Even though the holidays aren’t quite here yet, you have likely already started planning for them. Are we hosting? What’s the menu? Who is coming? What do we have to do to get the house ready? While we can’t help you whip up your celebratory feast, or make sure all family members play nice, we can offer some considerations to get your house entertaining-worthy. By simply applying a few tricks to your room — even if it’s a fairly confined area — you can turn it into a comfortable and inviting space. Here’s 5 simple tricks to help you create the perfect entertaining environment:

  • Natural lighting: By allowing natural light to flow freely inside the room it makes the interior look larger instantly, make sure window coverings are sheer or pulled back.
  • Well placed mirrors: By placing two mirrors on opposite walls, it gives an illusion of the room going on and on.
  • Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to make the room look taller: Anything that draws the eye upwards makes a room feel bigger.
  • Use rugs to separate one room into smaller spaces: This creates the appearance of having more than one space in a single room.
  • Pull furniture away from the wall: By having furniture pushed against the wall everything looks cramped. By having a few inches between the wall and your bigger items the space looks more open.

Has this been a challenge for you? How do you make your room feel bigger, or get it ready for crowds?