The storm door is the unsung hero of most homes. Every day, it wages a battle against a sea of foes. Bravely fighting to protect you and your property from aggressors as small as a piece of dust and as large as a human. Isn’t it time we sang the praises of this silent warrior?

As small as a piece of dust? Your storm door protects your entry door from dust and debris every day. When wind swirls on your front porch, you storm door is there to keep your entry door safe. That means less scratches and dings to repair.

As large as a human? That’s right. That storm door is one more layer of protection against humans. If a burglar wants to break into your home, they have to go through your aluminum, fiberglass or wood screened door to get at your entry door.

Invisible threats? No problem. If you have a screened storm door it will protect your entry door from sun damage each and every day. Paint says more vibrant, and maintenance costs are reduced.

Protection against an army? You betcha! Your storm door protects your home against mosquitoes, flies, ants, bees, wasps, cockroaches, and a whole host of other pests. Don’t worry about leaving your entry door open; that storm door will let the breeze in and keep those pests out.

Two-way protection? This is where your storm door shines. In the summer it helps to keep more of the cool air conditioning in and the hot summer air out. In the winter it helps to keep your home toasty warm by holding heat in and keeping the bitter cold out. In fact, with a low-emissivity glass coating you can reduce energy loss by up to 50 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Your storm door is working every day to make your home safer and save you money. What would you do without it? You don’t have a storm door? No problem. Window Nation has an incredible selection of storm doors and all the information you need to decide which door is right for your home. Our experienced team can even help you navigate the complicated rules and regulations that some condos and neighborhood associations have regarding exterior architecture.

A storm door is an inexpensive addition that brings a ton of benefits to the table. After you get yours, it won’t be long before you’re singing its praises. Contact the pro’s here at Window Nation today and get started down the road to gaining and new hero in your home!


As summer comes to an end, the cool and crisp fall weather starts to settle in. You can feel it in the air and when the leaves finally start to change, it becomes painfully obvious that summer is over. During this time of year, it is wise to start preparing your home for winter. Window Nation, the window replacement company serving MD, VA, DC, and OH would like to offer you a few tips to help you get your home ready for the colder months.

  1. Check for areas in your home that may be allowing for drafts. To keep your home warm in the winter and save money on energy bills, you need tight fitting windows and doors. Brand new replacement windows that are professionally installed by Window Nation will help keep your heating bills low and keep your furnace from having to work overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

  2. Store your air conditioner in the basement or garage. You won’t need it for a few months, so making sure it is safely stored away until next year can keep it protected and avoid any damages that it may sustain during the winter.

  3. Install storm doors; energy efficient storm doors from Window Nation can offer insulation as well as protection for your home from the winter weather.

  4. Have your heating system checked. You’ll want to have annual maintenance services performed in the fall to make sure you don’t wake up to a freezing cold house in the middle of January.

  5. Go through your home to make sure that all heating ducts/vents are clean and dust free; make sure they are not blocked by furniture, carpeting or curtains.

  6. Have your fireplace or chimney cleaned. This should be done by a professional; you’ll want to have the chimney cleaner also check the damper to make sure it is tightly closed to prevent drafts.

  7. Make sure your gutters are clear. Remove leaves and other debris to keep the water draining correctly.

  8. Consider having your home re-sided with reinforced vinyl siding. The pros at Window Nation offer exceptional vinyl siding services; not only will new vinyl siding protect your home from the winter weather and add increased insulation, it will also give your home a fresh and beautiful new exterior that increases your home’s curb appeal.

Following these tips can help prepare your home for the harsh winter months. It is best to get started on these projects now, before the first leaves fall, so that you have plenty of time to complete these projects before the really chilly weather arrives!