Do you have back yard envy? When you go to a back yard barbeque do you secretly covet the green grass, swing set, back deck, grilling area, garden and pool? Do you yearn to spread out your back yard and break down the fences to increase the room that you have? While pushing down fences and trespassing onto your neighbor’s property isn’t advised, here are a few ideas that you can easily do to help your small space seem bigger.

Instead of one large theme, break your back yard up into small ‘blocks’ that are individually designed and themed. Place one focus point into each block, like the kids swing set or sand box can be attractive when surrounded by blocks that are planted with colorful flowers and green grass.

Use randomly placed raised beds to add height and depth. Raised beds make it easy to grow trees, shrubbery or flowers because you can design your soil, as opposed to just dealing with what is actually there. Try a strawberry patch in one area and maybe even a yummy tomato patch in another. In the fall, plant one with bulbs and next spring they will pop up all on their own and showing you that the long Cleveland winter is over and remind you of the promise of spring and summer.

Potted plants whether green, flowered, vegetable or fruit can be moved around as they grow to accommodate the changing seasons and sunlight. If you are entertaining, and need to morph your space, then potted plants are easily moved out of harm’s way for volleyball, cricket or just space to roam.

Unfortunately a fenced in back yard will instantly feel small. The addition of an oversized door will give the illusion that the fence is smaller and your space larger. A well placed mirror or two on the fencing will also give the illusion of a larger space. The addition painted lattice also adds depth or you can train ivy to climb up your fence to hide the actual fence and again give the illusion of a continuing space.

Terracing is one of the most effective ways to utilize a small space. By using different levels it will feel like you are stepping into a new space with each level. Stone patios made of different textures and colors will only enhance this effect. Set your patio set and grill up on their own levels to set them apart from all the other parts of your back yard if barbeques are your passion. If quiet alone time is what you seek in your back yard, then a well-placed bench or hammock with a fountain nearby will surely become your sanctuary. Fountains don’t have to be large and constantly running. There are many available that are small and can be turned on and off at your convenience.

Just because we deal with four seasons here in Cleveland, doesn’t mean we can’t have lush and beautiful back yards. Turning your small back yard into a space that truly reflects you and your life style doesn’t have to be impossible or unattainable. Utilize every square foot that you have and then sit back, relax and watch it come to life. Now your back yard will be the source of envy!

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