How did vinyl become the most popular choice for replacement windows?

Vinyl windows have actually been with us since the late 1950s. When a post-war Germany was looking to rebuild, vinyl answered the call for reliable, inexpensive building material. State-side, vinyl windows caught on during the big housing boom of the 1990s. Now it’s one of the most popular options out there.


Here’s why:

#1 Vinyl replacement windows are durable.

Simply put, vinyl windows withstand the test of time and climate/weather better than other options. While wood windows can rot, aluminum windows can oxidize, and fiberglass tends to come apart in the corners, vinyl windows can endure all kinds of weather. It’s the clear winner — vinyl is heat, water, and UV resistant.

#2 Vinyl windows are energy efficient.

If you’ve got older windows, you could be losing as much as 40% of your annual heating and cooling costs to drafts. When you upgrade to vinyl, you’ll save money every month on your bills.

Vinyl is a terrific insulator and prevents extreme outdoor temperatures from affecting your indoor temperatures. If you go a step further and combine vinyl with Low-E coated double- or triple-pane glass options, you’re looking at windows that will keep your monthly energy bills low and your family comfortable year-round.

#3 Vinyl windows help with soundproofing.

Vinyl doesn’t just insulate temperature — it insulates sound. If you live in a loud neighborhood or along a major road, you’ll be thankful for the sound-reducing capabilities that vinyl offers. Reducing noise pollution indoors is often the key to real peace of mind and can significantly improve the tranquility of your home.

#4 Vinyl windows offer great options for customization.

Designers and architects love the flexibility that vinyl allows. You can leave your frame the traditional white or look at a wide range of color options. And if you absolutely love the look of wooden windows, consider texturized vinyl windows instead. They’re an excellent low-price dupe that offers greater durability than wood.

#5 Vinyl windows are cost-efficient.

If you’re a business-minded homeowner who’s eager to get out the calculator and crunch numbers on ROI, then you’ll quickly figure out that window replacement is one of the smartest home investments you can make. Because vinyl windows cost less to manufacture, they’re generally the most budget-friendly option as far as up-front costs go— not to mention those home energy savings in the long term!

#6 Vinyl windows are the low-maintenance option.

When you choose vinyl, you can basically forget about your windows for the next twenty years. Unlike other window materials, vinyl doesn’t require repainting. Additionally, since vinyl is the same color from surface to interior, it won’t show scratches and nicks. You’ve got enough to do around your house — go low maintenance with vinyl windows.

#7 Window Nation’s vinyl windows come with unbeatable warranties.

All Window Nation windows come with excellent warranties. Depending on the window you choose, we cover both the labor of installation and the window itself. Your warranty is also transferable if you sell the home, which is a great perk for buyers if you are thinking of putting your home on the market. Renovating your home is stressful enough — you deserve to partner with a company that’s got your back.

Request a free Window Nation quote today, and see what kind of benefits you’ll get from installing new vinyl windows.