Have you noticed that the wind doesn’t seem to have that bite to it? Have you seen the increase in feathered friend activity around your bird feeder? Have you noticed the crocus next to your door starting to peer through the soil? This is that wonderful time of year when we begin to relax and breathe a sigh of relief that winter’s fury is almost over. Sure this winter wasn’t as bad as some, but it wasn’t as good as some either! And somehow the chores of winter seem so much more burdensome than spring projects do.

With new life springing up all around us, it somehow sheds a new light on the work we need to accomplish. We are actually excited about the prospect of those home improvement projects we desire to do, but sometimes it is difficult to decide exactly where to begin. If you know that you want to cross off some of those items on the honey-do list, but you don’t know exactly what to do, take a look at Window Nation’s idea gallery.

Sometimes all we need is a jump start to get us set in the right home improvement direction. When you browse through the different finished projects on our site, your ideas will begin flowing, your home improvement questions will turn into home improvement answers, and your dreams will turn to reality. Our idea gallery includes: Before & After Gallery; Window Gallery, Siding Gallery, and Door Gallery. All with helpful color pictures of actual real life completed renovation projects from some of our customers. This is such a useful tool. I mean, to see actual homes showcased so you can see exactly what these windows, doors, siding styles, materials, and colors look like on an actual home. You can choose one of the styles showcased or a combination of styles if you want to add your own unique flair. Either way, these ideas will surely spark your renovation imagination into full gear.

Window Nation is the name that over 55,000 of your friends and neighbors have trusted for doors, windows, and siding; and 99.5% of those never required any follow-up service. WOW! Now that’s a record we are proud of!

When you are looking for materials and installation to complete your spring projects, talk to your friends and neighbors. You will see that Window Nation is the only home improvement destination you need for quality products, service, and installation. Stop by our showroom to browse our wide selection of products and styles and see how we can help make your spring home improvement projects an easy reality.