During the winter, we spend a lot of time inside. And, while kids definitely love to take advantage of the snow, they will still find themselves in the house more than on the snowy slopes. That can create a little bit of cabin fever. Sure, they probably have lots of video games to play, and an endless sea of videos to watch on the internet, but it is still tough being inside all the time. Well, nothing gets the brain and the blood pumping like a good craft!

Rather than jumping on the couch, using the kitchen pans as a set of drums, running through every room of the house at top speed, and building another giant fort in your living room, it might be fun to get them focused on a creative task. How about a window craft? Here are two ways you can do it.

Make Art In Your Windows

There are all kinds ways to turn a window into something fun. Many of them can be washed or peeled right off when you’re ready to turn that art into something else. And kids love doing it. They love using their imaginations and the wonderful backlit canvas of a window pane to make bright, colorful masterpieces.

Make Your Old Windows Into Art

Do you know that people take old windows and turn them into works of art? It’s true! There are literally hundreds of thousands of ideas on the internet. Most of them are elegant decoratives crafted by adults, but kids can create cool things with old windows too. There is something magical about working with an old window, instead of the same old scrap paper. Just make sure you sand it down to remove any chance of splinters.

If you have old windows in your home, now is a great time to replace them. You’ll get to take advantage of the energy savings for the rest of the winter, be able to get your project done quicker because there’s less competition to get a window replacement scheduled this time of year, and have some old windows to use as a window craft. It is a win win win!

At Window Nation, we have tons of window styles and options to choose from. Kids aren’t the only ones who love to use their imaginations, adults do too. You’ll have plenty of material to keep your creative juices flowing! Want to replace a single window with a bay window? No problem. Want to put a garden window in the kitchen? We can do that too. You can let your imagination run wild. And, when we’re done, your kids can use the old windows to let their imaginations run wild. Give us a call today, and let’s get crafting!