Remodeling projects always trigger an atmosphere of excitement. The climate of the home becomes energized with the newness of smell and the energy that comes from changes and improvements. However, nothing seems to equal the feeling, energy, and excitement of brand new replacement windows.

The new look, the ease of cleaning, and the improved efficiency of the home bring a true sense of satisfaction to the proud homeowner. The process of achieving all this, however, begins with right choices and decisions. The first step is knowing who to contact when considering replacement windows, and there is no better choice than Window Nation.

Harley and Aaron, owners of Window Nation, represent the third generation of window replacement experts and understand everything involved to make every customer totally satisfied with the entire process. Window Nation seeks to guide the homeowner through every decision involved in the acquisition of new windows.

One of the big decisions involving selection of style and appearance is choosing between a bay window and a bow window. Whether you are on the outside looking in or standing inside looking out, a bay window offers beautiful three-dimensional design that allows additional lighting and view. The extra options of a bay window can even include a roof that orchestrates an entirely new look to the home. The window can be enhanced with a display of decorations or a showplace for plants. You may even consider the bay window with a seat board option.

The particular taste of each homeowner varies somewhat, directing some people to choose a bow window rather than a bay window. While they are very similar, the bow window has an elegant look with more gradual curves rather than sharper angles. The smoother, more gradual curve fits certain styles of homes very well. You will appreciate the added lighting and space made possible with your custom made bow window from Window Nation! The exceptional energy efficiency of this custom made beauty will help lower heating and cooling costs while enhancing the beauty of the home. Enjoy the soft, gradual bow look while still having the option of beautiful handcrafted wood seat boards and trim.

At Window Nation, we offer multiple options for energy efficient window glass systems. Our professionals will guide you through these important decisions. Browse through our huge variety of window styles and colors. Our windows are all custom made locally and our installation teams are all lead experienced window installers. Whether you choose bay or bow, your satisfaction is guaranteed with Window Nation of Philadelphia.

It is that time of year again when the weather begins to warm, and you are able to get outside and begin to survey the damage the winter has done to your yard and home. No doubt there are plenty of twigs and branches to pick up, and that lawn surely needs raking. There is sand to sweep away from the end of the driveway; and, wow, you never realized how much the harsh winter weather seems to have diminished the luster of your house. You think, “Well, maybe it’s just me”; but, no, that old house sure does seem to need some attention. That’s when you decide that it is time, past time perhaps, to do a remodel on that loved old house to bring it back to life. After all, it is where Johnny learned how to ride his first bicycle, and you will never forget stumbling up those front stairs and walking through that doorway as you brought Suzie home from the hospital for the very first time. So many memories! Yes, this old house may be a bit under the weather, but it sure is worth a little sprucing up.

The first question to answer once you have decided to remodel your Philadelphia home is, “Where on earth do I begin?” Which is quickly followed up by, “Ugh, how much will this cost?” To answer the first question for you, let me just say ‘replacement windows’. There is nothing that can add beauty, elegance, and bring an old house new life quicker than replacement windows. And, it is way more affordable than you can imagine – in more ways than one. Here at Window Nation, we have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and pricing that will make that remodel a breeze. Not only can your replacement windows themselves be affordable, but the energy savings alone is worth the investment. With today’s high-tech options in glass and framing, you can save a bundle on heating and cooling costs throughout the year, making the decision for replacing those old, worn-out windows well worth your consideration. It is only a matter of time before they pay for themselves.

With the latest styles, most advanced technology, and our limited lifetime warranty, Window Nation has an unbeatable selection to fit any décor or style. All of our windows are custom made locally and installed by our highly trained technicians to ensure a proper fit every time. We also offer financing options and free no-pressure estimates.

If you have decided that this is the year to remodel your Philadelphia home, give us a call. We are conveniently located and our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer all of your questions and to help you from start to finish. That new facelift for your home is ready and waiting for you at Window Nation.