It’s so nice to finally have warm and sunny days. The Philly winter was long and cold and all of us are so thankful for this beautiful summer sun. When we step outside we think of sun protection for ourselves and our loved ones. These same damaging UV rays can cause fading inside our homes as well. Anywhere that the sun peeks in is a potential area for UV damage. It can cause fading in our curtains, furniture, floors or walls. What can we do to help stop this from happening?

UV rays literally break down the surfaces that they come in contact with. We get sunburned, and so does anything that is in the suns’ rays for too long. Our curtains are often the first thing effected by the sunlight. They are constantly in the line of fire of the sun. Consider the fabric make up and color of your curtains. Very few fabrics have a built in sun repellent to slow fading. Fabrics blended with acrylic, polyester and nylon are less likely to fade. High end fabrics like silk and linen fade quickly. When choosing your curtain color, remember that darker colors fade faster. Moving your curtains back and forth a little to keep they sun from wearing stripes in the fabric will also slow the fading process.

Furniture that is covered in fabric will have the same issues as fabric curtains, and leather covered furniture also fades in the sunlight. UV rays shining on leather furniture actually causes the natural oils in the leather to evaporate leaving you with a dry and brittle finish. The best way to prevent leather furniture from drying out is to clean and condition it at least once every six months. Speak with your furniture sales person about any treatments that may be available to slow the fading process.

Interior painted walls also fall prey to fading by sunlight. Consider each room and each individual wall’s exposure to direct sunlight when choosing a color scheme. Again, like fabric, the lighter the color the less it will fade. There can be a correlation to the amount of fading that a paint allows and the sheen of the color. Speak with your paint supplier about the possible benefits of a higher sheen paint.

Flooring, whether carpet, wood, linoleum or vinyl are all subject to the damaging power of UV rays. Coloring in ceramic tile floors can also fall to these aggressive rays of light. Seems that UV rays can pretty much have their way inside your home fading just about anything that they touch. None of these things are easily prevented or stopped. As much as we love our Philadelphia summer sun, it can cause some issues inside our home. Letting the summer sun in to light up and warm our homes is a natural reward after a long cold winter. Try to be aware that it can also damage your belongings inside your home and do what you can to stop it from happening. And of course, stop by our showroom in Philadelphia to find out how replacement windows might help you protect your furniture and belongings.