Most homeowners look to replace their windows in the Fall to keep their home warm in the winter; however, replacement windows also offer benefits to your home in the summer. Energy usage often spikes during the summer months because your air conditioner is working harder to keep your home cool. Small changes, like installing a programmable thermostat and using ceiling fans to keep temperatures cool offer temporary solutions; however, consider replacing your windows for a more long-term solution. No matter the season, replacement windows will keep your home comfortable year-round.

Why Replace Your Windows in the Summer?

Summer is a perfect time to replace your old, drafty windows with energy efficient windows. Modern windows offer premium energy efficient features to keep the cool air inside your home. Choose from energy efficient vinyl or wood windows, each available in a variety of glass options to keep your home well-insulated. Older windows often come standard with single-pane glass, leaving your home poorly insulated. Consider upgrading to double pane or triple pane glass for better energy efficiency. For the best value, we recommend double pane windows with two panes of glass to keep your home comfortable year-round. However, if you’re looking for maximum energy efficiency, consider triple pane glass which has three panes of glass, blocking 90% of harmful UV rays.

Our window glass is also coated in two layers of Low-E silver oxide coatings for maximum energy efficiency. No matter the style you choose, all Window Nation windows are Energy Star certified, keeping your energy bills low no matter the season.

How will Replacement Windows Help My Home?

Your air conditioner works overtime in the summer to keep your home cool – installing replacement windows will eliminate drafts, keeping the cool air from your air conditioner inside your home. While you may enjoy the cool air in the moment, consider the impact on your energy bills. Cooling costs significantly increase in the summer, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Replacement windows will boost your home’s energy efficiency by eliminating drafts and protecting your home from damaging UV rays.

The benefits extend further than simply eliminating drafts. Let your air conditioner rest on cool summer nights and open your windows – you’ll appreciate the difference turning your AC off for just a few hours will make. Be sure to keep your window coverings closed during the day to prevent the cool air from escaping.

Ready to Start a Home Improvement Project this Summer?

Get relief from the summer heat by replacing your old, drafty windows with modern replacement windows from Window Nation. You’ll enjoy energy efficient benefits that extend beyond the summer months. If you’re looking for a total home makeover, we offer replacement siding and doors to keep your home insulated year-round. All our products are Energy Star certified, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re saving money on your energy bills for years to come.

If you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule an in-home estimate today. Our team will meet with you to discuss your project, providing a quote good for up to six months. To learn more about our energy efficient replacement windows and to schedule your appointment, visit

Air leaks from old windows can make your home feel drafty and lead to high utility bills. Replacing old windows with vinyl windows is a cost-effective way to preserve both your comfort and your home's value. Learn what to look for in a vinyl replacement window with our vinyl window buying guide.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a cost-efficient way to replace drafty windows and improve the value of your home, with a much lower price point than wood windows. Vinyl windows are maintenance-free once installed and they come in a wide range of colors.

Wondering “how long do vinyl windows last”? They hold up for 30 years on average.

Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows Features

Vinyl windows are also highly energy efficient. A few of the top desired energy efficient features include:

  • Argon gas insertion - Filling the space between the panes of glass with argon gas, an inert substance, decreases air transfer between the panes of glass. This means more energy efficiency and more comfort in the home.
  • Low-E glass - Low-E glass, which stands for low-emissivity, blocks UV rays without affecting light. Since the sun's rays are reflected back into the atmosphere, your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Triple-pane glass - The more panes of glass in your window, the more energy-efficient. Replace old single-pane windows with double or triple-pane glass to start saving money every month.
  • Fade protection - If you've ever had furniture fade from high sun exposure, then you know how harmful UV rays can be. Fade protection coating bounces UV rays back to the environment so you get all the benefits of natural light with no fading.

The Energy Star designation indicates windows that have significant energy saving benefits. By choosing Energy Star windows, you can maximize the value and ROI of replacement windows.

Vinyl Windows Styles

You'll find vinyl windows available in all the common window types, including:

Double-hung windows are a good all-purpose window for most applications. They tilt inward, which makes cleaning a snap.

Bay and bow windows can let in a great amount of light and call attention to your home. They work well for greenhouses, reading nooks, and other decorative features.

Casements are a good idea for locations where it's not easy to reach over and open the window, such as a laundry room or over the kitchen sink.

Sliding windows are easy to operate; all you do is slide them horizontally. They are a good choice for windows that are wider than they are tall, such as basement windows.

Specialty windows can be custom-made in any size or shape, allowing you to replace historically significant or artistic windows with something that's not drafty.

While many homeowners simply replace the windows they have with an energy-efficient window of the same style, you can also change it up to accommodate your tastes or your home's unique architectural features. Once you've identified a supplier, ask them about any style of window that interests you to decide what's right.

Vinyl Window Manufacturers

Replacement windows are a big expense, and they will hold up for decades as long as they were properly made and correctly installed. For this reason, it is key that you find a reputable window manufacturer and installer.

Look for a manufacturer that has a proven track record of success through testimonials from satisfied customers and a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. Many customers feel it's important to support local businesses, so you might want to find a window manufacturer that's family-owned and operated and makes products locally.

The vinyl window warranty is very important with a high-value purchase like a window. Read the fine print with any vinyl replacement window to see what type of warranty the manufacturer offers.

Find a Contractor for Vinyl Window Installation

Once you find the right product, look for a licensed professional to install the windows. If the windows aren't properly installed, the manufacturer may not honor their warranty. The right contractor will have references, a strong work history of window installation, and a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor.

Don't rush into replacing your old windows. Take the time to understand the different features of energy efficient vinyl windows, determine your budget for replacement windows, and find reputable service providers. You will reap the benefits of this home improvement for 30 years.

At Windows Nation, we know that picking out new windows is a huge investment for a homeowner of both time and money. Your home is the biggest investment that you will most likely ever make. Investing now in new windows can not only help protect the value of your home, but it will also help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our windows are made from quality products right here in the United States. Our vinyl windows can be custom made to fit your style and the specific needs of your home. Thanks to our strong partnership with Pella, we can also custom design wood windows for you for that authentic feel to your classic home if that is your preference. With our Lifetime Plus guarantee you can be assured of our promise that your windows will be made to fit and made to last.

Some people are afraid that custom made windows are too expensive. Windows Nation has several different styles and plans that fit any budget. Our custom windows are made right here, which helps us keep costs down for our customers. All of our windows are made to be energy efficient which will keep your future heating and cooling costs down for years to come. Call us for a free in-home estimate and let us show you how you can have the windows you always wanted at a price that you can afford.

From start to finish, our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service. We know that your time is valuable. From picking out your particular designs to ordering, financing, and installation, our staff will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible. Our staff is on hand to answer questions, take measurements, and show you how your new windows are going to improve your lifestyle. Before you know it, your new windows will be installed by our expert team, and you can get back to the things that are important to you in your life.

Whether you are looking to replace your windows with the same style that you have always loved or you want to go for an entirely new look, Windows Nation is here to make sure that you are matched with just the right windows for you. Call our expert staff today and get started on making your dream home even better.

Have you been thinking of getting a facelift for your home? Vinyl siding is definitely a great way to go. That is why we’ve made it a large part of our business. But there are a few things you should consider before you get your checkbook out.

Pros And Cons Of Going With Vinyl Siding

  • Some things that are a pro for one person can be a con for another, like periodic painting. If you enjoy changing the color of your house whenever you feel like it, vinyl may not be the right choice for you. But, being able to paint your house whenever you feel like it comes with a downside. If you don’t paint every 5 years, you’re going to have to look at a home that is losing its color, and chipping. While you won’t be able to paint your vinyl siding, you will enjoy years of vibrant color that will require very little elbow grease to keep it looking beautiful.

  • Extreme cold weather can sometimes make vinyl siding brittle, and this can be an issue for some. But when you consider the price of vinyl compared to fiber cement, the lower cost more than makes up the difference in durability. And, when compared to wood, vinyl siding may not be as impervious to cold damage, but the insulated backing that comes with vinyl siding does a much better job of keeping all that extreme cold out, and all the warmth in. Besides these differences, vinyl is also inexpensive and easy to fix when siding is damaged.

  • Insect damage is an issue every homeowner should keep in mind. When it comes to resisting insects, vinyl beats wood every time.

  • When it comes to combating mold and rot, vinyl is the most inexpensive option available to outperform wood.

  • Siding can fade over time, but vinyl can be made to resist color fade. At Window Nation, we use a process that makes colors go all the way through the panels. This keeps them looking vibrant, year after year.

  • There was a time when vinyl couldn’t compete against the aesthetics of wood but that is not longer the case. Vinyl has come a long way. It is now even accepted for use on many historical buildings.

If you’re looking for a low cost, low maintenance, mold and bug resistant, insulated siding that is easy to put on and easy to fix, you don’t have to look any further than vinyl. Speak with one of our knowledgeable online representatives today and find out how vinyl can help you reduce the cost of maintaining your home, without compromising the beauty.

There are many different window types and manufacturers to choose from. Shopping for windows can be a bit overwhelming. There are some key things to focus on when choosing a window supplier. Here at Window Nation in the Delaware Valley we believe that we hold all the keys to being the best choice for windows in the Delaware Valley.

Our vinyl replacement windows are custom made to your specifications. This includes style, size and color. Our windows are manufactured in our factory with state of the art modern precision equipment. Precision equipment means that we can set it to make windows perfectly the first time, every time. This ensures an impeccable fit at your home. No messing around with waiting for re-orders due to wrong sizes or mis-manufactured windows.

Our family owned and operated company employs some of the best and most knowledgeable window professionals in the business. We have been in the window supply business as a family for over 20 years. We take pride in employing, training and keeping the best crews in the window installation field.

Don’t take just our word for it. Here’s what a few of our satisfied window customers in the Delaware Valley had to say about Window Nation:

“I was most satisfied with Window Nation’s overall ability to get the windows in quickly and get them completed.” – Collegeville, PA 4/03/2015

“Everything was wonderful from beginning to end. I could only get 2 windows right now, but rest assured when I’m ready for my next windows, I’ll be getting them from Window Nation!” – Donna S. of Philadelphia, PA 4/03/2015

“They were extremely professional, both with marketing and with installation. Whenever I had a question they were extremely helpful. I have already recommended the company!” – Alexis R. of Philadelphia, PA 3/31/2015

For more reviews, please visit

When it comes to choosing the right replacement windows for your home or business, there are a multitude of options to choose from. Typically, the most sought after windows are made from either vinyl or fiberglass, so while there may be many styles, colors and energy efficient options to choose from, your first decision should be choosing between vinyl windows and fiberglass windows. There are pros to choosing each type of window, but we’d like to break it down for you to help you make the decision process a little easier! Here is what you need to know about these windows:

Vinyl Windows

Windows made with vinyl are durable and reliable. When it comes to keeping them clean and working correctly, they also very require very little maintenance. Vinyl windows are easy to operate and are natural insulators, helping to keep your home comfortable all year round. They can be customized to fit your home perfectly in both style and design and are easy to install. Vinyl windows are also very energy efficient, keeping heated or cooled air in your home, while keeping the exterior weather out, which can help you to save money on your energy bills throughout the year. Vinyl windows are also an excellent investment; new windows can increase the value of your home and they will last you for many years to come.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows offer the perfect combination of durability, beauty and performance for your home or your business. These windows have added strength and are designed to withstand major weather events. Fiberglass windows stand up to the sun’s damaging UV rays and during storms, they can withstand impacts and scratches. If you live near the sea, fiberglass windows are a great choice because they can withstand the salty sea air! These windows are also energy efficient, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills. Fiberglass windows require very little maintenance and some types of these windows resemble high quality painted wood windows and don’t have the shiny look of vinyl.


Still confused as to which types of window to choose? The professionals at Window Nation can help you decide exactly what window type would be better for your home and your particular needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our company, our windows and our services and to decide what type of replacement windows you need for your home.

City Biz List
April 27, 2012

HuntersvilleWindow Nation, one of the nation’s top remodelers based on national rankings, is expanding its showroom in Huntersville.

The new 2,500-square-foot showroom, at 15905 Brookway Drive, Suite 4104 in Huntersville, features name-brand vinyl, fiberglass and wood windows in settings that simulate the interior and exterior walls of a home, so buyers can see how the windows look once installed. The company offers thousands of options for replacement windows to ensure all customers can find windows that meet their needs.

“In the midst of a tough economy, we’re finding Charlotte-area homeowners are still paying attention to their homes’ upkeep and value,” says Window Nation President Harley Magden. “Windows that improve energy efficiency have been especially good sellers in this market.”

For customers who prefer in-home demonstrations, Window Nation specialists bring samples directly to the home, giving customers a realistic view of how the windows will appear in their own setting. The company also carries an impressive variety of siding and doors. To request a free estimate, customers can visit

Ninety-one percent of customers who have completed Window Nation’s post-installation survey have said they would refer the company to friends and family. Window Nation ranks 20th on Replacement Contractor’s Replacement 100 List of the 100 largest companies in the home improvement industry, and 28th on Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 list of the nation’s top 500 remodelers ranked by revenue.

Window Nation, headquartered in Baltimore, was founded by brothers Harley and Aaron Magden after working for years in their father’s window business. The company operates in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and is a member of the Charlotte Better Business Bureau. Learn more at or call 704-816-1720.


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