. Precision engineering of windows have enabled companies to eliminate drafts and enhance the energy efficiency of your home with advancements in glass coating, spacer systems including triple pane windows and a variety of other glass options for optimal energy savings.