Drafty windows can become a real pain in the cold, winter months. It becomes a battle between hot and cold. You have to turn up the heat, while your windows keep letting in cool air. It can become very expensive to try and heat your home in the winter. Making your home more energy efficient is always a plus for you and your bank account. Having energy efficient windows can improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. It will save you money in the long run and keep those drafts away. There are a few tips and tricks to keeping your drafty windows at bay as much as you can.

Here are a few tips to help you cut the drafts down.

  • Weather Stripping: Adding an extra lining a protection between your windows and the cold, winter air can help save you money in heating costs.

  • Caulking Windows: Adding a layer of caulking between the window and the frame can help to keep drafts away.

  • Curtains: Adding curtains to your windows can help protect from drafts. They sell thicker curtains, specifically for draft protection. They are more expensive but worth the protection.

  • Shades: There are many different types of shades that you can invest in to help lessen drafts. There are different styles for you to pick from to match your home’s unique style.

These tips will help you in the fight against drafty windows. However, they do not completely solve the drafty window problem. They only lower the amount of cold air that your windows let in. They are a temporary fix to a long term problem. The best thing you can do is replace your drafty windows. It will be a larger upfront cost but new energy efficient windows will save you money in the long run.

Call the helpful professionals at Window Nation today to get started on a plan to end drafty windows for good and begin enjoying new, replacement windows for years to come.

Many home repairs are perfectly safe for homeowners to complete. Adding a little sweat equity into your home helps your home’s value, as well as your budget. But what should or shouldn’t you do with your own hands and tools? Well, here are five repairs that we feel should certainly be left to the pros.

Roof repair. Do you have shingles lifting on your roof? Or water leaking into your home because of some imperfection in your roof system? Roofs are an intricate part of your home. They are the front line to protecting your home’s interior and exterior from the harsh elements of weather. If your shingles are pulling away or curling they can be letting in moisture and wind. You may look up and think it is a simple job to tack them down or replace them. Don’t make that mistake. You roof is a complex system of trusses, tie downs, underlayment and fasteners that all work together to keep your home weather resistant, secure and strong. If you think that your roof system has failed in any way, contact a professional for repair.

Electrical Wiring. Any issues that you may be having in electrical matters should most definitely be handling by a professional electrician. Electricity is a powerful and dangerous force that can be deadly, if not handled correctly. Sometimes electrical problems present themselves by breakers being tripped and needing to be reset on your breaker box. This is not normal. They should not be tripped regularly. This shows that the circuit is overwhelmed and something is not functioning correctly. If you have a GFI outlet, one with its own breaker on it, and it regularly trips itself and needs to be reset, this too is an indication of a problem. If you desire another outlet or light in your home’s wiring system, please call a professional electrician. This additional electrical source will need to be safely added to your electrical system. There is no electrical or wiring issue that shouldn’t be handled by a professional electrician.

Plumbing problems. Beyond plunging a clogged toilet or drain; all other plumbing problems should be handled by a professional. Just like your electrical system, your plumbing system is an intricate and powerful part of your home. You have pipes that bring in your water, take away waste, and move cold and hot water. If this pipe leaks or bursts because of improper installation you can have thousands of dollars of damage and even injury. If your pipes aren’t working well or leaky, or your drains are slow or leaking, call a professional as soon as possible.

HVAC system repair. If your heating, ventilation or air condition system is acting up, calling a professional is the optimum choice for repair. These systems are often an intricate system on their own, as well as they are directly hooked into your plumbing and or electrical system. Each type of HVAC system has its own intricacies and not all systems are the same. Calling a professional service that is specifically trained for yours is the best and only answer.

Window or door replacement. How hard can it really be? Well, quite hard. Windows and doors are holes in your home that need to be installed as tightly and correctly as possible. If your door or window is not installed correctly, wind and moisture can enter your home’s walls and floors. Wind will allow unwanted air exchange, increasing your HVAC costs. Moisture in your walls and floors can cause damage that can rot, warp and alter your home’s structure, costing you thousands in repairs. Replacing a door or window is most definitely a job best left to the professionals.

Repairing, improving and renovating your home can have aspects that are completely safe and do-able as a do-it-yourself homeowner. Knowing when to call a professional for your safety is the key. Leaving these five jobs up to the professionals will save you money and keep your home safe for years to come.