Who or what can withstand the force of hurricane winds? Superman? Cement? Steel? The Hulk? Well, not much or anyone can truly withstand the force of hurricane winds. Considering the lowest wind speed of a hurricane is 74 mph! 74 mph is speeding in most speed zones in the United States. Now that’s fast!

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Hurricanes are rated on a scale called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. There are four criteria that are measured to classify a storm as to which category it is. The four areas are storm surge, damage level, pressure and wind speed.

Storm surge is defined as a rising of the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm. The storm surge can be very dangerous and destructive. We have all seen the pictures of sea and ocean water coming up onto streets and into houses where it doesn’t belong. It will literally pick cars, trucks and buildings up and move them around.Vinyl Siding On Home

Hurricanes have very low pressures. Areas of low pressure have high winds, warm temperatures and low levels of oxygen.

The damage level is directly related to all the other aspects of the hurricane. The higher the winds, the bigger the storm surge, the lower the pressure than the damage level increases.

Wind is also the very damaging and dangerous. The wind itself can lift up heavy objects and throw them around making them a hazard. Hurricane winds range from 74 mph and all the way up to 156 and over. Hurricane winds can rip siding off from buildings. Per the Federal Emergency Management Association, hurricane winds try to blow ‘under’ a building but hit the walls and then rip up it with immense force. This, more often than not, lifts the initial course at the base of the wall and then flips each course of siding as it travels quickly up the wall. This can be quite destructive to the siding and the building.

Here at Window Nation we offer high end quality vinyl siding for homes in Cleveland, Canton and throughout Ohio. Our vinyl siding is five times more rigid than other leading brands and has been tested to withstand category five hurricane winds! Our professionally trained vinyl siding installers also know all the correct procedures to install your siding to resist hurricane force winds.

The wind that blows through Cleveland and Ohio from hurricanes can be scary business. With the help of Window nation you can put your fear of losing your siding to rest. Call us today!


At Window Nation, we can help you prepare your house for winter with more than just new windows. We also install replacement doors and vinyl siding. Getting your home ready for winter isn’t always easy. Our friendly team of highly trained and licensed professionals can help you get things off to the right start. Our products, services and installation all come with a comprehensive warranty. Replacing the windows, doors and siding on your home may seem like a large task to prepare for winter. Having a reliable and durable exterior on your home for the winter months can save you money and keep you safe. Now is the time to start saving money on heating costs; this can be accomplished by making your home more energy efficient before the really cold weather gets here.

The Window Nation team is trained to help you with windows, doors and siding. Here are a few ways our team can help you update and prepare your home for winter.

  • Windows: We offer a variety of window styles to choose from. We have venting windows, sliding windows, double hung windows, bay or bow windows as well as wood and fiberglass windows. We have different colors to choose from to fit your style. Most importantly, we offer different types of energy efficient windows. We have Extreme Low E windows, Ultra Triple Pane windows, Ultimate Triple Pane windows, Solar Ban 70XL windows, Super Spacer windows and Laminated Glass windows. Our team will take the time to make sure you are getting the proper energy efficient windows to fit your home and budget. These new energy efficient windows will help you save on your monthly heating costs all year.
  • Doors: We offer four different types of doors for your home. There are entry doors, French doors, sliding doors and storm doors. Replacing and upgrading the doors in your home will help you keep your home more energy efficient and easier to heat throughout the cold winter months. We are ready to help you find the perfect door to fit your home and keep you snug as a bug all winter long.
  • Vinyl Siding: Having a tough exterior layer on your home helps your home hold the heat in during the winter. Vinyl siding is becoming the most popular choice for siding. It is weather proof, durable, long lasting, easy to maintain and stylish. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit your home. Adding this extra layer of durability to your home will help make your home more energy efficient and comfortable this winter. Our team will help you go over the many vinyl siding options to find what is right for you.

Give us a call today! At Window Nation, we want to help you stay cozy and safe this winter season. Let us help you get started on preparing your home for winter while saving you money on your heating and cooling bills year-round.

For some of us, hurricanes are one of the seasons of the year. We have winter, mud, spring, hurricane, summer, and fall. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November, with the peak of activity being from mid-August to late October. Hurricane season actually encompasses spring, summer and parts of fall.

Preparing for hurricanes can be an involved and multifaceted topic. Hurricanes affect so many different areas of our lives that thinking about damage minimization and preparation can seem overwhelming.

Hurricanes can pack a double punch. They bring with them severe high winds and a lot of rain. Picking up ocean water as they travel along and storing it until it makes landfall. Once the storm hits land, it starts to quickly dump all its water. This fast and furious rain fall has the potential for floods, flash floods, rock slides, and coastal erosion.

Strong winds is the other major part of a hurricanes double punch. With winds upwards of 119 mph these forceful storms can literally uproot and remove stationary objects, making them into flying projectiles. The wind combined with the driving rain makes visibility all but zero.

F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Association) has a printable hurricane preparedness list and tips on their website; click here.

Some of these steps and suggestions are:

  • Subscribe to a weather alert service to stay as current as possible to any weather changes and alerts.
  • Communicate with your family regarding you plan and prevention tips.
  • Educate your family about all the dangers that a hurricane can pose.
  • Know your area and all the possible flood threats and evacuation routes.
  • Check your home for loose siding, shingles or trim boards and secure or replace any that may easily become detached during a storm.
  • Check all window and doors to be sure that all latches, security locks and parts are working properly. Repair or replace any that need it.
  • Consider building a ‘safe room’.
  • Assemble an emergency storm kit/stash that includes such things as batteries, lamps, water, non-perishable food, medical supplies and anything else that you need to survive for three days if necessary.
  • Be sure that your home’s roof is securely attached to the frame with steel anchoring ‘hurricane clips’.
  • Trim trees and shrubs.
  • Clean all gutters and water drainage systems.


When a storm is heading your way here are few tips to help ready your family,home and property:

  • Protect windows and glass doors by covering with ⅝” thick plywood or exterior shutters.
  • Make sure all family members are in communication with each other and wearing current I.D.’s.
  • Fill vehicle’s gas tank.
  • Follow and listen to all public service safety announcements.

Remember, that a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning are two distinctly different terms. A watch means that the onset of hurricane conditions is possible within 36 hours and warning means that the window of time has dropped down to 24 hours.

Hurricanes can be a scary and deadly force to reckon with. Help keep your family and property more safe by making and following a proper hurricane preparation plan.

The weather forecast has been pretty harsh in recent weeks for parts of the east coast and though Hurricane Sandy has moved on, other storms will come including potential nor’easters this winter. It’s not too late to prepare your home for severe weather. Window Nation provides energy efficient replacement windows that will not only keep your home warmer during the winter, but safer from inclement weather.

Did you know that our windows can withstand serious storms including hurricanes and inclement winter weather? It’s true; the windows installed by our team of professionals will protect you from:

  • wind speeds of up to 203 miles per hour

  • rain and snow coming inside

  • debris that may blow around with storms

  • cold spots in the home

  • increase in utility bills when it’s freezing outside

Winter can be a tough time of the year and with the increasing cost of utilities, homeowners everywhere are looking for a solution that will help them to save money on heating costs during the winter. And if you are still living with drafty windows that literally suck the heat out, then it is time to consider how window replacements will save you money and keep your family safe when the severe weather strikes.

Even better is that all of the window installations are also backed by Window Nation’s insurance coverage and warranty so that you are never left wondering whether or not your replacement windows were worth it.

For homes in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, and the Carolinas including Charlotte, if you would like to learn how to protect your home from strong weather with Window Nation’s durable and efficient windows, then please contact us today. Before the next storm hits, now is the time to be prepared!