It’s finally time, and you are so excited! You have been dreaming and planning of this since you bought your house 10 years ago. You knew that your home really needed new windows, but you also knew that it may take time before you could do it. Well, that time is now. Reflecting back on the last ten years you start to double check your list and be sure that you haven’t missed anything.

Design and Style:

The old wood single hung windows that are in this house have some traditional style value, but they sure don’t look good nor are they energy efficient. Not to mention you can barely operate the warped old sashes up and down. You have decided to replace the existing single units throughout the house with replacement double hung units. Being able to open the top sash for venting and the tilt in cleaning features are both amazing! Yes, double hung it is, except over there in the breakfast nook. Those four windows are going to be replaced by a beautiful bay window! That bay is going to open up that little nook so much! And over there, in the parlor, that big picture window is going to be replaced by a bow window. Choosing a bow for that spot over another picture window means that you’ll be able to open it up for venting but still will have all that wonderful natural lighting, and can’t you just see the plants sitting on the window sill? Plus, the curve of the bow will soften all the strong lines in that square room. Yea, most surely a bow will go perfectly there! Don’t forget the new half round picture window that is being put in the entryway to brighten up that space. Such a subtle yet fun way to open up a small space and add some natural light! Yes, you have considered design and style and these are just a few of the windows! Don’t get daydreaming again about the combination unit that is going in the master bedroom with the trapezoid and the sidelights over the venting awning, it’s all so exciting!

Installation and Warranty:

Designing which windows are going where and choosing style are crucial. Then there was the question of which window manufacturer to choose and who exactly would do the installation. Well, after researching all the major national brands, the obvious choice was a local company with a top of the line window that is locally manufactured and comes with a no worry “Lifetime Plus” warranty. With Window Nation, this part was easy. Their product is superior and their installation and service are outstanding. They have been a dream to work with. You were able to show them your ideas of changing things around; and they were open, honest, and helpful. They offered an expert view and opinion to your thoughts. They were and are most certainly your partner in this project. Window Nation sales and installation was and is most definitely the best choice.

There it is! Ten years of preparation. The design, the product, the installation, the warranty, the financing, yes they offer financing options as well, so why would I choose anyone else?

Here at Window Nation, we are proud to say that we can be your partner with every step of the window replacement project process. We can get you from design to finish with financing offered by Wells Fargo Financing National Bank with approved credit.

Go from start to finish with Window Nation.

The care and upkeep of a home is an ongoing process. Improvements need to be made from time to time as things deteriorate or wear out. One of the greatest improvements you can make on your home is replacing the windows throughout the house. There are times that the need for new windows is very obvious. In other situations, the windows may still look new and modern but lack efficiency and should be replaced.

While there are many good contractors, there are also those who cut corners with both installation and choices of product. Cheap windows are exactly that…poor quality and very inefficient. Remember, they may look new but still lack the energy efficiency needed.

Many great things begin with no more than a dream. At an early age, Harley and Aaron Magden knew that their calling was to specialize in home improvement. They realized that everyone has the right to make choices. They knew that, to earn someone’s business, you would have to prove that you deserved that opportunity. Years later, Window Nation still seeks to guide each homeowner through every step of home improvements.

Window Nation is the leading choice for replacement windows and stands ready to help you with the proper choices of vinyl windows to suit your needs and stay within your budget. There are many choices of windows from popular double hung windows to sliders, bow windows, and even specialty shaped windows. The style and appearance, though an important consideration, is just one choice to make. The glass choices are many. More than 40% of the annual energy budget is consumed by heating and cooling. Again, there are many choices of glass from double pane extreme Low-E glass to ultimate triple pane glass. You can also consider Solarban 70XL to protect your home furnishings by blocking 99.97% of all harmful ultraviolet light. Your Window Nation professional will guide you through each option.

Regardless of the quality of product, proper installation is of utmost importance. Each Window Nation team has a factory trained installation master’s certified installer. The installer will do a complete walk-through, explaining the entire process while determining if there are any specific needs or requirements. Window Nation doesn’t just want to sell replacement windows; the goal is to provide a stress-free installation experience as well. Upon completion of the replacement process, a final walk-through will be done with the homeowner to ensure 100% satisfaction. The entire site will be thoroughly cleaned and every question will be answered. The first and most important step toward stress-free replacement windows is to contact Window Nation!

The rectangle is a great shape. It is simple, elegant, and popular; and its popularity also makes it less expensive. If you're looking to get replacement windows for your home, the rectangle might be the perfect choice, especially since you're probably going to be looking to fill the rectangular holes your old windows used to occupy, but what if you want something different? What if you want to add an arc of windows above those old rectangles to give the front of your home character? What if you want a window with the point at the top? Or, how about a porthole window? What if the spot where you're looking to add a window would look much more interesting with a triangle? What then? Don't worry. We have the answer.

At Window Nation, we don't just sell and install windows; we're also a window manufacturer. If you want octagon windows, we can make that happen. If you want a quarter arch, that's no problem. If you fancy having circle tops on all your windows, we can do that too. We'll work with you to get the right specialty window shapes that will make those areas stand out.

You would be amazed at what custom window shapes can do to bring your home to life. A line of tall, thin windows rounded at the top not only brings more light into your living spaces, but they also create an exciting architectural flair that may brighten your day as well. Triangular windows can fill the space all the way up to your roofline and make an interior room feel open and full of life. An octagon may be just the thing to add charm on the outside and a little more light on the inside. Whatever room you're looking to accent, custom shaped windows will add the perfect touch of flair and character.

Not only are specialty shaped windows from Window Nation beautiful, they are durable and energy efficient. You might pay a little more up front, but you're not going to have to keep paying for those windows year after year. Specialty shaped windows from Window Nation will keep the heat in during the long, cold winters and keep the cool air in when summer temperatures skyrocket because they are Energy Star certified and built to last a long time.

Check out our window gallery and see if you can find the specialty windows we have featured there. When you do, you'll quickly see why our customers love them. Nothing adds character like custom shaped windows from Window Nation.

If you'd like to start a conversation that will end with your home being more exciting than it has ever been, reach out to us and learn more about specialty shaped windows from Window Nation.

Winter is almost over and spring is just ahead. Are you ready to say goodbye to those old, drafty windows? Are you ready to enter a new season of life where you don’t have to climb a step ladder a few dozen times to staple plastic to the outside of your windows every fall? Are you ready to stop fumbling with double sided tape and unmanageable sheets of thin plastic to seal up the interior of all your windows? Whether you put plastic on the outside or the inside, we’re sure you can agree, it is a pain. It also doesn’t entirely fix the problem. That cold winter air can still get in, and all your expensive heat can still leak out. And, if you don’t do anything, you really feel it. The winter wind can blow through a leaky window like it isn’t even there, and they can have a major impact on your energy bills. Is it time for a change?

Here are some of the immediate benefits you get from a window replacement:

  • New technologies. Old windows are exactly that, old. Window technologies have made incredible advancements. There has never been a better time to get new windows. Your new windows will be better in every way.
  • Comfort. With new Extreme Low-E coating, your new windows will resist heat transfer. That means it will stay warmer in your home during the winter and cooler during the summer. Some of our customers have even noticed the difference before our installers have left their home. It can be an instant and amazing change to the interior comfort of living spaces.
  • Saving. Extreme Low-E coating and Double or Triple Panes of glass means lower energy bills. This is an investment that pays for itself. And, we’re sure you will agree, life is a whole lot sweeter when you’re not heating the outdoors.
  • Convenience. Some of our windows come with technologies that allow for easier cleaning, even on windows above the first floor of your home. All you have to do is swing the windows in, clean them, and swing them back out.
  • Ambience. New windows can also bring in more light and add more color. When you invest in new bays or bows, you create a more enjoyable space inside and a better view of your yard.
  • More space. Bays or bows can give you a shelf or sitting space you didn’t have before, and a garden window can give you a spot to showcase plants, herbs, and ornaments.
  • Happiness for years to come. When you get windows through Window Nation, we have some of the best warranties in the business. On windows that we manufacture and install we can even give a Lifetime Plus warranty, which means that your windows are guaranteed for the life of your home and for 15 years for the next homeowner, if you ever choose to sell.

When you are ready to take the next step, reach out and talk to one of our agents here on our website. We would love to show you how much of a difference new windows can make. Choose Window Nation, and choose the best.

It is that wonderful time of year again when the deep greens and blues of summer give way to the gorgeous vibrant colors of fall.  The days are crisp and comfortable leaving the hazy, hot, humid, sticky days of summer as a distant memory. The harvest is about to reach its peak with apples, pumpkins, squash, and corn galore.  It is also that time of year when our light fabrics of white and pastel get stored away, and we bring out the heavier materials of red, orange, yellow and browns.  We break out our designer boots, and decorative scarves, sweaters and sweatshirts for a fashionable fall look as we spend the afternoons picking apples and bringing in the last of the fruits from our crops before winter hits.  The house is filled with the smells of nutmeg, cinnamon, and apples as fall baking ramps up and tummies are full of fruity treats and vegetables beyond measure.
With all of this hustle and bustle we also seem to find the time to break out our new fall decor.  This year the window dressings are full of color and texture.  Patterns are definitely in, especially the patterns containing falling leaves & twigs.  Be sure to compliment your fall drapes with an attractive valance. Orange, yellow, brown, and maroon add richness and elegance to any window or entry way.  A small display of hay, pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks can add warmth to your foyer and give a comfortable invitation to your guests.  Floral arrangements with deep autumn colors also add depth and style.  Those planters with mums of various fall colors add beauty to any front porch or front stoop.
Also, as the days begin to shorten and the evenings fall way too soon, candles are used to create a warm, happy ambiance.  Candle scents such as pumpkin spice, cranberry, and apple cinnamon only add elegance and comfort as they glitter and dance in the evening twilight.  Fall is not only the preparation time for winter, but also a deep, fresh breath of relaxation before the work of ice and cold begins.  It truly is a glorious season!
While you are up on that ladder attaching your fall decorations, it is a great opportunity to inspect your doors and windows for signs of wear.  If you find that your windows have become drafty and drab, or if they have aged to the point that allows fog and moisture to be trapped between the panes it may be time to replace them.  Here at Window Nation, we have the latest styles in energy efficient windows at great prices.  Our triple pane options add beauty and elegance while offering the highest level of energy efficient savings.  Give us a call today and begin your home fall face lift.  Stay warm on those upcoming blustery days while saving money on your heating costs by having those beautiful new windows installed today.

This is actually not an easy question to just answer. There are some things that play into this answer that can alter the final amount greatly. Here are some of the areas that affect the answer to this questions.

Window style. There are numerous vinyl window styles to choose from:

  • Double Hung

  • Awning

  • Casement

  • Picture

  • Bay or Bow

  • Sliders

Each style has its own particular hardware and operational systems. Some have no hardware, while others have two or more locking and hinging mechanisms. All of these things weigh in on their price.

Window size. Size does matter when it comes to price. The larger the window, that more glass, frame material and trim is used to manufacture it. So, in turn the price will increase.

The amount of work to replace them. This is truly a window by window designation. Some windows will come out easily and be replaced easily, while other will take more time and possibly material to complete. There may be underlying issues with the wall surrounding the window opening that time and materials to remedy.

Lead testing may be a factor. Older homes need to be tested for lead exposure before our crews start work. There are national protocols that we need to adhere to when lead is involved. This may increase the time, material and cost of each window.

The other common part of a window replacement job is the cleanup and disposable. We will make every effort to do a complete and quick clean-up of your home or business after the windows are installed. We will take care of all aspects of clean up and disposal of any and all job site materials.

Throwing a number or price at the question, “How much do replacement windows cost” would be easy, but inaccurate. With so many different details to consider it is almost impossible. Here at Window Nation we want to be honest, accurate and up front with everything that is involved in replacing your windows. Please contact us today so that we can give you YOUR price. The price that meets your needs and desires. This is the only price that you should be concerned with.

If you’ve been looking for a way to lighten up a room in your home, we think garden windows are a good way to go! Many people like to tackle a new home improvement project in the spring, so now would be a good time to start planning your new garden window from the window installation experts at Window Nation.

You’re probably wondering what a garden window is. A quick Pinterest search finds many creative ideas for making window boxes and growing seedlings in your windows to create a kind of ‘greenhouse’ effect. However, these are do-it-yourself projects and never look very professional. True garden windows are installed by window installation experts and will provide a bright and sunny area, perfect for growing plants on your window sill all year long! A garden window resembles a bay window, but with panes of glass all around; these windows really do resemble a mini-greenhouse! They offer plenty of daylight and ventilation to create the perfect environment for plants, even in the middle of winter. Now that spring is here, wouldn’t it be a great time to have one of these windows installed in your home to prepare you for NEXT winter? We know, it’s too early to be thinking about next winter already, but if you don’t plan now, you might miss out on a great opportunity to have one of these gorgeous windows installed in your home.

Garden windows are fantastic for a couple of reasons. Along with creating a space to let your indoor garden grow, they also can increase the sunlight in any room. A lot of folks like to have them installed right above their kitchen sink. This is a great place to have extra light, especially if you like to daydream out the window while doing the dishes. These windows can be energy efficient too! The glass panes are insulated and they have a low U factor, which means they are resistant to heat flow, keeping warm air in during the winter and hot air out during the summer. Energy efficient windows can save you money on your heating and cooling bills, which means that over time, these windows will pay for themselves!

Don’t delay- the experts of window replacement in Virginia at Window Nation start to get pretty busy this time of year. Many people are planning their spring home improvement projects now, so make sure you give us a call to plan your new garden window. You could also stop by one of our showrooms to see the many window options we offer for Virginia homes. Spring is here- time to enjoy that warm weather and plan your garden window home improvement project today!

For more information on replacement windows, doors and siding from the team at Window Nation, contact us today!