When it comes to home renovation, not all projects are created equal. Pink and lime green bedroom walls in a chevron pattern? No thanks. A new outdoor pool in Minnesota? Probably not smart. The financially-savvy homeowner, when considering remodels or renovations, is probably asking a few pointed questions:

  • Will this renovation increase my home’s resale value?
  • Will this renovation save me money in the short term?
  • Will this renovation improve my quality of life?

If the answer to all three is a resounding yes, then you’ve probably hit upon the home renovation jackpot.

So how does home window replacement measure up? With more than a dozen things you could invest in around the house, is it a good financial move to replace your home windows?


When replacing windows, expect a handsome return on your investment.

According to Architectural Digest, that swoon-worthy magazine of celebrity house tours, replacing older windows with new ones (even if they’re not top of the line), can actually make you money. According to their calculations, you’ll get $1.15 back for every dollar you invest in this type of project.

And leading trade publication Remodeling Magazine agrees that home window replacement is one of the top return-on-investment projects in its 2021 trend report.

Window replacement follows the multi-year trend of exterior improvement projects. These curb appeal updates make the whole block look better, and raise the value of your home for potential buyers.

Replacing your windows gives your home a makeover that the whole neighborhood will notice. You’ll be sure to get a higher selling price if you decide to put your home on the market. New windows announce to the world that your home is handsome and well-maintained.


New windows will save you money every month.

Planning to stay put for a while? When you invest in home window replacement, you’ll see immense benefits in the short and long term. Think about the bills you get every month for your home energy usage. What if there was a coupon that gave you a discount every month?

Installing new windows can give you that price break on heating and cooling costs. Old windows are often drafty or leaky, meaning your heating efforts in the winter and cooling efforts in the summer are less effective. New windows come with tight seals, and you can even invest further by upgrading to double or triple-paned glass.

By making your home more energy-efficient, you’ll save money on utility bills every month and make your home more comfortable throughout the seasons. Home window replacement is good for the family budget and good for the environment.


Replacing old windows can transform your house into a home.

Can you really put a price on loving your home? If you’re stuck with leaky, unappealing single-pane windows from decades ago, window replacement will not only save you money — it can transform your living space.

Lacking morning light in your kitchen or a view from your living room? Consider switching from double-hung windows to a casement window for uninterrupted landscapes. How about that dark corner of the bedroom? Once you install a new specialty window, all you’ll need is a comfy chair and you have a new reading nook.

Not only that, but window replacement lets you bring your own style and personality to your space. Whether vast, open-concept picture-frame windows, or cute farmhouse-style crisscrossing white frames, replacing your windows makes your home yours.

We know there are always plenty of home renovation projects you could take on. But home window replacement checks all the boxes — it’s a great way to increase your home’s future selling price, it will lower your monthly home energy bills, and it can add life and pizzazz to your day-to-day enjoyment of your home.


You’ve got options when it comes to how your windows open and what material they are made of. Window Nation has a great online tool that allows you to upload pictures of your home and visualize this upgrade for yourself. The Home Visualizer Tool is a great way to daydream your way into a profitable and picturesque home renovation.

Request a free Window Nation quote today, and see for yourself how financially savvy home window replacement truly is.

The presence of lead in any home can be a terrible problem for homeowners. Lead can be present in the paint, dust, or even the air in a lot of older homes, mostly built before 1978 when it was outlawed as a paint material. The presence of lead can be detrimental to homes with children in it. Small children have the tendency to pick up things like paint chips from an old window sill and put them in their mouths. Peeling paint will also create dust that can be found throughout the home getting on hands which can then lead to fingers being put in the mouth. Whichever way the lead enters your child’s mouth, it leaves children susceptible to lead poisoning. Even if there are no symptoms of lead poisoning, it is important to remember that children absorb lead into their blood stream more readily than adults, so even a small amount can cause a child brain damage later. Even pregnant mothers can be susceptible to complications from breathing in the dust caused by chipped lead paint. For these reasons, the presence of lead in the home can destroy the value of your home and lead to long-term complications for your children.

When getting ready to remodel, especially with an older home, it is essential to have a contractor who tests for lead. If a home is built before 1978, the safest thing to do is to assume that there is lead present. Contractors need to follow safety guidelines recommended by the EPA. All work areas should be contained with the use of plastic in doorways and open window frames to keep the dust down in the rest of the home. Clean up of these areas should be continuous throughout the project with paint chips or dust particles being wiped thoroughly with damp rags. Before completion, the contractor needs to monitor the area to make sure that all the lead paint has been removed safely from the home.

Window Nation employs these safe practices when installing new windows in an older home. We understand the dangers and will do everything that we can to ensure the safety of the homeowners and their families as well. As a certified employer of renovation experts skilled in lead removal we can assure homeowners that our company will be following EPA recommended guidelines for homes with lead present. New windows can not only improve the look and feel of your home, they can also keep your family safe when they are installed by reputable companies like Window Nation. Give us a call or stop by one of our many showrooms for more information about renovating your home and the risks of lead poisoning.