If you’re considering a window replacement project, you have many options. Do you replace the windows yourself or use a contractor? Do you use pre-made windows from a box store or do you custom make your windows using a window replacement company? It’s a difficult decision, and each option has its benefits. Pre-made windows are often cheaper and easier to find, while custom-made replacement windows are built to fit your home’s needs. However, when you choose pre-made windows, you might be sacrificing quality and energy efficiency for a lower price.

At Window Nation, all our replacement windows are custom-made to fit your home’s needs. When you schedule a consultation with our team, an exterior design consultant will come to your home to better understand your needs. They will discuss all your options and provide recommendations about which windows are best for your home. Your windows will then be custom-made to meet your needs. Coupled with our expert installation, your windows will be the perfect fit for your home.

When it comes time to replace your windows, learn more about why you should consider custom replacement windows.

Compliment Your Home

Custom-made windows are made specifically for your home. You can build them to compliment your décor or add character to your space. Replacement windows from Window Nation are available in hundreds of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect combination for your home. Your windows can also be customized with add-ons like grids and decorative glass patterns for a unique touch. The options are endless! You can even mix and match your windows to fit different rooms – you might want white vinyl double hung windows for your bedrooms, but you might want a wood bay window for your living room. Regardless of the style you choose, custom-made windows will give your home a much-needed makeover you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Built for Your Climate

Improved energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of custom replacement windows. All Window Nation windows are built with premium energy efficiency features to keep your home comfortable no matter the season. We offer double pane and triple pane windows, so you can choose between windows with the best value or the best energy efficiency. If you live in a climate with harsher weather, like Boston or Kansas City, you might consider triple pane windows for an added energy efficiency boost. You’ll also enjoy fewer air leaks because each window is measured to fit each opening, creating an airtight seal. No matter the climate you live in, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills for years to come.

Easy Installation

An airtight seal isn’t the only benefit of custom replacement windows. When you choose custom replacement windows, installation is often quicker and more efficient than DIY window installation. Before your windows are ordered, our team will come to your house and measure each opening down to the millimeter, guaranteeing a perfect fit. On your installation day, your installers will simply remove your old window from the frame and pop the new window in. As a result, most installations are finished in just a day or two. Your home will feel more comfortable in no time!

Want to Learn More About our Custom Replacement Windows?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at WindowNation.com. 

Older windows can mean a cold, drafty home during the winter months. Many homeowners don’t notice just how bad their windows are until cold weather arrives. Your windows could be letting the warm, comfortable air inside escape, causing strain on your HVAC system – which could result in higher energy bills. Don’t wait until the temperatures warm up to replace your windows – our team of window replacement experts can replace windows in all types of weather conditions, including harsh winter weather. If you’re looking to install replacement windows this winter, learn more about our winter window installation process straight from the experts.

Winter Window Installation Process

Some homeowners might be concerned about the comfort of their home during their window installation. However, our windows are custom-built to fit each opening, allowing for an efficient installation. Our windows are measured down to the millimeter to guarantee a perfect fit. Your new windows simply slide into the opening, creating an airtight seal to keep the cold air outside where it belongs. We also use caulk to insulate your windows for added protection from the cold.

Our team of installers will also take extra precautions to keep your home comfortable. We replace just one window at a time in order to reduce heat loss, so there will only be a small “window” of time when there is an open space in your house. We will also close off the door to the room we’re working in to keep your home as comfortable as possible. If the room can’t be shut off, we will use tarp or protective barriers to keep the cold from spreading throughout your home. Our team will also take steps to keep your home clean, laying down drop cloths to prevent snow, dirt, and mud from tracking through your home.

Why Replace Your Windows in Winter?

If you have old, drafty windows, don’t wait until spring to replace your windows. You’ll enjoy energy savings all winter with our modern replacement windows. Our windows are built with premium energy efficiency features to keep your home comfortable throughout the harsh winter months. We offer double pane and triple pane windows, so you can choose between windows with the best value or the best energy efficiency. No matter the windows you choose, each pane of glass is coated with Low-E and silver oxide to keep your home comfortable all winter long.

Our windows will also give your home the curb appeal boost it needs just in time for the holidays. Available in a variety of style and color options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home. Our replacement windows are available in eight styles, each custom-built to meet your home’s needs. We offer hundreds of interior and exterior color options to complement your home. You can also customize your windows with add-ons including grids and glass patterns to create the windows of your dreams.

Need New Windows This Winter?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at WindowNation.com. 

If you’re looking for an article on how to get the exact measurements for your new windows to achieve a perfect fit, you’ve come to the right place. But, you won’t find any detailed self-help information here, or a manufacturer’s “guide” to replacement window measuring. At Window Nation, we take the guess work out of measuring new windows–and we do it for free. How cool is that?

You don’t have to read a long do-it-yourself list of instructions, and you don’t have to wonder if you’ve done everything right. The best way to measure for replacement windows is to have a certified professional do it. And it is even better when that certified professional works for the company that is installing your windows. If any mistakes happen, you’re not going to be left eating the cost.

When you have a Window Nation technician do your measurements, you don’t have to know whether or not you have 2×4 or 2×6 studs. You don’t have to account for the materials your walls are made of, based on the age of the home. You don’t have to be familiar with what windows you currently have and how they differ from the windows you want to replace them with. You don’t have to know that accounting for the insulation in the trim of your new windows is vital in getting an accurate measurement. Your technician will worry about all the details.

It is also important to understand that we don’t send a salesperson to your home when you request a free in-home estimate. We send a technician with the experience needed to make sure you’re going to get the right window measurements for the new windows you’re getting. Our measure technicians average 80,000 windows measured. That is why 99.5% of the windows we install fit perfectly the first time!

You can also count on your Window Nation Measure Tech to measure down to 3 mm, ensuring a precise and tight seal. We don’t want you to lose any of the energy benefits of your new windows. Because, when you feel the difference your new window make to the internal comfort level of your home, you’re going to tell people about it. We’re counting on that.

We also want to make sure your new windows keep the moisture out. The last thing you need is to find out your walls have mold in them. It doesn’t matter if you did the measurements or we did the measurements when you find mold. You’re not going to be happy about it, and we are not in the business of making unhappy customers.

Through the years, we have installed a lot of windows, and we have learned a lot along the way. One of the most important things we’ve learned is that, no matter how much experience and education a technician has, mistakes can still happen. That is why we require our measure techs to measure each opening three times. They also follow an 18-point checklist, which includes a step-by-step review process to make sure we’ve done everything possible to make the replacement window installment a joy.

At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that we have met, or exceeded, your expectations. We want to know that you’re happy with your purchase and the service you’ve received. We want you to tell others about how impressed you were with how knowledgeable and friendly your technicians were. We want you to tell everyone how much you love your new windows. We want you to tell the world! Sure, it is a little selfish on our part. After all, your happiness helps our bottom line. But, this is a kind of selfishness we can live with.

So, put down that tape measure. Relax. We’ve got you covered. You can trust the experienced and knowledgeable technicians here at Window Nation to measure those replacement windows, and get you ready for your new replacement windows.

Call today for a free in-home estimate, and leave the rest to us.

Buying new windows is a complicated matter, and no choice demonstrates this like the choice of whether or not to go with grid windows. This is a choice that is deeply connected to aesthetics and functionality. Here are some reasons people choose grid windows.

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  • Aesthetics. If you own a colonial style home, you may be aware that grid windows are considered to be part of the colonial aesthetic. In fact, some people feel that it isn’t a colonial if it doesn’t have grid windows. If keeping with the traditional aesthetic of your home is important to you, then grid windows are definitely the way to go.

  • Hard to clean. In the past, some homeowners have moved away from grid windows because they can be hard to clean. At Window Nation, we put the grid “inside” solid glass panes, sohome with grid windows you don’t have to clean around all those tiny panes of glass in each grid. You simply wipe down the exterior glass, and you’re done. If you get a double hung window with a grid pattern, you’ll also have features that allow for easy cleaning of the outside of your window as well. No climbing ladders to get your second and third story windows clean. On top of all this, a solid pane of glass on the inside and outside means you’re going to have a better seal to keep the heat out in the summer and the heat in on those cold winter days.

  • View. While a grid pattern will definitely add beauty to your home, some prefer to go without the grid so they can have a better view of their yard. If you prefer visibility over aesthetics, we provide durable, energy efficient, and convenient double hung windows without the grid.

  • Light. Aesthetics come in many forms. Some homeowners choose grid windows because of the beautiful light pattern they provide to interior spaces. If you’re looking to add some elegant light and shadow patterns, grid windows are the perfect choice.

  • Diamonds. If your home is a Victorian, neo-Victorian, or Tudor style home, not only will you have to decide on grid or no grid, you may have to decide if you want a diamond pattern. Diamond patterns can add a decorative, European look to any home, but these styles almost demand it.

If you want a standard colonial grid, European diamond pattern, or distinctive brass, Window Nation has what you need to give your home the elegance of an Old World window, with all of the functionality and energy efficiency of a modern window. Get signed up for your free, no-obligation, in-home estimate, and let’s get started today. Your new windows are waiting for you.

As 2016 becomes one for the history books, many of us will look up from our busy life in complete surprise. It’s over already? How did that happen? It is amazing how quickly a year can go leaving so many things unfinished. We get so bogged down in what needs to be done with work and family life that one year can quickly fade into the next without us accomplishing anything on our own personal “to do” list that we always seem to make at the beginning of a new year.

But, 2017 is a brand-new year! Forget about what you meant to do in 2016 and start making 2017 the best year yet. This can be the year that you finally can accomplish all of the things that you thought you would. Maybe this is the year that second honeymoon cruising the Caribbean happens. Perhaps that last 10 pounds will finally be a thing of the past. 2017 could be the year that you go back to school, or take up pottery.

Perhaps the goal is to give your home a much-needed makeover or even to just make it more energy efficient. While you are busy picking out new paint and comparing prices of rolled insulation versus sprayed insulation don’t forget to take a hard look at your windows. 2017 is a great year to finally replace those drafty windows and make your home a cozier spot to be in the winter and a great place to cool down in the summer. The Window Nation design team is standing by to help you find the windows that will make your home the showpiece it was always meant to be.

Windows Nation might not be able to help you with all of your resolutions but we are ready to help you work toward a brand-new look for your home as well as save you money on your energy bills this year. With our free in-home estimate, you can start the new year off right and finally finish one thing on your list right off the bat. Whatever 2017 brings your way, your friends at Window Nation want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

With more than 40% of a typical home’s annual energy budget consumed by heating and cooling, the quality of your windows can affect how much you spend keeping your home warm in the winter or keeping it cool in the summer. Higher quality windows have a higher R-value, which indicates the resistance of heat flow through the glass. If you line up several windows of identical size and color at your local home improvement store, you probably couldn’t tell by looking at them which ones would offer better energy efficiency – which is why you need to understand the R-value.

It may be possible to get decent big box windows, but it’s always a good idea to work with an expert replacement window contractor who can provide explanations about each of the windows you are considering. Big box stores don’t typically hire experts who can assist you in the decision-making process, but they will definitely help you fill your cart and make the purchase!

Benefits of Windows With High R-Value

There are many benefits to buying higher quality windows with higher R-value, and all translate to keeping more money in your pocket.

  • Use less energy to heat your home due to less heat loss
  • Reduced solar heat coming through windows in the summer, making it easier to keep your home cool
  • Improved ability to keep temperature uniform throughout all rooms of your home

Expert Installation

Another benefit of working with window experts such as Window Nation is the professional installation service you will receive with your replacement window purchase. When you buy windows from a home improvement store, you’ll be installing them yourself. Even if you are generally handy, you simply can’t match the expertise of professional window installers who install windows all day, every day. Along with professional installation, your product and install is backed by a guarantee, so should anything go wrong after the windows are in place – you have someone to call for help. Ever try calling your local home improvement store after you’ve bought something for your home for help? The results are usually not so good!

Window Nation provides free in-home estimates, a variety of window styles and colors to choose from, and a life time warranty on their locally made windows. Buying replacement windows from a big box store might save you some money up front, but the higher quality windows from Window Nation will pay for themselves in a few years. Not to mention the professional installation and life time warranty. Ready to learn more? Give Window Nation a call for your free estimate and find out which windows are best for your home.

At Window Nation, we know windows. Our drive to give our customers the absolute best products and services have put us in the top 10 list of remodelers in the country, and have helped us earn the Angi Super Service Award. So, it makes sense that we get a lot of questions about replacement windows. Here are a few of the most common questions. 

"When is it time to replace windows?"

If you can feel a draft coming through your windows in the winter, that is a sure sign that you need replacement windows. But, there are a few other ways to tell whether or not it is time for an upgrade.

  • If your windows need a stick wedge to hold them open, or the latches don't lock anymore.

  • If the frame is starting to break apart.

  • If your windows are stuck.

  • If your windows are painted shut.

  • If your windows are over 20 years old, you can benefit from modern advancements in window technology.

"How much does it cost to get replacement windows?"

We wish there was an easy answer for this one. But, the truth is that the cost of your replacement windows can vary greatly depending on what you get, and what you need. There are a lot of variables. That is why we offer a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Before you commit to buying anything, we'll let you know exactly what your options are, and help you get your new windows into your budget.

"Can I get windows that are bigger than my old ones?"

You sure can. Our Installation Masters™ Certified Installers can advise you on how much larger. There are many factors involved. But, usually, it's no problem. We can even put new windows in a wall that has never had a window. Our team can install everything from a simple venting window, to a large, multipaned bow window.

"What is Low-E?"

This is a metallic coating that is put on a window pane to resist heat transfer. The higher the rating, the better the glass will be at keeping heat from radiating through. But, this is only one of the many ways replacement windows can save you on your energy bills. Our windows come with Krypton or Argon gas to further resist heat transfer, and double or triple pane glass for added protection. And, many of the windows we install come with insulation built right into the frame.

"How long will my new windows last?"

We cannot promise that your windows will last forever, but we make them durable and built to last. In fact, we offer a Lifetime Plus guarantee for the windows we manufacture. That means they are protected for as long as you own your home, and for 15 years for the next owner of your home.

"When do we start?"

Only you can answer that question. Help is just a click away.

Is gardening your life? Even if it isn't, many of us spend hours in our yard tending to our flowers, ornamentals, and bushes. Why do we do it? The answer is obvious; plants are beautiful. But with gardening season almost over, if you don't have a greenhouse, you're going to be spending your time focusing on the plants inside your home. And we can help you get the most out of that time.

How can a window installer help you enjoy your plants all through the winter? Easy. With the installation of beautiful garden windows, you'll have more room and more sun to do your gardening inside.

Small Scale

Garden windows are perfect for adding more space and light to the interior of your home. With a single garden window in the kitchen you'll be amazed at how much it will open things up. But more than just adding space, you'll be adding the perfect place to grow potted plants, flowers, herbs, hanging plants, and even vegetables.

Larger Scale

If you want even more space for your indoor garden, you can add more windows. The Angi Super Service Award winning team here at Window Nation will help you design the perfect upgrade for your home.

If you have a green thumb, why let it go to waste? Do some gardening all winter long, and prep some of your outdoor plants before next year's spring has sprung. There are countless options available for indoor gardens. Many are straight-forward. All you need is an indoor pot, some soil, and a plant. But some are quite exotic, like mixing ceramic, stone, and glass to create tiny, artistic ecosystems. Play with vines. Explore some hanging plant ideas or try something with hydroponics. Your imagination is the only limitation. There are literally millions of inventive indoor gardening ideas out there; and with your new garden windows from Window Nation, you can explore them all.

Add light and life to your home, and give yourself a creative playground to do some winter gardening. With new garden windows from Window Nation, you'll also be adding quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and durability to your home. Our windows are made from strong, long lasting materials that are designed to seal the winter chill out and prevent moisture from getting in.

Get those windows in now so you can enjoy them all winter long. Our agents are standing by to schedule your no-obligation, free, in-home estimate today. Don't wait to start enjoying all the incredible benefits your new garden windows will bring to your home--and start imagining all of the possibilities. Your adventure awaits!

How are your windows doing? Over time, there are lots of things that can go wrong with windows. We're going to take a quick look at some of the reasons you may want to upgrade those old windows with replacement windows, and give you a few reasons why more and more Ohio residents are turning to the experts here at Window Nation to get the job done right.

8 Ways To Tell You Need Replacement Windows

  1. If you have to put a stick in your window to hold it up.

  2. If something hit your window and there is a crack in it.

  3. If you have a window that is painted shut.

  4. If you have a window that is extremely hard to slide up, or only goes half way before it sticks.

  5. If you hold your hand up next to it in the winter and you can feel the icy breeze coming through.

  6. If the latches no longer line up on the top when you close the window.

  7. If the frame is starting to break apart.

  8. If you've had your windows for more than 10 years. Technology has changed quite a bit in the last decade. You could be losing a lot of heat out those old windows.

6 Reasons To Choose Window Nation For Your Replacement Windows

  1. We aren't just a window installer, we are a window manufacturer. We create many of the replacement windows we install, right here in our multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art facility.

  2. We don't just give free estimates, we do free in-home estimates. You'll have an educated professional look directly at your situation and give you options that are specific to you.

  3. We have an incredible selection of replacement windows.

  4. We don't just offer a warranty; we offer the best warranty. Since we make our own replacement windows, we are able to give a lifetime plus guarantee that will protect your investment for as long as you own your home and as many as 15 years for the next owner.

  5. Each of our installation teams has a lead installer who is a factory trained InstallationMasters™ Certified Installer.

  6. We have a reputation for doing a good job, just ask all of our happy customers who have taken time out of their busy lives to leave positive reviews on Angie's List. Because of them, we were an Angie's List Super Service Award winner for 2015.

If you're ready to lower your energy bills, give your home a facelift, improve your quality of life, and make an investment in your home that will last for years, we would love to help you with that. Window Nation is # 9 in the top 10 list of largest remodelers in the United States, and we're right here in Ohio. When it comes to getting replacement windows, you can trust Window Nation.

We have 3 convenient showrooms in Ohio:

Columbus, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio - East

Cleveland, Ohio - West

There are few windows that will add more character and elegance to your home like a bow window will. But, few windows are as confusing as bow windows. If you don't know what a bow window is or you're wondering what a new bow window will do for your home, you've come to the right place.

Facts About Bow Windows

  • A bow window is several windows in a line. The most common configuration of a bow window is an arching row of five windows, but there can be as few as four windows and as many as you want to have. The only limitation is that eventually your windows will create a complete circle.
  • A bow window will add a lot of light to the interior of your home. When you have several windows in a line, you're going to have more light coming in.
  • A bow window adds style and character. Even in a simple configuration, this window will cause beautiful shadows on your interior floors and add elegant charm to the exterior of your home.
  • When you have bow windows installed you'll also have the benefit of more interior space. This space can be used to put a cushioned bench that will make the perfect little nook for some light afternoon reading or simply a shelf on which to put plants and other decorative items.
  • The more windows you have in your bow and the wider those windows are; the more interior space you will have.
  • A bow window is a difficult window to install, and not recommended as a DIY project. If done improperly, heat can leak out in the winter and cold air can leak out in the summer. Even worse, water can get in and cause damage to your home, or mold problems.
  • When you have Window Nation install your bow windows, you can trust that your windows will be installed properly. Every installation team has a factory trained installer who has been certified through the InstallationMasters program.
  • All of the bow windows installed by Window Nation are completely constructed at one facility and custom made to fit your specific needs.
  • All bow windows from Window Nation are manufactured with 100% uiPVC virgin vinyl and are fully fusion-welded with a heavy duty, multi-chambered design and an architectural aluminum reinforced frame. What is that in English? Our windows are built to last.

Are you ready for all the benefits of new bow windows? Speak to one of our agents and schedule a free, professional in-home estimate today and get started on what could possibly be the best investment you've ever made for your home.