We take as much pride in helping our customers find the right replacement windows as some NoVA drivers do in driving 35 in a 70. But with over 1,500 style and color combinations, it’s not always an easy decision. Two of our most popular options are double hung windows and slider windows – both styles improve functionality, but which is best for your NoVA home? Let’s start from square one. 

What are Double Hung Windows? 

Double hung windows are our most popular style for a reason: they’re custom-built to meet your home’s exact needs. This is the more classic window style and an Old Town staple. These windows move up-and-down in their frame, making them a perfect fit for most window openings.  

What are Slider Windows? 

Slider windows are another popular window option. It’s like Southern Virginia to Northern Virginia; it has just as much merit, but most people flock to the other one. However, unlike double hung windows, these windows slide open by moving from side-to-side across a track. Sliders are ideal for wider spaces, like when replacing a picture window. 

Which is best for your project? 

If looking for both style and energy efficiency, double hung windows are the way to go. These windows are designed to make your space feel more comfortable and lower your energy bills. This means, much like oysters in Virginia, they’re a good choice all year long. 

Double hung windows work well in most rooms, particularly if you have an air conditioner unit. The best part? With over 1,500 style and color options available including wood and vinyl, you’re guaranteed to find the windows of your dreams. 

Because of their unique sliding capabilities, slider windows are best if you’re looking for a Luray Caverns-level of ventilation. These windows are best suited for rooms with only one window, as they certainly make a statement! Consider these windows when replacing the windows facing a backyard or a garden – not only will you receive more fresh air, but you’ll enjoy an unobstructed view thanks to its sleek, low-profile frame. 

If maintenance is important, you’re in luck: both styles are as easy to clean as a Chesapeake blue crab. Double hung and slider windows come equipped with tilt-in and lift-out features to allow for easy cleaning. This feature is not often found on slider windows; however, it comes standard on slider windows from Window Nation. 

I’ve made my decision – what do I do now? 

Once you’ve decided what windows are the best fit for your Northern Virginia home, our team of exterior design consultants will guide you through the process. We’ll go over your project, discuss your options, and provide a quote good for up to six months. To schedule your in-home estimate, visit WindowNation.com.

If you've been on the fence for years about doing some improvements to your home because you didn't know which improvements would give you the biggest bang for your buck, we understand. Remodeling isn't just about aesthetics. Sure, it's a lot about aesthetics, but you're also making an investment. You want that home improvement to increase the value of your home. Here are a few facts taken from Remodeling Magazine that should get you on track.


When it comes to increasing the value of a home, outdoor projects continue to outperform indoor projects. Seems upside down, doesn't it? We spend most of our time inside our homes than out in our yards. You would think that adding another bathroom, improving a family room, or adding a master suite would top the list but, according to the data collected by Remodeling Magazine, windows, doors, and siding have a history of generating higher returns on investment than work done inside. They hint that it might be connected to the fact that these projects increase the "curb appeal" of a home, and make it more attractive to both homebuyers and real estate agents.

Top 10 Remodeling Projects Based On Cost Recuperated

  1. Fiberglass Attic Insulation
  2. Entry Door Replacement (steel)
  3. Manufactured Stone Veneer
  4. Garage Door Replacement (upscale project)
  5. Minor Kitchen Remodel
  6. Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass)
  7. Garage Door Replacement (midrange project)
  8. Siding Replacement
  9. Window Replacement (vinyl)
  10. Window Replacement (wood)


Five of the top ten remodeling projects based on ROI, are projects that fall in the less than $5,000 range, and the other five fall into the $5,000-$25,000 range. That puts the entire top 10 list at under $25,000. This is partly because it is harder to place value on things we can't see. It is easy to look at a beautiful entry door and calculate its value. There is nothing hidden. But estimating the value of a remodeled kitchen or master bedroom suite is trickier. There is a lot of "behind the scenes" work required for these projects.


How good of an investment are doors, windows, and siding replacement? Let's take a look at the percentage of cost recuperated on several projects tracked. This is how much of the cost for these projects was returned at the time of the sale.
  • Master Suite: 59.9%
  • Bathroom Addition : 53.9%
  • Window Replacement (vinyl): 73.9%
  • Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass): 77.8%
  • Siding Replacement: 76.4%
  • Backyard Patio: 54.9%
  • Bathroom Remodel 59.1%
  • Major Kitchen Remodel: 61.9%
  • Two-Story Addition: 71.1%
As you can see, doors, windows, and siding replacements are a great investment. When you replace the windows on your home with new vinyl windows, not only do you get to enjoy all of the benefits those new windows bring, you'll get almost ¾ of your money back if you sell your home. The value goes up even more for siding replacement or new fiberglass entry door. At Window Nation, we offer an incredible selection of entry doors, replacement windows, and siding. If you're ready to do an upgrade that will almost pay for itself, we are ready to walk you through the process, step by step.

The purchase of a home is undoubtedly the biggest single investment homeowners will ever incur. This investment, however, is just the beginning. From that moment and for as long as you own the home, the responsibility of upkeep, repairs, remodeling and refreshing of the home is essential in protecting your initial investment. Leading the list of things that bring value and curb appeal to the home are replacement windows, new entry doors, and siding. This also places much weight and importance on your decision of where to acquire those items.

No one understands the gravity of these decisions more than Window Nation. Our entire team here at Window Nation is fully aware of this and we are committed to making your remodeling projects enjoyable and free of stress and worry. Our number one focus is customer satisfaction and making sure you are happy with every facet of the project from the initial planning to the clean-up after the project completion.

We also understand the value of the reputation our company earns by word of mouth from our customers. You, the customers of Window Nation, are our greatest asset. When you chose Window Nation to provide the product and service for your construction and remodel project, you become more than just a client. We are happy to welcome you to the Window Nation family.

We finish each project knowing you are so pleased that you will tell your neighbors, family, and friends, and because of this, and to show our appreciation, we have developed a program simply called “Refer-A-Friend.” With this program, both you and your friend win. All you do is invite someone to experience the same quality product and customer satisfaction service that you have enjoyed. In doing so, your friend or family member will save $250 toward their purchase from Window Nation, and you will earn you up to $250 on an American Express Gift Card upon the completion of the referred friend’s purchase as our token appreciation for your referral.

The good news is that you can refer as many friends as you want because, with Window Nation, there is always room for one more family member! Our goal is for you and all your family and friends to enjoy your home with its new windows, doors, and siding for many years to come! Thank you for being part of our Window Nation Family!

Things wear out. That’s just how it is. No matter how much you love something, when it wears out you’re ready for an upgrade. Sometimes, you’re even ready for an upgrade before it wears out. Have you ever owned a car so long that you were actually happy when you got in an accident and totaled it? Thanks to fate, you found yourself in a new car. Well, don’t let fate dictate when you decide to spice things up on your home. Make 2016 the year you chose to take your homes destiny into your own hands.
Are your windows sticking? Do you have some that don’t quite latch right? Not only are they a pain, there is a good chance you’re losing heat out those windows all winter long. A window replacement is a relatively inexpensive home improvement that actually pays for itself as it brings happiness and convenience.
Are you tired of the small window in the living room? Taking that tiny window out and replacing it with a beautiful bay window will not only open up space to put plants and other decorative items, it will allow light to fill your living room and give you a better view of your yard. Turn that old living room into a place you want to sit and drink your coffee while gazing out at the beautiful Philadelphia foliage as it comes back to life.
Do you have a sliding door that doesn’t quite slide like it used to? Or, not at all? A sliding door replacement will make that entry point less frustrating and give you an extra boost in energy efficiency; and adding French doors, can make an old entry door feel new again.
Every time you leave your home and return, do you come back in through the front door? Is it starting to feel stale and boring? Breathe life into that entryway. A front door renewal is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home feel new again. Turn one door into two doors. Get doors with beautiful glass panes that add character to the outside and light to the inside.
You don’t have to buy a new house to make your home feel new again. Simple window and door upgrades can make a big difference. Add style, light, space, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home, and breathe new life into old spaces. Don’t wait for a disaster to force you to make a change. Schedule a remodeling project in 2016, and fall in love with your home all over again.

It’s a new year. 2015. Wow. Time really does fly. Have you been thinking about doing some remodeling to your home? Are you trying to decide whether to repair or replace your windows, siding or doors? These three aspects of home maintenance are certainly some of the larger areas of your home that do require your attention and can make a huge difference, if they are performing correctly.

If your windows are leaky and cold, it may be time to replace them. Sure, if they are wood windows, you can do some scraping and repainting to give them a fresh face, but will it change the way that they perform? Probably not. If you have composite or vinyl windows that are just plain old leaky and damaged your choices are pretty limited as to how you can repair them to make them perform at a higher level. Replacing your windows with new, vinyl replacement windows will certainly give you a good yield for your investment. Your heating and cooling bills will change dramatically, if you currently have unwanted air exchange with your windows. You will never have to scrape or paint them. This will decrease your annual home maintenance dollars. And, don’t forget that the new, vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation have security features that are tougher on criminals and safer for your family.

Doors, like windows, can become unsightly and detrimental to your home’s energy efficiency as well as its security. You may be able to replace some of the weather-stripping on your doors to improve their performance. This can be an easy and inexpensive task, once your purchase the correct weather stripping. Replacing thresholds and trim can also increase your door’s performance. Most doors, door frames and trim can be sanded and repainted. These steps can certainly make your entrance way a more pleasing sight as well as more weather tight. It is, however, possible to completely replace your entrance door without breaking budget. A new fiberglass or steel insulated entrance door system from Window Nation will certainly increase your home’s energy efficiency and security. A new door unit will have multi-point, stainless steel locking system to keep your family safe. If replacing your entrance door isn’t possible, then consider adding a storm door to insulate your home more from the outside temperatures. Window Nation offers many styles of energy efficient and attractive storm doors.

Siding is the majority of the essence of curb appeal of your home. The type, condition and color make all the difference. Wood siding, although popular, is a lot of maintenance and repair. Vinyl siding comes in countless color and style options and is virtually maintenance free! Changing your siding to new quality vinyl siding from Window Nation is an investment that you are sure to reap fruit from for a long time.

When you are debating on whether to repair or replace your home’s windows, doors, and siding, remember all the benefits of replacement vs repair can’t be measured by dollar bills. By using Window Nation to replace your windows with new, vinyl replacement windows, you are increasing the level of security that your family gets from your home and the amount of free time you have to spend with them instead of maintaining and repairing old windows, doors and siding.

With the New Year, many people consider making changes in their lives and homes. If you’ve been thinking about making changes to your home, the pros at Window Nation have lots of ideas for you! To improve the overall look of your home, we would like to suggest new vinyl siding. Anyone who has ever gone from traditional wood siding to beautiful new vinyl siding understands the benefits of this home improvement; here are just a few of the reasons we think this is the change you should make for 2014!

Vinyl siding is tough stuff! It withstands high winds, weather extremes and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it! With vinyl siding from the Exterior Portfolio by Crane, you can trust that it is designed to stand up to many years of harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl siding delivers style and beauty, improving the overall look of your home. Your new vinyl siding can be customized to your home and to fit your style; along with vinyl siding trim and other vinyl siding accessories, your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket!

Vinyl siding requires a minimal amount of maintenance to keep it looking great. Traditional wood siding requires annual scraping, sanding and repainting, where vinyl siding only requires a little soapy water and a garden hose! You’ll save time and money with vinyl siding from Window Nation.

Vinyl siding is easily installed and when it is done by the professionals at Window Nation, you know it will be done correctly. Our vinyl siding panels are made in standard shapes and sizes, which means that there is very little room for error during installation. Vinyl siding is not secured to your home the way that traditional wood siding is; vinyl panels are attached by nails that are hammered through holes at the top of each panel. This allows for the panels to expand or contract, depending on temperature fluctuations outdoors. This type of installation also allows for panels to be easily replaced should they become damaged or go missing in a storm.

For more information on vinyl siding from Window Nation, please contact us today! Window Nation prices are some of the most competitive in the market and we would be happy to discuss your vinyl siding budget. Contact us today to help improve your home with exceptional vinyl siding from Window Nation.