Winter never seems to end in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, with the cold weather comes drafts and air leaks from outside. A potential culprit? Your old, outdated entry door. If you notice your entry doors are looking a little worse-for-wear, it might be time to upgrade them with modern entry doors from Window Nation. We offer fiberglass and steel entry doors to meet your home improvement needs. But which door is best for your home? Our home improvement experts explain:

Replacement Entry Doors & Curb Appeal

While energy efficiency is typically a big piece of the decision for most Hoosiers, when considering replacing your front door, looks are equally important. Replacing your home's entry door accomplishes more than just creating a barrier from the unpredictable Indy weather. Your entry door is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. Not only does the entryway make an impression on you, but a good-looking front door can also do wonders for your home's resale value. It’s like the whipped cream on a sugar cream pie. But with so many door styles available, choosing a new entry door for your home can feel like a daunting decision.

What Material Should I Choose?

For a long time, wood has been the material of choice for many Indy homeowners. Its beauty and durability made this material feel like the Monument Circle of doors. But, with advancements in science and fabrication, wood is no longer the best choice. When it comes time to replace a door, most Hoosiers turn to fiberglass and steel to safeguard their investment.   

Fiberglass and steel are both more resistant to the Indianapolis weather, giving your home an energy efficiency boost. They require less maintenance – strong enough to hold up on 38th street – and are often less expensive than wood. But how do they compare to each other for a home in in Indianapolis? Let’s break it down:

Steel Doors

If you're looking to have new doors installed on your home, you can't go wrong with steel. It is a versatile material that comes with a lot of options. Some may even surprise you!  

  1. When you think of a steel door, do you picture an old rusting door on the back of an East Side building that only gives access to an alleyway? While a reinforced steel door is excellent for rear door security, you can get a whole lot more style and elegance from steel than this. However, it should be noted steel might offer more protection than fiberglass.
  2. For your Indianapolis doors, steel and wood designs go together like biscuits and gravy. That’s right, steel doors can come with a woodgrain! At Window Nation, our exclusive accent finishing technique creates a finish that gives our steel doors the appearance of real wood. If you want a door that looks like a fine oak door but has the durability and low cost of steel, no problem! While the wood finish on a steel door can't thoroughly compare to the same look with fiberglass, it is worth taking a look at, especially for the cost.  
  3. While steel is strong and durable, it is more prone to scratching and denting than fiberglass. It doesn’t take a motor speedway mechanic with a blow torch to fix up your scratches, but this is something to consider when getting steel. However, putty and paint should cover them just fine.
  4. Steel can become hot to the touch on a warm sunny day, but that heat isn't going to get through the insulation that comes with these doors. You can spend the whole day at Geist Reservoir and have peace of mind that you're not going to lose any energy-saving benefits by choosing steel.

Fiberglass Doors

Some in the industry advertise that fiberglass comes with all the benefits of steel, without any of its limitations. This is only partly true. In almost every way, fiberglass doors are slightly better than steel. But, this material doesn’t exactly have a Colts-level defense. It will crack and break if it’s struck hard. Steel will not. Here are some other things you may want to know about fiberglass:

  1. Fiberglass doors are available in many styles, colors, and grains. If you’re looking for doors that give the appearance of real wood for your Indianapolis home, this is the best option.
  2. Fiberglass doors are low maintenance, keeping rust to a minimum.
  3. Fiberglass isn't as heavy as steel, but that doesn't mean you'll have to sacrifice that satisfying "thunk" sound when you close your fiberglass doors. At Window Nation, we manufacture the internal structure of these doors to simulate the same weight of wood.
  4. Exposure to heat over time can cause doors to swell and warp like a persimmon pudding. This can harm the frame and seal of an entry door. While steel and fiberglass are more resistant to this than wood, fiberglass is slightly better. The material will hold up against extreme temperature fluctuations (which happen way too often here).

Want to Learn More about Our Entry Doors?

When it comes to getting a new door for your Indianapolis home, you can't go wrong with either of these two materials. If your doors are outdated enough to be on an old-timey Fountain Square shop, let Window Nation help. Schedule your free, no-obligation in-home estimate today, and let's get started!

There is crime in Philadelphia, just like there is everywhere in the United States–especially in areas where there are more people. Crime is part of living near a city center, but there are precautions we take that make us safer. We don’t go down certain streets, and we don’t go into places that are dark and isolated.

There are also things we do to keep our homes safer. We put up exterior lights, make sure all of our windows and doors are locked and put in a security system. These simple things can reduce our chances of being targeted by criminals. But a determined or desperate criminal won’t stop at a locked front door. All it takes is a strong kick to break through many doors and locking systems. That is why adding a new front door to your home will increase your security.

At Window Nation, our commitment to making quality doors that last is only the first step in providing for your family a door you can trust to keep you safer. All of our doors are manufactured in a state-of-the-art process that guarantees strength and stability. Whether you choose a steel or a fiberglass door, you can know for sure that you’re getting a door that is built to the highest quality standards, and one that is a superior alternative to consumer-grade doors sold through home improvement retailers. But we don’t stop here. Your new front door will come with the most advanced security features available.

Steel Security Features

  • Built with 20-gauge galvanized steel, you can trust these doors to be strong.

  • Our doors come with 49% more steel than a consumer-grade door.

  • These doors come with a 20-gauge security plate, Trilennium™ Multi-point hardware, Legacy™ and a rigid composite lock block.

  • The doors we manufacture come with a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

Fiberglass Security Features

  • Fiberglass is strong. Really strong.

  • Fiberglass doors can come with a multi-point locking system that will ensure the highest level of protection and impact resistance.

  • The door and the frame on this entry door solution work together to make a seal that is very strong.

It only takes seconds for a consumer-grade front door to be breached. Repel criminals, or give yourself more time to respond to an invasion attempt, with a front door system you can trust.

For more information about upgrading the front door on your Philadelphia home, reach out to one of our agents. There is a reason we have received the endorsement, “the door preferred by America’s top remodelers.” Let us show you all the reasons you’ll love a new entry door from Window Nation.

When choosing to place new entry doors on your home there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. One of the biggest decisions is what type of material they should be constructed from; the two top choices for most homeowners is steel or fiberglass. The question now becomes what is best for your home? The pros at Window Nation want to provide you with some helpful information about both materials to hopefully aid you in the decision making process!

Whether you ultimately decide to choose steel or fiberglass entry doors there is no right answer; both are high quality materials that create a high quality product that you will be proud to have as part of your home. Choosing which material is right for your home is a personal decision. Listed below is some helpful information from the pros at Window Nation about both steel and fiberglass entry door systems.

Steel entry doors from Window Nation are created using 20-gauge galvanized steel, meaning it contains about 49% more steel than a consumer-grade door; creating a functional door that is beautiful and superior in its durability.

Energy Efficiency

Entry doors created from steel are extremely energy efficient thanks to their polyurethane core, and the bulb and blade door sweep which controls drafts helping to keep you home at a more consistent temperature.


Our steel entry doors have a rot-resistant wood frame and brick mold that is treated with PineGuard™. The window trim is heat resistant and is guaranteed not to warp, crack, or pull away from the door; all these features mean that our steel entry doors are made to last and will last into the future!


For any homeowner security is a top priority, and our steel entry doors come equipped with a 20 gauge security plate, Trilennium™ Multi-point hardware, Legacy™, and a rigid composite lock block. With a steel entry door in place you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your family will be kept safe.

Fiberglass doors are another great option for many homeowners. With high durability and endless glass and style options, there is a fiberglass door to fit the needs of any home.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass doors from Window Nation are 5 times more energy efficient than wood doors due to their polyurethane foam core. Fiberglass doors have Tru-Defense® Door Systems; this means that the seal between the door and frame increases the energy efficiency of the door in extreme temperatures and weather (wind and rain).


Just like steel entry doors, fiberglass entry doors are extremely durable and hold up very well over time. This is due in part to the rot-resistant frame which is created through the use of finger-jointed composite ends. Our fiberglass doors are heat tested to ensure that they can hold up in extreme weather and will not become prone to cracking, warping, or swelling. They are also water infiltration tested to ensure that no amount of water will make its way into your home because of an improper seal.


Fiberglass entry doors also help to add to the security of your home. The doors are equipped with a multi-point locking system created from stainless steel which helps to prevent problems with rust and corrosion.

For more information about either an ENERGY STAR rated steel or fiberglass entry door system, contact the experts at Window Nation today. We would be happy to sit down and work with you one-on-one to determine which system would be the perfect fit for your family and home!