During the warm, sunny weather of spring, summer, and early fall it is easy to stick with your healthy habits. There are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in, farmers markets to get fresh fruits and vegetables from, and lots of daylight to fit everything in. However, as the days become shorter the gardens stop producing, cookies start baking, and the temperatures drop – and so do many of our healthy habits. However, with some tips and a little bit of planning and perseverance you can make sure that during the colder winter months you can remain healthy and active!

At Window Nation we want to help out by providing you with 5 tips to help you stay healthy when the temperatures drop.

  1. Eat in moderation. With all the upcoming holidays, it can be very easy to throw your healthy eating habits out the window, but, as the common phrase states, “everything in moderation”. It is fine to indulge in the occasional treat, but remember to make a conscious choice to eat a healthy balanced diet that includes a wide variety of seasonal fruits and veggies on a daily basis.
  2. Stay social. Meeting friends and family is easy when the weather is warmer and there are a lot of activities to do. During the colder months, we tend to stay inside more and not socialize as much. Plan outings and activities to help keep away the winter blues and to continue to be active.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. The days are shorter so take advantage by going to bed earlier, even if it is only by half an hour. A well-rested body is more resistant to illness.
  4. Find a new indoor workout routine. You don’t have to purchase any expensive pieces of workout equipment to stay healthy and active during the winter months. Take up yoga, Zumba, or look up one of the many different indoor cardio workout plans that can be found all on the internet.
  5. Get outside. On the days when it is warm enough, bundle up in layers and head outside, even if it is just to take the dog for a walk around the block. Get outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the crisp air!

We hope that these tips have helped. Remember, just because the cooler weather is coming doesn’t mean that your healthy habits need to hibernate. Eat well, exercise, spend time with friends and family, and stay healthy so you can enjoy these upcoming cold weather months!