Fall is a wonderful season. The nights are cool and the days are sunny and warm. Opening your windows and doors up during the day to let in the warm, crisp air and curling up by the fire at night is the best of both worlds. Some say it’s the most perfect time of year. The fall harvest is a time of celebration and plenty. It is also a time of preparation for the upcoming winter months. One of these preparations may be replacing those old and leaky windows. New vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation come with many benefits.

One of these major benefits is energy efficiency. The vinyl replacement windows of today are precision manufactured to keep the cold, winter wind outside and your warm air inside. The average household spends 40% of its utility expense dollars on heating and cooling their home. New, replacement vinyl windows can drop that percentage significantly.

Along with being more energy efficient, these replacement windows will be more secure. Our locks and locking mechanisms are made with your safety in mind. You can rest easy about your family’s and home’s security knowing that there is now double locks on your double hung windows or a steel locking mechanism on your casement window.

Here at Window Nation, we offer multiple windows glazings for your needs. From privacy to Ultra UV protection and everything in between. This special feature helps to control unwanted heat and cooling loss from the glass itself, as well as diminishes the fading effect that sunlight can have on the inside of your home.

If color is your thing, our windows are available in many, many MANY colors! We can match your existing outside and inside color scheme, as well as help you make a new one. If you change up your colors, we also offer all the exterior vinyl accessories that will complete the outside look of your home in style, as well as increase curb appeal.

Ease of cleaning is also a great benefit of new, vinyl replacement windows. Our window styles have you in mind. Our sashes will either tilt in or are easily removed for cleaning purposes. With vinyl, you don’t have to scrape and repaint at all; cleaning them is all the care that they really need.

New, replacement windows from Window Nation can help you save money on your heating and cooling budget, but, as you can see they can and WILL do so much more! Your windows are custom made locally to fit your specific needs. This helps to ensure a perfect and snug fit upon installation. We offer free in-home estimates and our family will work around your family’s schedule. Enjoying this comfortable fall weather is so much better with the help of new, vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation.

Fall is Here! Our absolute favorite time of year. The leaves are changing to beautiful, vibrant colors, the nights are rosey cheek cool and the sunny days still require sunglasses. Perfect. Mother Nature is redecorating the trees and shrubs. What are you doing to redecorate your home in the celebration of the arrival of fall? There’s endless ways to re-decorate to celebrate the fall and harvest season of the year. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to help your home look the part this fall season.

Traditional fall decorating has been to commemorate the harvest season, as fall was the last real harvest of the year before the cold winter months made their debut. Bunches of dried corn stalks wrapped around light or porch posts and mailboxes with a twine belt to hold them there, are simple, easy and inexpensive. Add color to these easy bunches by poking in some dried holly berry or small tree branches with some bright red and yellow leaves. Add a hale bale or two on your front porch or near your entrance door with some beautiful pumpkins, squash and gourds of different size and color. Pumpkins don’t have to be carved to be a fall decor, of course the occasional jack-o-lantern is fun to make and use!

Pumpkins, gourds and squash of all shapes, sizes and colors are very friendly for indoor fall decorating. Painting them different colors, in patterns or with fun faces quickly melds them into your existing decor, except with a fall flair. Setting out and using candles that are red, auburn, yellow or brown in color seem to bring the colorful fall leaves inside. Wonderful fall smells like cinnamon and apple will bring your taste buds back to the realization that it’s apple picking season. Which means a bowl or basket full of nice, bright red apples is an edible healthy addition to your fall decor.

Of course, if you want to have a fun and easy project to remind you of your childhood days then bring in some fall leaves, add crayons, wax paper and an iron and you can make some colorful and fun leaf accents. Use these accents to tack up on existing picture frames on your walls to add the fall flair without removing what is already on your walls. String the waxed leaves together to make leaf garland that can be used on mantels, light fixtures and over doors and windows. Stick these colorful waxed leaves up on your windows for a fall stained glass-like look.

Flowers like pots of Mums, and sunflowers that are intertwined with grapevine, cornstalks, pumpkins and even a beautiful bloom of a purple cabbage are an easy and pleasing way to accent both the outside and inside of your home. Decorating your home for the perfect season of fall doesn’t have to be expensive, stressful or hard. Using traditional harvest items and switching them up a little bit to add texture color or style is all it takes. The options are almost endless. Help honor and celebrate this fall season with some of our favorite fall projects, but don’t forget, above all have fun!

Curb appeal. What makes you stop and look at one house versus another house? With so many different aspects to the exterior of a house, its hard to pinpoint just one thing that catches your eye. Sometimes its the color of the siding, or the color of the front door. Or maybe its those gorgeous posts on that covered porch. No matter what it is, if your home doesn’t have it you can get it at Window Nation. You can do a quick fall project or two to spruce your home up before the snow flies.

New vinyl siding can be a drastic yet simple improvement. This change can completely alter your home’s style. Or, if you’re less adventurous, it can just be a color or texture change. Siding style and color is central to the overall look of your home.

If you’re not up for a siding change, then maybe the addition of some vinyl accessories would be more your choice. Adding fluted corner posts, vinyl shutters, vinyl gable vents or even new vinyl trim will give you a new spin on your existing siding. These quick and easy accents are an affordable upgrade for your homes exterior appeal.

Installing a new front door can also be an attractive and energy efficient boost to the outside of your home. Many homes have front doors that are allowing too much heat and airflow in and out of homes. Today’s doors are built more securely and will provide your home with better protection for your family. A new secure and energy efficient entrance door should definitely be on your fall home project list.

Replacing old weathered windows with new vinyl replacement windows is also a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Today’s vinyl windows are made with insulated glass and are highly energy efficient. These windows will be saving you heating and cooling money as soon as your finish installing them.

Having a home that has style, curb appeal and is energy efficient is the goal of most homeowners. Take a little time this fall to make some quick improvements to your home with the help of Window Nation.

Summer is coming to an end and fall is not far off. Is your home ready for the cooler fall months? Fall is a busy season for most families with kids going back to school. Preparing your home for fall can be one of the last chores on your to do list. Fall is a great time to get some of these home maintenance chores accomplished. Take a minute and look around your home to see what you might need to do to prepare for fall weather. Things are getting cooler, leaves are changing colors and getting ready to fall, your home’s landscape is changing greatly. Is your home ready for this change in weather?

Here are three helpful ideas to get started preparing your home for fall:

  1. Clean windows: The end of summer is a great time to clean your windows before it gets too cold out. Some windows are even easier to clean from the inside because they flip in so you can clean them from inside your home.
  2. Clean out gutters: Cleaning out your gutters at this time of year is essential. It prepares your gutters for the leaves that are coming. Fall is a big time for leaves to fall. Cleaning your gutters out before these leaves fall helps you get a head start on your gutter maintenance. This will help to prevent them from getting clogged over the colder months. If your gutter clogs, it could freeze and create water and moisture build up in your walls.
  3. Do some general lawn/landscape maintenance: This is a great time to do some general landscaping maintenance around your home. Your lawn could use some extra seed and fertilizer to make it through the colder months. Your garden could also use some extra fertilizer to help root growth. This is a great time to trim and prune shrubs before the colder months. Taking care of your lawn and gardens before the colder months will help you have an easier spring.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare your home for fall and the colder weather. For more information and help accomplishing this maintenance, contact your local lawn care professionals today. Preparing your home for fall can seem like a very daunting task. Getting help with this task from a professional can make all the difference. Get your home ready for fall and don’t let the cold weather affect your enjoyment of this new season.