If you’re looking to sell your home, you may be considering upgrades to appeal to potential buyers. Selling your home is competitive, and you want to be sure you’re giving yourself an edge when attracting potential buyers. Before listing your home, take time to inspect your home and identify any areas that need improvement. Consider making repairs or renovations as needed – though it may be costly, most projects will add value to your home once it’s been sold. Which projects will pay off the most? Let’s dig in.

First Impressions Matter

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. When potential buyers see your house for the first time, do you want them to see old, discolored siding and outdated metal windows? Consider updating your home’s exterior with new windows, doors and siding. Available in a variety of styles and colors, our vinyl windows and siding will give your home the refresh it needs. Buyers will enjoy having a home that’s move-in ready, and you’ll appreciate the return on investment recouped from your project: both projects offer over 70% ROI.

Upgrade Your Landscaping

A little curb appeal goes a long way when it comes to selling your home; however, it’s easy to fall behind on lawn maintenance when you’re focusing on other renovation projects. An overgrown yard or a barren lot with no landscaping won’t appeal to any visitors. Be sure to cut your grass regularly and trim any bushes and shrubs. Plant flowers or grow a garden to make your house feel like a home. If you’re not able to garden, consider purchasing potted flowers or plants to spruce up your front porch.

Picture Yourself in the Home

Homebuyers should be able to imagine themselves living in your home. Be sure to remove any personal items including family photos or keepsakes from your living areas so your house feels less like your family home. Be sure rooms are organized and kept clean with beds made and personal items put away. Consider painting your walls a neutral color so buyers are able to personalize the home to fit their taste.

Boost Your Energy Efficiency

If you were a homebuyer, would you want to move into a house with sky-high energy bills? Consider making changes to boost your home’s energy efficiency, like installing a programmable thermostat or purchasing Energy Star certified appliances. Replacing your old, drafty windows or your cracked siding with energy efficient vinyl windows and siding will also reduce your home’s energy consumption. You’ll enjoy lower electric bills – and your home will get the curb appeal boost it needs.

Though these changes might seem costly, renovation projects will add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Vinyl window and siding replacement offers a high ROI, recouping almost 70% of the money you may spend. When you’re ready to start your project, schedule an in-home estimate. Our team of exterior design consultants will meet with you to discuss your project and offer a quote good for up to six months. Contact us today for more information.

The end of the year is coming and many people are starting to make lists of goals to achieve during the New Year. Many people’s lists contain personal goals for 2017 like getting into shape, putting money into savings, learning a new language, or finally taking that dream vacation. But, what about your house, your house has some goals of its own, but needs your help to achieve them. Window Nation wants to help your home become your dream home by putting together a simple list of changes you can make in and around your home in 2017.

Ideas to make your home become your dream home in 2017

  • Replace your home’s older windows and doors with new energy efficient models. New windows and doors in your home can not only update its look, but will help to reduce energy costs for you in 2017, and keep your family warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Give your entire home a new look by replacing your homes older, dull siding. New siding can help to increase the energy efficiency of your home and protect its interior walls. Your older home can get a full “face-lift” with new durable, easy to maintain siding.
  • Increase the living space inside of your home by finally finishing your home’s unfinished basement. Installing French doors in a basement is a great way to divide a space, think office and family room, while still maintaining an open, airy feel.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to any room, new paint can do wonders to brighten up a space. New paint can also bring older kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets back to life!
  • In addition to paint, add a new shelf, picture frame, accent pillow, or throw rug into a room to update its overall look!
  • Place a deck off of the back of your home, decks can give you and your family more living and entertaining space without having to actually add a “room” onto your home. Add some outdoor furniture, plant boxes, a grill, and outdoor heaters, and you have an outdoor space you can use most of the year!

The professionals at Window Nation are happy to sit down with you and help check off some of the to-do’s on your home’s goal list for 2017. We can work with any budget to create not only a new fresh look for your home, but to make your home more energy efficient in the New Year. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, in-home, estimate!

Have you noticed that the wind doesn’t seem to have that bite to it? Have you seen the increase in feathered friend activity around your bird feeder? Have you noticed the crocus next to your door starting to peer through the soil? This is that wonderful time of year when we begin to relax and breathe a sigh of relief that winter’s fury is almost over. Sure this winter wasn’t as bad as some, but it wasn’t as good as some either! And somehow the chores of winter seem so much more burdensome than spring projects do.

With new life springing up all around us, it somehow sheds a new light on the work we need to accomplish. We are actually excited about the prospect of those home improvement projects we desire to do, but sometimes it is difficult to decide exactly where to begin. If you know that you want to cross off some of those items on the honey-do list, but you don’t know exactly what to do, take a look at Window Nation’s idea gallery.

Sometimes all we need is a jump start to get us set in the right home improvement direction. When you browse through the different finished projects on our site, your ideas will begin flowing, your home improvement questions will turn into home improvement answers, and your dreams will turn to reality. Our idea gallery includes: Before & After Gallery; Window Gallery, Siding Gallery, and Door Gallery. All with helpful color pictures of actual real life completed renovation projects from some of our customers. This is such a useful tool. I mean, to see actual homes showcased so you can see exactly what these windows, doors, siding styles, materials, and colors look like on an actual home. You can choose one of the styles showcased or a combination of styles if you want to add your own unique flair. Either way, these ideas will surely spark your renovation imagination into full gear.

Window Nation is the name that over 55,000 of your friends and neighbors have trusted for doors, windows, and siding; and 99.5% of those never required any follow-up service. WOW! Now that’s a record we are proud of!

When you are looking for materials and installation to complete your spring projects, talk to your friends and neighbors. You will see that Window Nation is the only home improvement destination you need for quality products, service, and installation. Stop by our showroom to browse our wide selection of products and styles and see how we can help make your spring home improvement projects an easy reality.

There are a lot of home improvements that can make your home much nicer to live in. If you like to cook, a fully remodeled kitchen may be right up your alley. If you have more than two children, it is always good to have a second bathroom. But improvements like these can cost a lot of money, and often, they do give you a return on that money. Adding a $75,000 kitchen to a $100,000 home is not likely to yield a $75,000 return in value. Here are a few remodeling ideas for 2016 that will not only make your home feel new again, they will also justify the cost by giving you the best value for the money spent.

Bathroom Remodel

When you replace the tub, toilet, sink, vanity, tile, and fixtures in a bathroom it doesn’t just spruce up the place, it adds value to your home’s equity. If you’re looking for a home improvement project that will give you the most bang for your buck, this is a good way to go.

If you’re looking for something to do that will be less expensive than a full remodel, there are some quick things you can do to spice things up and add value. Putting new paper on the walls or laying down a fresh coat of paint can make that bathroom feel fresh and new. Adding a re-glaze to your tub will give it a like-new finish for around $350. And, getting rid of old caulk around the tub with a softener like CAULK-BE-GONE®, and laying down some new caulk for a clean, fresh look, is a great idea for very little cash.

Replacement Windows

If you’re looking for more convenience, lower energy bills, less sound from passing traffic, and more light getting into your home, window replacements are a perfect investment. Not only will that investment pay for itself over time, it will add to the equity of your home immediately, by making the interior and the exterior of your home more appealing and increasing the feeling of newness. Nothing makes a home feel old like windows that don’t work right or look like they’ve been painted eight times.

Updated Front Entry Door

Another great exterior improvement is a new entry door. According to a 2015 remodeling Impact Report, a new steel front entry door can recover 75% of its cost at resale. Not only will you make most of your money back, you’ll also sell your home faster with an inviting entryway.


According to figures from the American Nursery and Landscape Association, the cost of landscaping can weigh in at a few thousand. But these costs will more than makeup for themselves when you go to sell your home. Landscaping has strong curb appeal and can significantly decrease how long a home stays on the market.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is always a good upgrade. Not only will you feel like you’re living in a new home, you’ll almost completely recoup your investment and add protection that will protect the value of your home.
If 2016 is the year you decide to make your Ohio home feel like new, for not a lot of money, we can help you with that. At Window Nation, we offer the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to vinyl siding, replacement windows, and entry doors. Stop in to our showroom and start envisioning what your new home will look like in 2016.