With a mild winter and an early start to spring, most of the country can expect a hot summer to follow. Although this is good news for those who frequent the beach or enjoy other summer activities, it can be bad news for your home’s energy bills. It is often thought that heating homes through the winter is most expensive however, when the summer proves to be hot, your AC bills can add up quickly. It can be quite surprising how much money is lost to drafty, old windows in the extreme heat or cold. In order to help homeowners save some money on their cooling bills this summer, Window Nation would like to offer a few energy saving tips:

  • Set your air conditioning as high as comfortably possible during the summer months

  • If you live in a place that cools off enough at night, consider shutting the AC off and opening the windows while you sleep

  • Invest in window blinds or shades that help to block the sunlight and the summer heat

  • Use a ceiling fan to create the wind chill effect and make a room feel cooler with less AC

  • Service your cooling system just as you would a furnace to make sure it is running most efficiently

  • Avoid use of the stove, oven, microwave or other heat producing electronics on hot summer days

  • Seal off cracks and holes around the exterior of your home to avoid losing cold air

  • Consider replacing windows in your home

Although a larger investment, by replacing your old, drafty windows with new, energy efficient windows, you will end up saving money in the long run. Replacement windows today are available with double pane glass, triple pane glass, and even a gas called Krypton, which really helps to keep the cool air in and the hot air out during the summer months. You will be able to use less AC and end up with a large energy savings no matter what time of the year.

If you live in Maryland, including Glen Burnie and Baltimore, Ohio, including Akron and Cleveland or throughout the DC metro, Northern Virginia or the Carolinas and you are looking to save on energy costs this summer, contact Window Nation today! Offering unique designs, colors, and materials you can not only have more energy efficient windows but ones that will fit your style.