There are so many options for replacement windows than standard single pane windows. Many window companies offer unique window styles that give your home a well-deserved upgrade. We recommend you do your research to determine all the options available before choosing your replacement windows.    For example, double hung windows are a safe choice for homeowners looking to keep a classic look. However, if you’re looking for non-traditional windows, casement windows are a great option. Both window styles can offer a beautiful transformation of your home, but which window style is right for you? Our replacement window experts explain the difference. 

What is a Casement Window? 

Casement windows (also known as crank windows) are airtight sealed windows that open outward about 45 degrees using a crank. These windows provide great ventilation and create a firm seal on all four sides to keep drafts out. This window style is ideal for any sitting room, sunroom, kitchen, or bathroom. 

Benefits of Casement Windows 

There are many benefits to casement windows that help homeowners add character to their homes.   If you’re looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency, casement windows are a perfect choice. The airtight seal on all four sides of this type of window is a huge plus as it virtually eliminates all drafts and can help lower your heating and cooling bills.   Casement windows from Window Nation have premium energy efficiency features to keep your energy bills low no matter what climate your home is located in. If your existing windows leak outside air into your home, you’ll likely see a decrease in utility costs by upgrading.    They can also help circulate your home’s air. Since casement windows have a smaller opening than double hung windows, they can impact the pressure difference between your home and the atmosphere outside. So, if it ever feels stuffy inside of your home, cranking open a casement window is all it takes to experience a cool breeze. 

What Is a Double Hung Window? 

While casement windows open outwards using a crank, double hung windows — also known as double-sash windows — move up and down within a frame. These windows are one of the most common replacement window styles, partly because they’re so easy to operate and clean. 

 Benefits of Double Hung Windows 

Double hung windows are our most popular window style for many reasons: 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Stylish 
  • Easy to operate   
 Double hung windows from Window Nation are the perfect fit for your home. They can be customized with a variety of colors and materials to help you create the look of your dreams for years to come. 

Comparing Window Styles 

Casement windows and double hung windows will both give your home a major boost in curb appeal. Both window styles are available in wood and vinyl, with a variety of colors and add-ons. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, double hung windows are a great option; however, casement windows are a go-to alternative for homes with a more contemporary aesthetic. 
Both replacement window styles require minimal maintenance. To clean casement windows, simply crank the window open and clean the window’s interior and exterior. Meanwhile, modern double hung windows simply tilt in for easy cleaning. 
Double hung windows have a slight edge over casements when it comes to durability. Since casement windows open outwards, they’re more exposed to the elements which means they can degrade faster than double hung windows. Because double hung windows are secure in a frame, they’re typically more durable than casement windows. So if you live in a wet climate, you might consider choosing double hungs. 
Energy Efficiency
If energy efficiency is your priority, consider choosing casement windows. As we’ve mentioned, these windows have firm seals on all four sides to eliminate drafts. However, you don’t need to sacrifice energy efficiency if you’re considering double hung windows. Replacement windows from Window Nation are measured down to the millimeter to guarantee an airtight seal no matter the which style you choose. 

Interested in Replacement Windows? 

When you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule an estimate with one of Window Nation’s Exterior Design Consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and review your options so you can find the best windows for your home, preferences, and needs. Schedule your in-home estimate today at     
It is hard to choose the perfect gift. You have to take into account what a person likes, what season you're giving the gift, how long the gift will bring happiness, whether or not the gift will be accepted, and many other subtle variables. Let's take a look at the gift giving process and see if we can determine the perfect Christmas gift, based on the information we currently have, and past Christmas failures.

There is no accounting for taste. One person might think the "Mona Lisa" is the most beautiful work of art ever created, while another sees it simply as a painting of a semi-attractive woman in a sensible dress. That is why buying anything that requires you to gauge the artistic taste or fashion sense of another person should never be attempted. Even if you know that the person you're buying for absolutely adores a good scarf, your chances of finding the right colors and the right patterns on the right scarf are almost impossible.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. When purchasing the perfect Christmas gift, it is important to take note of what the weather is like outside. No one wants a new boat when the lake is frozen solid and no one wants a skateboard when there is four feet of snow on the sidewalks.


A victim of too much Christmas cheer: The perfect Christmas gift can't be something that is obsolete soon after it is given. We're not talking about something like an iPhone that will have a slight upgrade in the next 3 months. We're talking about a gift that is seasonal, like a Christmas ornament. It can be the best ornament ever, but you'll probably get a response like, "This is lovely. I'll put this on next year's tree...if I remember."


Oh, I couldn't possibly! Giving a Big gift can be tricky. Some people don't like you to out-give them. But, more often than not, this kind of gift is greeted with an "I couldn't possibly," but end with a, "This is the most amazing thing anyone has ever given me!"
So, our message to you this year is to GIVE BIG! Give a gift that will come in the color and style of the one you're giving it to. One that will be perfect in the bitter cold temperatures of winter or in the boiling temps of a summer heat wave. Buy a gift that will continue to bring joy, happiness, and comfort for years to come. Give the gift of a window replacement package. With new windows from Window Nation, you can't go wrong. Our agents would love to help you get everything ready for Christmas day. Call today and set up a free consultation.

Difference Between Single And Double Hung Windows

The major difference between single and double hung windows is in how each window is operated. Single hung windows have a bottom panel or sash that moves vertically, while the upper sash or panel is fixed in place. These windows are fairly common in apartment buildings.

Double hung windows are different from single hung windows in that you have the ability to open both sashes. This means you can open both ends of your window up or down. In addition, both of the panels can be tilted down and in for convenient cleaning.

Cleaning Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows

One of the major factors that influence the choice between single hung vs double hung windows is how easy it is to clean these windows.

Cleaning windows can be a drag. This item on the honey-do list may even be worse than folding laundry. Most of the time you need to wait until the weather is temperate enough to go outside, wash them down, climb a ladder and then work carefully so there isn’t any streaking or your work has been in vain. Some people may go to the extent to have the windows on their home professionally washed just to get rid of the hassle. If your home has single hung windows, you are on the unfortunate end of window cleaning.

Double hung windows open, literally, a whole new world of possibilities of enjoying your windows. Cleaning double hung windows is so easy that you will wonder why you didn’t replace them sooner. All you have to do is open the top, tilt, clean and tilt it back again. So simple!

Home Ventilation With Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows

Have you ever wanted to open a window while it’s raining to get a fresh breeze? Double hung windows allow you to open the top just a bit so that cool breeze and ventilation can be allowed through without damaging the window sill from the rain drops. Double hung windows provide a great means of ventilation. Being able to pull down from the top with the bottom section still closed lets you bring a breeze into the home from above and maybe help release some heat during the warmer months.

Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows Safety

Another feature that stands out about double hung windows is safety. If you have children that like to hang around windows, when you open the top half of your double hung window instead of the bottom, you can rest assure that you have made it quite hard for an accident to happen.

Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows Cost

Single hung windows tend to be purchased for a couple reasons. They are in the lower end of the price range spectrum if you are on a budget, and maybe there is a small space where a window is needed and single hung is the only option. Those two reasons don’t even come close to the benefits of having double hung windows in your home. When purchasing a home it can be exciting to see that this feature has been added as a little extra touch, and shows that thought and care were taken in the home.

Whether you are looking to renovate, you are purchasing a home, building a home, or even just looking for a refreshing new look, double hung windows are the way to go. At Window Nation, we take pride in every project set in front of us and we strive for all of our clients to feel comforted by the level of service we provide.

Before the cold weather sets in, contact us to set up a free estimate for replacing your single hung windows. The ease and functionality of a double hung window from Window Nation will leave you wondering why you have waited to make the change. We put our customers first and work daily to solve problems by installing solutions. Window Nation, your best choice for the best in window and door solutions.

It sure is beautiful here in Ohio this time of year. The trees have all budded and those tender pale green leaves have begun to darken into the dark greens of summer. The flowers are all blooming, the birds and bees have returned, and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief as citizens are finally able to breathe a bit of fresh air. It is awesome to be able to spend more and more time in the great outdoors as the temperatures begin to rise, but it does have its drawbacks. Yes, you heard me right – drawbacks. I know what you are thinking. What could possibly be a drawback to spring? Right?

Well, one of the major drawbacks that we experience in spring is that we quickly forget all of the cold, ice, and hardship of the previous winter. I know what you are thinking again. “Are you crazy? That’s not a drawback.” I get it, put the past behind… but the old saying, “if you do not learn from history it is bound to be repeated” certainly applies here. It is easy to forget all of those cold drafts that blew through your old weather worn windows last winter when the sun is shining and the temperatures are quite comfortable – and rising, but it certainly isn’t wise. The wise thing to do would be to remember those high heating costs and frosty mornings and plan ways to avoid those hardships next winter. After all that old saying, “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail” applies here.

Besides spring is the perfect time not only to think about replacing those worn out windows but to actually do it. After all, the weather is warm and beautiful, and having a window-sized opening in the side of your home for a short time would be far better now than in the dead of winter, wouldn’t it? Also, the hit your budget took in heating costs last winter has passed, and you can actually find an extra buck or two without those added extra winter bills. Yup, spring is defiantly the time to plan for and to install replacement windows.

And I know the perfect place for you to go. Window Nation is an industry leader in replacement windows. We have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and efficiency ratings for you to choose from. Our superior technicians are trained and experienced in creating just the right fit with a perfect installation; no matter which windows and options you choose, and they have the ability to guide you through each and every step from the moment you walk through the door. Stress-free, perfect fit, warm weather…. It’s the trifecta of perfection!

Plan to be comfortable and to lower your energy costs next winter by installing those perfect replacement windows from Window Nation this spring. Give us a call or stop by to set up your free no hassle estimate and see just how affordable being energy efficient in Ohio can be.

Learn more about our energy efficient windows ->

Spring is in the air across the U.S., and the Cherry Blossoms are blooming in Washington D.C. &  Maryland. That means it is time for you to break out your to-do list that has been tucked away in a drawer all winter in hopes of crossing off a few things. When you look over your tattered and torn list, you realize that it has grown exponentially, and you turn it this way and that hoping that some of those items will simply fall off. But, now that spring has arrived, you are renewed and rejuvenated and aim to tackle that list once again in hopes of eliminating it completely this time.

Did you ever notice that certain chores seem to remain on that list year in and year out because you are dreading the job or because you simply don’t know how to accomplish it? Take #1 for example-Replace those old drafty windows. That has been on the top of the list for over five years! Why? Well, because you don’t know where to begin, is why! Cross #1 right off that list this year with a visit from Window Nation.

Here at Window Nation, we have a wide assortment of replacement window styles, materials, and colors for you to choose from and our exterior design consultants are ready to walk you through the process.

As we begin opening up our homes in the spring, our basements can feel particularly dank and dingy and in need of some fresh air. Which makes spring the ideal time to consider replacing your basement windows with a goal to make venting and fresh air an easier possibility. Get that tight seal and energy efficiency through the hot and cold months, and the convenience of a vented style when it’s time to air things out.

When considering basement window replacement, homeowners have a variety of options with vent windows. Whether you choose a traditional hopper window style, an awning window, or casement windows, we have many styles to choose from and they come in vinyl, fiberglass, and wood to fit any décor. Our vent windows are the most energy-efficient style choice and are engineered with durability, reliability, and ease of use in mind.

These windows seal so tightly that air and water stay on the outside, and they come with a multi-point lock system to keep you and yours safe.

Our vent windows are ENERGY STAR ® qualified and are available with Low-E glass systems – with five different Low-E and inert gas options to choose from for state-of-the-art energy efficiency. They come with the option of contoured internal grids for beauty or etched and V-grooved glass patterns for elegance and character. With 26 colors to choose from, these great vented window options will fit any home and any style.

If you want to cross #1 off from your to-do list this spring, turn to the window specialists at Window Nation. They will make that chore seemingly effortless and easy on your pocketbook. Click here for an easy in-home or virtual free estimate or schedule an appointment at one of our local showrooms to learn how we can help you accomplish that dreaded job and shrink your to-do list this spring.

With the arrival of spring, along with it comes that dreaded task we unlovingly refer to as ‘spring cleaning’. It’s that one time a year when we dare converge on each and every corner, nook, and cranny to seek out each particle of dirt, dust, or grime and be rid of it. We even dare venture into those basements, attics, and storage closets that have hardly been touched since last year’s spring cleaning day to see what items we can dispense of that we just couldn’t live without 365 days ago. Once all of these are checked from the list, we pull out the big ladder from the back of the garage and begin the most dreaded task of all – window cleaning! It has got to be the most time consuming and difficult job; especially if you still have those old-fashioned windows that can’t be pulled down or out for easy cleaning access, but that’s not even the worst part. That honor is saved for that moment when you have finally finished scouring all of those panes outside and tuck away the ladder only to discover upon entering your home that you left thousands of streaks behind to obscure your view! Ugh!

One of the best ways that I know of to save yourself from the ‘worst part’ moment this year is to use newspapers. That’s right! Newspapers! Simply mix a solution of 50/50 water to white vinegar. Spray the mixture onto your windows and wipe with a dry cloth. Follow that by wiping the panes with a crumpled up newspaper. Believe it or not, your windows will be so streak free and crystal clear that you will need to install stop signs for the neighborhood birds.

Seriously, if you are still living with those old, difficult-to-clean windows, stop by Window Nation and see how affordable it can be to replace them with new double hung windows for energy saving efficiency, easy access, and stress-free cleaning. Our windows are custom made in our local facility using state-of-the-art robotic technology to ensure the perfect fit in your home every time. We have several styles, materials, and glass options for you to choose from to match your style and preferences. Just think about it; you will never have to pull out that ladder to wash the outside of windows again!

Besides, we offer a no risk, no pressure, and free estimate simply by requesting one at the top of our windows webpage. What have you got to lose? Well, except those streak filled ‘worst part’ moments this spring and all the springs to follow!

It is no secret that a new bay window or bow window can make a drastic improvement to the interior and exterior of a home. These windows are beautiful on the inside and outside, and they add charm and character wherever they are installed. On the outside, they increase the curb appeal of your home, and on the inside, they create a showplace for plants or other accents. But which is right for you? Here's what you need to know to make the decision.


The main difference between bays and bows are how many windows you're going to have. Bays come with three windows: One picture window, and two double hung, casement, or fixed light windows. Bow windows have more than three windows and give the shape of a bow to the exterior. Because bow windows have more windows, they are generally more expensive. This is the first decision you'll have to make when choosing which is best for your home.

Interior Lighting

Both of these windows are going to bring more light into your home than a flat window, but bow windows offer more angles for light to enter. If your primary goal is to bring light into an interior space, bows are a slightly better choice.


Both of these windows are going to create an interior space that can be used as shelf space for plants and decorations, or as a sitting area. But, bay windows are going to offer more room in their basic configuration than bow windows. This can change, however, when more windows are added to a bow.

Air Flow

Bow windows create a gentle flow that allows air to move freely along these windows. This allows air to circulate better in a room with a bow. But, some enjoy the stillness found in a cozy bay window spot. Which is right for you will depend on your preference.

No matter what you decide, you can trust Window Nation to give you a wide selection of high-quality options to make that new window purchase fit perfectly into your budget. We have low-cost, high-quality vinyl windows that will give you all the beauty and amenities you're looking for, with a gentler hit to your wallet. Or, you can choose elegant, handcrafted wood seat boards and trim to make those new windows really stand out. Either way, you'll get the highest quality of craftsmanship, one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry, and a certified installer with the education to do the job right. Request a FREE estimate and get started right now. Getting a new bay or bow window for your home is one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

Are you thinking it is time to make the investment in replacement windows for your Philadelphia home? Here are 7 reasons you might be right.
  1. Broken glass. This one is a no-brainer, especially if you have a window that has only one pane of glass. That crack is going to cost you money on your energy bills and it is going to let moisture into the walls of your home, which can lead to rot.
  2. Fogging between the panes. If you have two panes of glass, but there is moisture or residue in between the panes, you will have the same issues as someone with broken glass.
  3. Broken frames. Often, people who have issues with their frames breaking apart will paint over the cracks. Though this will make them less drafty, it can also make them a danger. Windows that don’t open properly can trap you and your family inside your home if a fire breaks out.
  4. You can feel a draft. Sometimes you won’t be able to simply look at a window and see that you have an issue. Sometimes the only way to know that windows aren’t sealed properly is by feeling for a draft. Windows that have warped over time can have tiny gaps. If you pay a lot to create heat in your home during the winter or coolness during the summer, the last thing you need is gaps.
  5. Your energy bills are going up. If you haven’t noticed the draft coming in through your windows, you may notice your energy bills going up. When energy bills go up we are motivated to change the way we heat or cool our homes, but replacement windows are often the better way to go.
  6. Your windows are old. Windows are not made to last forever. Window technology has changed tremendously in the last decade. If you have old windows, you will see benefits from changing out that old tech with some new tech.
  7. The noise is driving you nuts. Those older, single-pane windows will also do a poor job of keeping the noise out. Newer windows with double or triple panes of glass not only keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter; they also keep the noise out all year long. In a busy city like Philadelphia, this can really make a big difference. If you’re tired of listening to the neighbors or the traffic, new windows can help.
If you’re experiencing any of these issues, and you’d like to know what it would cost to have replacement windows installed in your Philly home, drop us a line and we’ll have a specialist come to your home and give you a free, no obligation, estimate. At Window Nation, we take the mystery and stress out of getting replacement windows. Get your free estimate set up today.
Raise your hand if you have windows in your home. Now put your hand down if any of the following applies to you: Do your windows stick, making them hard to open and close? Do your windows slide freely, making them difficult to keep open without wedging something in there? Are your windows hard to latch? Are the frames breaking apart? Are the outsides of your windows dirty because it is just too difficult to get out the 20-foot ladder to climb up to clean them? When you’re standing by one of your windows in the winter, can you actually feel the cold air, even though the window is closed? If your hand is still up, that means none of these applied to you. If that is the case, you probably don’t need replacement windows; however, if your hand went down, it may be time to consider what life might be like with new windows. We’ll give you a hint: Life is better with new windows.
When windows don’t close or latch properly, that can be a security issue for your home. But, windows that are hard to close have another, more glaring drawback: They let heat out in the winter and heat in during the summer. The chances of a burglar breaking in are probably low. The chances of losing money in lost energy every year is guaranteed. Replacement windows with new, insulated frames seal properly and resist heat transfer. That means savings for you.
New windows have another way of saving you money on energy bills. They stop heat from going through the glass. With double and triple pane glass, infrared reflecting Low-E coating, and heat resisting gas in between each pane, those new windows will hold the heat in your house–and the money in your pocket.
For many homeowners the problem isn’t so much that windows don’t seal well or let the heat out; Accessibility is the issue. If you can’t clean your windows, how can you ever fully appreciate what’s beyond the glass? Let’s face it, getting the ladder out and climbing up three stories to clean your windows isn’t practical, and reaching under to clean the outside of the glass doesn’t get the job done. But, if your new replacement windows lift out of the sash or swing in, cleaning is a breeze.
New replacement windows save you money, are easier to maintain, keep you safer, and add beauty to your home. If you’d like to see how much better life is with new windows, start your journey today by scheduling a free in-home estimate. With over 150,000 windows replaced, and a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, Window Nation is the right choice to help you make the switch.
Are you still living with the windows that came with your house? Do you feel the cold air passing through when temperatures begin to drop? Are you tired of putting plastic on every window, every year–sometimes twice a year–and losing the ability to watch the snow drifting down on your yard covered in a beautiful layer of white? With new windows, you don’t have to worry about all that plastic, and you’ll be able to enjoy the view all winter long; but upgrading the windows on your home can be a big investment and feel like a daunting task. Sure, it’s an investment that pays for itself and eventually starts putting money in your pocket, but are you ready to take the leap? You don’t even know how much that upgrade is going to cost you. Well, we’re here to help.
If you aren’t sure whether you have the budget to invest in new windows, the last thing you want is some high-pressure salesman trying to convince you that you do. At Window Nation, we take the stress out of planning a window upgrade by offering a free, no obligation, in-home estimate. We’re not looking to make a sale; our goal is to let you know what options are available and what strategies you can use to get your window upgrade to meet your expectations. Then, when you’re ready to move forward with your purchase, you’ll have all the information you need to make a sound investment.
What are some of the benefits of brand new windows?
When deciding whether or not it is time to get new windows, you have to ask yourself the question, “What will new windows do for me?”
  • First off, those new windows are going to keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer and that is going to help your bottom line.
  • New windows are also more convenient. If you have windows that stick or that don’t stay up, you’re really going to notice the difference new windows will make.
  • If you have old windows that are hard to lock shut–or don’t lock shut at all, your new windows will make a better seal and offer more security. That good seal is another way you’ll keep energy bills lower, and when your windows lock right, they make it hard for a burglar to break in.
  • More than anything else, you’re going to notice how new windows will open up the spaces in your home and provide the perfect amount of light to bring life into living spaces. After all, they’re called “living” spaces for a reason. Those are the spaces where life happens.
 What to expect at your free in-home estimate:
When you call us for a free estimate for new windows, we will send an expert to your home to get exact measurements, give you an overview on what options are available, and show you where replacements are most needed. Your agent will also give you options to help make your window replacement fit into your budget, while still providing all of the benefits you’re looking for. Only you know what features and benefits you absolutely need. Our job is to help you get the perfect windows to meet those needs. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step, let us know. No obligation. Ever.