Have you ever noticed how kids love to dress in shorts in the winter and pants in the summer? It just seems impractical and out of place. Just like having heavy, winter drapes dressing your windows during the hot, sultry days of summer seem impractical and out of place. The right thickness, texture, and even colors can make a difference in keeping your home looking fresh, vibrant, attractive, and inviting.

Some of the hottest new trends in window dressings will give your home that care-free summer feel as the south breezes blow through. So what’s hot and what’s not this year? I’m glad you asked! Here are a few of this year’s top window pleasers:

  • Organic Materials: Bamboo and matchstick are in, in, in! These light weight eco-friendly favs are sure to give a light, airy feel to any room while still offering privacy. Brown is a basic in all its hues, and these long-lasting wood and natural textures are sure to please.
  • Grosgrain: This fine, closely woven ribbed fabric made of silk or rayon has sleek lines that dominate your space giving you a clean, modern look. This is a great choice for panel-track treatments.
  • Silk Panels: this all-time classic is never out of style! They add shine and whisper ‘luxury’ in any room. Whether you choose from ageless solid styles or the bright floral or geometric shapes of the modern prints, silk is a sure bet in any room.
  • Cotton: Always a pleaser offering that soft comfortable feel. Cotton panels with a high thread count for durability and freshness. Remember that layers are in, so don’t be shy when choosing your cotton window dressing.

There are a few fairly young newcomers to the window dressing family. Hi-tech panels and blinds offer child and pet safe alternatives to their predecessors. They eliminate dangling cords and offer better functionality and safety. Some can be activated by remote or even using your smart phone! Also, the new ‘go green’ dressings offer heat/cold repellent panels, and some offer anti-microbial, anti-fungal or stain-resistant choices. For the allergy sufferer in your life you may want to consider panels that use non-toxic dyes or mold and mildew resistance.

No matter which dress you choose for your windows this summer remember that the foundation is most important. If you find that you need new windows or doors this summer to fit under your new dresses, consider the replacement window pros here at Window Nation. We service the Maryland, DC, Philly, Northern Virginia, and Northeast Ohio areas with prompt, professional, exceptional service. We are certified EPA lead renovator experts for homes built before 1978, and offer 24-hour emergency support. Window Nation is listed in the top 10 for window retailers in the country. With the right windows and window ‘dresses’ you can sit back and enjoy the short, easy, breezy days of summer!