Asking yourself “Are energy efficient windows worth it?” or “Are double hung windows energy efficient? The answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes!”, so read on for more information on choosing energy efficient double hung windows.

How Windows Affect Energy Efficiency

If you have old windows, they are drafty. When air leaks from the inside out, you consume more energy to keep the home comfortable. By replacing your old with new ones, you will stop air leaks and curb energy consumption.

If you live in an older home, you may have single pane windows where there’s a single pane of glass between your home interior and the outdoors. By selecting triple-pane double hung windows with an argon gas fill, you can triple the protection between indoors and out.

Argon, an inert gas, is less conductive than oxygen, so it keeps heat from passing through the three panes of glass that comprise the window. As you can imagine, this makes new replacement windows much more energy efficient than your current windows.

An optional low-e glass coating prevents the solar heat gain that makes the air conditioner work harder to cool your home. By deflecting UV rays from the house, the low-e coating also protects your art and furniture from the effects of the sun and keeps your home comfortable year round.

Are Energy Efficient Windows Worth It?

Energy Star windows offer twice the energy efficiency as windows manufactured just ten years ago, which means the time is ripe to replace your existing windows. While you will save money and energy with baseline replacement windows, you will enjoy better energy savings if you can purchase mid-range or premium replacement windows, which offer greater insulation and more energy-saving features.

When you replace your existing windows with energy efficient double hung windows, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • A more comfortable house – Double hung windows create a tight seal with the envelope of the home, reducing air leaks between the inside and outside of the home, which means your home will feel more comfortable throughout the year. No more drafts when you’re sitting by the window!
  • Lower utility bills – When air leaks are reduced, your heating and cooling systems are able to operate efficiently (because cool air isn’t seeping out through drafty windows), which lowers your utility bills.
  • UV protection – You protect your skin from UV rays, but what about your home? Replacement windows with low-E coating block furniture, art, and rugs from fading as a result of UV exposure.
  • Improved safety – The glass used in replacement windows is stronger than the glass used in old windows, which better protects your home from environmental damage and break-ins.
  • Higher resale value – Last but not least, energy efficient upgrades are among the top desired renovations by homebuyers, which means investing in energy efficient windows improves your home’s potential resale value.

The most energy efficient double hung windows come with the Energy Star certification. By choosing these windows, you may be eligible for a tax credit, another perk of making the switch!

As you can see, there are many reasons why our answer to the question,“are double hung windows energy efficient?” is yes. After exploring the benefits of upgrading your windows to energy efficient double hung windows, are you ready to shop for windows? Get a free quote for replacement windows from Window Nation or learn more about our wood and vinyl double hung windows today.

The gas between the panes of your double or triple glazed windows can have a huge impact on your heating and cooling expenses. It is wise to educate yourself on the best energy-efficient windows before buying new ones.

Argon gas is commonly used between the panes because it is colorless and odorless. It is also denser than air, making it better and more efficient as an insulator. Krypton gas, however, is denser than argon gas, providing an even better thermal barrier; but krypton gas can be more expensive and may not provide enough increased efficiency to justify the extra cost. Both argon and krypton gas are nonreactive and naturally occurring.

Much of a homeowner’s expenses come from heating and cooling. When it comes to efficient windows, you will want to look for ENERGY STAR®, because these products are twice as efficient as ordinary windows. To receive this rating, windows are not only thermal efficient, but they also cut down on UV damage in your home. The windows that we offer here at Window Nation are not only excellent windows with advanced window technology that allows you to have the look you want, but they also offer some of the highest energy efficiency ratings available.

Our double pane extreme Low-E glass windows are our most popular windows. They have double pane insulated glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings. They block ultraviolet rays by 80% and are filled with 98.8% argon gas. These double pane windows allow more natural light into your home than the triple pane windows do.

Our ultra triple pane glass windows offer exceptional energy savings and comfort. They have double pane insulated glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings, plus a pane of Low-E glass that enhances the window’s efficiency. They block ultraviolet rays by 90%, and are filled with 99% argon gas. These triple pane windows provide the best comfort for those residing in the home, they insulate from varying temperatures, and they are a good barrier for noise.

Our ultimate triple pane glass windows have one of the best thermal properties for the best efficiency. They block ultraviolet rays by 97% and are filled with 98.8% krypton gas. This window is rated #1 for noise reduction because of the spacer system that is made of 100% polymer structural foam.

So, which ones should you choose? Any window from Window Nation will prove to be beneficial and will cut down on heating and cooling costs. The knowledgeable technicians at Window Nation can help you determine which windows are best for you in your home. Give us a call today and ask about our windows, you can also use our online chat feature. Either way, we look forward to talking with you.

Are you thinking about a window replacement this year? If so, we applaud you on your choice. Replacing old windows is a smart choice, all the way around. They add beauty to your home, new functionality, increased ambiance in interior spaces, and are an investment that earns you money. Here are a few ways you’ll see a return on your investment.

Heat Loss

When you keep heat in your home, you’ll be paying less on your heat bill. When you keep the cool air from your cooling system inside your home, you’ll be paying less for electricity. These energy bill savings can add up over time.

  • Better coating. New windows come with new technology. The coating we use allows for less heat from the sun to get through your windows to heat up the interior of your home. That means you’re going to spend less to keep things cool in the summer.

  • More window panes. If you replace old single or double pane windows with double or triple pane windows, you’re going to be warmer and more comfortable this winter. But more than that, you’re going to spend less on keeping your home heated. That is money in the bank!

  • Better spacers between the panes. Old windows will have spacers between the panes that use outdated technology or are non-existent. Either way, you’re going to benefit from having a PPG’s Intercept® warm-edge spacer system or a super spacer system that resists heat transfer.

  • 98.8% Argon and Krypton gas. We have five different Low-E and inert gas configurations that will put a serious dent in those energy bills.


We hope you’ve never had to pay out money to have water damage fixed. But if you have, you know it can be costly. When you have replacement windows put in, you know that your home is going to be protected from unwanted water leaks that can get into your wall voids and cause wood to rot. This is savings that is hard to quantify, but definitely a factor that should be considered in the management of your home.


When you do your taxes, you can actually claim a window replacement as a deduction. The government wants to reward you for replacing old windows that aren’t energy efficient with new windows that are Energy Star-approved.

Are you ready to make some money? Let’s get started on your window upgrade. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are standing by to walk you through the process.

Everyone wants to save money all year round especially for heating or cooling your home. Even though you want to save all year long, it is particularly hard to accomplish during the winter months. Just think about all the heat that you lose from your home every time the door opens. How many times during the day do your kids go in and out? Do they ever just stand in the doorway or just leave the door wide open when they enter? Yeah, I thought so. How about your pets? How often do they need to be let in or let out? Even bringing in the groceries can be problematic when you need to leave the door ajar while your hands are full and you need to get in and out quickly in as few trips as possible. Many of these situations are unavoidable, but having an energy-efficient home is key to lowering your energy costs. To help control costs, you can use these practical energy saving tips in your home this winter:

  • Keep your south-facing curtains open on sunny days
  • Close curtains at night and during cloudy days
  • Dress warmly by bundling up in layers
  • Use lap blankets for the time you spend on the sofa
  • Place throw rugs on cold floors
  • Use ceiling fans clockwise on a low setting for ventilation and airflow
  • Lower your thermostat by 10 degrees at night while you sleep
  • Use flannel sheets and a warm comforter
  • Heat only rooms that are in use
  • Maintain a clean furnace and vents
  • Use a humidifier and houseplants to add moisture to the air
  • Make sure your home is well insulated
  • Use exhaust fans sparingly
  • Use foam weather stripping for your doors

One area of your home that can lose a lot of heat is your windows. You really need energy efficient windows in order to get the most savings all year long as you cool and heat your home.

Window Nation may be the answer to your old drafty window problems. We can install new windows any time of year, even when it is freezing outside. When you are ready to stop losing heat from your windows, you can give us a call. A professional installer from Window Nation will put your windows in quickly and without allowing a lot of heat loss during the process. They will be professional and let you know if there are obstacles that might slow the process, such as snow. You won’t need to worry about the caulking or adhesive as they use products that work for every season. And, here’s some great news. More people choose fall and spring to have windows installed, which frees up the experienced installers at Window Nation to get to your window job this winter in an extremely timely fashion. Call today and get your free in-home estimate and professional install to start saving money this winter.

When you think about replacing the windows on your home with new vinyl windows, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, nothing comes to mind. Why should it? All you know is that you want something that will replace those old warped or broken windows, and you want something that is going to add to the beauty of your home. But, even though we manufacture all of our vinyl windows with multi-million-dollar robotic systems, and guarantee the best quality available, we understand that vinyl replacement windows aren’t for everyone. So, here are the pros and cons of getting vinyl. You decide.


  • Lower energy bills. This material keeps its shape when temperatures heat up or cool down. That means they’re not going to warp and lose their seal. We also use the highest quality materials in our windows and give options for triple pane glass to resist heat transfer. If you’re looking to have windows that will save you money on your heating and cooling bills, vinyl is the way to go.

  • Easy maintenance. There is no beating vinyl when it comes to easy maintenance. These windows swing out, flip down, and pull out for fast easy cleaning. If you’ve ever tried to clean third story windows, you know how great this feature is.

  • Durable. Once again, resistance to heat and cold is what makes this material shine. As the years pass, vinyl windows will hold their shape.


  • Fewer options. Even though we offer more of a selection than most window companies with 5 different window options, 10 different glass options, and over 50 color options, there really is no competing with wood when it comes to variety. If you’re looking for a specific style of trim, vinyl may not be right for you.

  • What you have is what you have. If you’re the kind of person who likes change, vinyl may not be the right fit for you. Unlike wood frames, most vinyl is not paintable. That means you’re not going to be able to mix things up every few months like you can with wood.

When you need durable windows that will save you money on your energy bills, are easy to clean, and will give you decades of reliable use, vinyl is the way to go. At Window Nation we make the choice even easier by giving you a wide option of colors and features to fit your vision, and your budget. Take a look at our double hung, venting, sliders, bays, and bows and see which of these styles fit your needs–or custom order a specialty shape for a picture window or unique opening. We’ll work with you to get the perfect windows that you’ll be happy with for years.

“Being green” is a very popular term that is being thrown around in all sorts of ways. At Window Nation we want to make sure that you know being green doesn’t mean a life of eating bean sprout sandwiches! The term “Green” generally just means taking the steps to be more environmentally friendly, thinking about how your actions impact the people around you, and making healthy choices. And lucky for everyone, in most cases being green can actually keep a little more ‘green’ in your wallet!

The professionals at Window Nation want to help you understand how choosing a “green” approach when replacing your home’s windows and doors can benefit you and your home in a number of ways.

Window Nation’s bestselling replacement window and door systems are made from vinyl. While vinyl might not immediately be at the top of your list as a green product, it actually is very green! Vinyl holds up very well to wear and tear and will last in a home for many decades, vinyl does not release toxins, and it is very energy efficient (reducing your heating and cooling costs). By replacing your older, less efficient windows and doors in your home with ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors you will be taking a huge step to improving the “greenness” of your home.

Other ways that replacement vinyl windows and doors from Window Nation can benefit your home and make it more green includes:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of oil and other natural resources needed to heat and cool your home.

  • Reducing annual heating and cooling bills.

  • Energy efficient windows have warmer interior glass surfaces that help to reduce frost and condensation that may form on them.

  • Replacement windows and doors can reduce the amount of UV sunlight that enters into your home-reducing the items in your home that need to be replaced because of fading.

Along with helping our customers have a more green home, here at Window Nation we do everything we can to make sure we run as “green” as possible. When installing doors and windows into your home we use as many biodegradable products as we can. All scrap vinyl at the factory is recycled and any that can’t be used are sold to companies that repurpose the product into other items including pipes and such; all in an effort to keep as much debris out of the landfills as possible!

For more information about how replacement windows and doors from Window Nation can make your home more green, and reduce your carbon footprint, contact us or visit one of our showrooms today!


Why on Earth would you want to replace your windows? They’re just fine. You have a piece of wood to hold that one window open, and it works great. Sure, there’s that other one that is falling apart, but it’s nothing a dozen strips of duct tape can’t handle. And, most of the others you never open anyway, so it doesn’t matter that half of them stick. Right? You’re tough. I get it. You don’t mind if life is a little inconvenient. You’re not a complainer. You’re not all about your comfort. But you’re smart. You know that replacing those windows isn’t just about convenience. Sure, it is nicer to be able to slide a window open and enjoy the breeze or allow the sound of the birds to filter in, but there are more important reasons to get those windows replaced. Reasons that just make sense.

  • New windows pay for themselves. Why should anyone ever suffer with old, broken windows when windows are an investment that pays for itself? All that heat you’re losing in the winter and all the air conditioned air you’re losing in the summer is costing you money. With new windows, you’re not letting your hard-earned cash fly out the windows–quite literally.

  • Ease of use equals money in your pocket. Not only will new windows keep the cold air in during the summer, they offer a reason to not use that air conditioning. If you’re able to easily slide your windows open, you’ll take more advantage of that nice breeze in the spring and fall.

  • Fire hazard. Windows that stick are dangerous. If a fire breaks out in your home, are you confident you, or other family members, can get out? Windows offer a route of escape. If they don’t open easily and stay open, things could end badly.

  • Good windows shield sound. It is a lot easier to deal with all that life wants to throw at you when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Windows shield your home from the sound of your neighbors and ambient sounds like traffic or crows squawking at five in the morning.

There really is no reason to live with old windows. Go ahead and buy replacement windows because they’re a smart and practical choice. Then sit back and enjoy aesthetic ways new windows make life better.

Windows are available in just about any shape and many styles. You can get trapezoids, round windows, or even triangles! While all these are fun and can certainly add flair, the traditional window that has stood the test of time is the double hung style. But just because double hung windows have become the ‘default’ choice, Window Nation’s double hung windows have a lot of benefits that make them an excellent choice for any home.

Double Hung Windows Are Easy to Use

Our double hung windows here at Window Nation are precision manufactured to your custom specifications on our modern, multi-million dollar equipment. Basically, our double hung windows are perfectly made for you!

Operation of these sashes up and down to vent and close will be almost effortless. We use an ultra-easy balance system that allows the sashes to be operated with only 22 pounds of pressure instead of the more common balancers that need 50 pounds or more to move.

Double Hung Windows Provide an Increased Sense of Security and Safety

One of the often overlooked benefits of double hung windows is the security they provide for your home. Most of our double hung windows come with two security locks for extra protection. Vent limiting latches are standard on all our windows allowing you to have multiple venting stages with the security of knowing that they are locked in position.

Double Hung Windows Maintenance: Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t love clean windows! All of our double hung windows are tilt wash. Tilt wash double hung windows have sashes that easily tilt in for cleaning, making cleaning windows an easy chore.

Energy Efficient Double Hung Windows

Our double hung windows have deluxe polypropylene poly-fin weather stripping to make them more weather tight. Our frames are welded and fused together to form a solid barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors. And we have a variety of glass options to further increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

Double Hung Windows From Window Nation

Hopefully, we’ve been able to answer your questions on the benefits of double hung windows. No matter your specific style or taste, there is a double hung window just for you. From vinyl to wood, various glass options, and different frame colors, there are many options to choose from. Contact Window Nation today to learn more about our replacement double hung window options!

Spring is FINALLY getting close. Seems we have all endured a long, cold winter. Looking outside and seeing the sun shining brightly is a welcomed sight. We want the outdoors to look like spring has already sprung. We start spring cleaning our house and opening up the windows to let the fresh air in and the stale winter air out. Adding some spring to your windows will really help welcome in this wondrous season. Here are our favorite ideas to do just that.

Clean those windows! Clean windows are more than just clean glass. Cleaning your glass is one step to a squeaky, clean window. Open your windows up and clean the inside of the jamb, and the interior trim. Your insect screen can be easily cleaned by vacuuming it with a dusting attachment on your vacuum and then wiping them down with a damp cloth. Polish your window locks and hardware with a damp cloth to get rid of that winter dust. When spring truly gets here, you will want to be able to see it through clean, crystal clear glass in a nice and clean setting.

Replace drab winter window treatments with bright or pastel flowered curtains. Reflecting inside all that Mother Nature is doing outside will truly spring up your windows. Take down those insulated drab window coverings and replace them with flowing, airy curtains that easily move with the air. Aim for colors or patterns that compliment all the changes happening outside your window.

Add a window bird feeder or place a bird feeder in front of your window. Nothing says spring like the chirping of birds. Watching them hop around your windows, to and fro, is sure to put a spring in your step.

Place house plants on your window sills. Spring is the time of renewal for plants, flowers and trees. Placing some house plants on your window sill is a great way to bring that feel of renewal into your home.

Add some colorful sun catchers to your windows. Sun catchers come in countless shapes, sizes and colors. These fun shaped window accessories are not only pretty, but they reflect that gorgeous spring sun as it shines in. You can even buy kits and make your own sun catcher to make it more personal.

Windows are a big part of our spring time experience. If your windows are not in the best of condition and no amount of cleaning, repair or decorating can make them better, give us a call here at Window Nation. We offer some of the top name brand windows in the country. We can replace your old windows with new, energy efficient vinyl replacement windows and have them done in time for you to enjoy spring! Contact us today!

Show me the love! Seems like a bold thing to say or think, but we all like to know that we are loved by others showing us it. Does your home need a little love? Most homes do need it in one way or another. Show your home big love with new, vinyl replacement windows.

Replacing your windows with new, vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation will increase the love for your home in many ways.

  • Others will love to envy your new, beautiful vinyl windows. With all their smooth lines, and shiny hardware your neighbors will certainly find them attractive.

  • The insulated glass will decrease your heating and cooling cost. You are sure to love the extra dollars in your utilities budget.

  • The decreased demand for window maintenance will free up more of your time. Your family will love being able to spend more time together doing family fun things instead of repairing and maintaining windows.

Now that you are loving the idea of new windows in your home, let’s make sure that you know that Window Nation is the natural choice for them. We love our customers. We sell and install some of the best windows available. All of our replacement vinyl windows are made to your custom specifications. We have countless color and style options to meet your needs. We have one of the best warranties on our windows, as well as our installations. We are a family owned company that loves to help other families improve their homes.

Don’t miss out on Cupids bow! He is shooting it towards you and Window Nation. Choosing to love your home is as easy as contacting the professionals at Window Nation. Let us show you some love by treating you like family and guiding you through your window replacement process so that you will come out on the other end loving your new windows!