Vinyl windows are low maintenance, and with spring just around the corner, anything on the exterior of your home should probably be on your list of things that need a deep clean.

A combination of melting slush, spring rains, and the grime of the changing seasons can leave your windows streaked with dirt and crud. The good news is, replacement windows made with vinyl are easy to maintain and clean. Keep your windows squeaky clean and looking their best, with minimum elbow grease required. 

Here are our best tips for how to clean vinyl window frames and keep them looking fresh this spring.

Vinyl Window Cleaning Tips for the Exterior

Cleaning the outside of vinyl window frames is sure to add curb appeal and impress the early-morning joggers in your neighborhood. Create a simple cleaning solution by mixing 1-1/2 cups of white vinegar with one gallon of warm water, or mix a teaspoon of mild soap in a gallon of warm water. 

Start by rinsing the outside of the windows with water to dislodge any dirt and debris that has built-up sitting around the edges.

Once you rinse off the windows, apply the cleaning solution to the glass and frames. Use can use a sponge or a lint-free cloth to clean your vinyl windows — but, because they are scratch-resistant, you can use an old t-shirt if you prefer. 

If you’re using a soapy solution, rinse the windows again to prevent soap scum from drying on them, then use a lint-free cloth to dry the windows. If you’ve chosen the vinegar solution, dry the windows with a cloth to enjoy fresh-looking windows that will make your house look brand new again.

How to Clean the Inside of Vinyl Windows

Cleaning the inside of your vinyl window frames is even simpler. Here as well, you’ll want to remove all dirt and debris from the frame, tracks, and screen before you deep clean those windows. 

Your vacuum comes in handy to dislodge soil, dirt from the window tracks. 

When it comes to cleaning vinyl window tracks, cleaning wipes work well for getting into the corners. Run wipes up and down along the tracks to pick up dust and dirt. You’ll know you’re done when you can swipe along with the window and your wipe stays the same color.

You may use the same cleaning solution to clean the inside of the window as the exterior — and you won’t have to go outside to do it. Cleaning vinyl window frames inside your home is straightforward. Simply apply your soap or vinegar solution to the window frame, working from the top down. This way, you won’t accidentally drip on areas you’ve already cleaned. 

Putting in a little bit of elbow grease can help you remove dirt and debris from the window without damaging the frames. If you encounter a stubborn stain, scrub the area with a soft-bristled cleaning brush.

Some homeowners like to use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution without leaving streaks on the window. However, your lint-free cloth will also work to clean and dry the interior of the window frame. Note: avoid using paper towels to clean the window since they will leave lint particles on your glass.

If you have sun exposure, you may notice the window cleaner starts to dry before you’ve finished the job. Another of our top window cleaning tips is to work on an overcast day when you won’t be fighting the sun.

If your windows look cloudy or dirty even after you have cleaned them, it may be time to replace your vinyl windows. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and check out high-quality vinyl windows from Window Nation, and contact us for a free estimate on your replacement windows today.

You know all those cleaning tasks that you have been putting off until spring, well guess what? Spring is just days away and it’s finally time to stop procrastinating and tackle the spring cleaning of your home! The pros at Window Nation want to make this year’s spring cleaning as easy as possible for you by providing you with 5 helpful interior spring cleaning tips and 5 exterior spring cleaning tips!

Since you have probably been cooped up in your home more than you would have liked due to winter weather, let’s first head outside.

Outdoor spring cleaning tips:

  1. Get your deck ready for relaxing and entertaining. Use an outdoor broom to brush off any leaves or other debris that may have built up (especially in the corners) over the winter. Replace flowerpots or other deck containers that you will soon fill with plants and flowers.
  2. Check your homes gutters; make sure that they are still securely fastened to your home. Clear out any debris that may have built up in them over the winter. Clean gutters insure that water is being properly directed from your home.
  3. Clean out your outdoor trash cans and get them smelling nice before the hot weather really hits. Empty all your outdoor trash cans, lay them on their side, squirt a little dish soap in them, hose them out, and allow them to air dry.
  4. Clean up the yard. Rake up and remove all the leaves, sticks, and other items that have blown into your yard over the winter. Rake out your garden beds and get them ready for planting.
  5. Dirt and mold can build up over the winter, dulling the appearance of your siding and creating a film on the outside of windows. Use a hose or pressure washer to clean your home’s siding and the exterior side of its windows.

Now that you’ve had some fresh air from doing some outdoor spring cleaning around your home, let’s head back inside. Before you get started inside save yourself some time by putting together a “cleaning caddy”. Place all the cleaning supplies you will use inside of it. Having everything in one portable spot will make the cleaning process go much smoother and save you on time.

Inside spring cleaning tips:

  1. The first task on your spring cleaning list should be to declutter your home, especially storage areas like closets, dressers, basements, and attics; you know all the places you have just been stuffing things you didn’t know what else to do with all winter. Donate and sell items that you no longer need or want and organize the rest.
  2. Now that things are organized it’s time to dust. A lot of dust can build up in your home- on shelves, in cupboards and drawers, along baseboards, and on walls. Spring is the perfect time of year to get out your favorite duster or even just a damp cloth and complete a thorough dusting of your home.
  3. Move couches, chairs and other large pieces of furniture (with help of course) and clean up underneath of and behind those items. Same goes for the areas behind large appliances found in kitchen and laundry areas; you will be amazed at how much dirt and debris you may find.
  4. Deep clean your carpets. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner of your own they can easily be rented. There is no better feeling than digging your toes into a clean feeling and fresh smelling carpet.
  5. Clean all the mirrors and windows found in your home. Your home’s windows are probably a bit dirtier than you even realize. Once they are deep cleaned you will be amazed how much more sunlight they allow into your home.

Along with being replacement window specialists, Window Nation also offers services to replace doors and siding on homes. For information about any of our quality services, contact us today!

Spring is officially a day away! What better way to celebrate than with a good spring clean! It’s time to rejuvenate your home. Let in some fresh air. Put away those winter clothes and say goodbye to snow. This is an exciting time of year, especially after a long winter. As the temperatures start to warm up, you can snow shovel for a garden shovel. Now’s the time, before the craziness of summer, to come out of hibernation and clean out your home. Take this time to reorganize your space, donate some items you no longer need and get your home back in shape for a fun spring and summer season.

Here are 5 tips to get you started on your spring cleaning spree:

  1. Wash those windows! It’s time to let the light in. Giving your windows a good wipe down is a great way to start your spring cleaning. While you clean them, you can let in some fresh air. Use a rubber edged squeegee to prevent streaks and let in the best amount of light.
  2. Deep clean your rugs! Rent or buy a rug shampooer to give your rugs a much needed deep clean. This is especially nice after the whole family has been stuck inside for months. You may be surprised at how much dirt is hidden away in your rug (especially if you have pets).
  3. Clean out your refrigerator! It’s time to take everything out of your refrigerator and wipe down the shelves. Rotate old and new items and check expiration dates. This may be a good time to start labeling leftovers so everyone knows when it was made.
  4. Organize your cleaning supplies and closet. This will set you up for success in your everyday cleaning routine. Have a bucket ready with weekly cleaning supplies ready to use. Use hooks and spring loaded clips to hook brooms and mops to the wall in your broom closet. Also, hang common tools within reach, like a hammer, flashlight and screwdriver.
  5. Organize your entryway for your family’s practical use. Make a common place to hang keys. Have a place to set the mail as well as a spot for boots and shoes. Bring out the spring attire and prepare for mud season.

These tips are just to help you get started. Spring cleaning should be customized to your home and family’s needs. Keep it fun and have the whole family pitch in and help.

Spring is a great time for a fresh start in your home. The temperatures are starting to warm up. You can let in some nice, fresh air. Clean out your closets, attics and basements. Prepare the summer gear and get ready to enjoy a beautiful summer. As you look around your home and make a list of things to clean, it may start to seem a little daunting. Do not panic. Take your time and go at a speed you can reasonably fit into your schedule. Do one room a week, if you need to. Make your list as thorough as you want to or as short as you need to. The whole point of spring cleaning is to give you and your home a fresh start. It should be an enjoyable event for you and your family.

Maybe even this year you are so excited to see spring around the corner that you can’t wait! You have to start your spring cleaning now. Here are a few tips for you early bird cleaners ready to jump in and get organized and clean.

  1. Clean Walls: Giving your painted walls a good wipe down can really make a difference. It may even surprise you how dirty they were in the first place. This is especially great in entry ways were dirt is frequently brought in.

  2. Clean Carpets: Here is your chance to rent one of those rug cleaning machines. Taking the time to really clean your carpets all the way through can make such a difference in your home. It may even help to eliminate some carpet odors for pets.

  3. Organize Attics and Basements: When it is still a little too chilly out to start any outdoors cleaning, it is a great time to work away at organizing and cleaning your attic or basement areas. Go through old boxes. Maybe eliminate a few items. Take your time and organize these spaces to gain better access to items all year.

  4. Rearrange Furniture: If you start your spring cleaning early, it is a great time to rearrange furniture in your home. This can make a room feel like a completely different area. If you start early, you have time to settle in and see if the new layout works or you can change it around again.

  5. Prepare for Mud Season: Starting your cleaning before spring means that you have time to prepare for spring. Bring out the mud boots and the boot placemat. Put up the signs about taking off your shoes at the door. Get the rain jackets and umbrellas out. Preparing for the muddy season can save you a lot of cleaning time in the middle of all the rain and mud.

Remember that spring cleaning is supposed to be fun and helpful for you and your family. So take your time and enjoy this fresh start.