The Hidden Benefit Of A New Entry Door

When thinking about a new door upgrade for your home, there are some benefits that are obvious. If your current door is warping, chipping, or damaged in some other way, it is easy to wrap your head around how a new entry door will improve your life. If your current door has a frame that is really beginning to show its age, it is easy to see that a new door will provide a lot more security. It also makes sense that your new entry door is going to add a whole new look to the front of your home and make you fall in love with your home all over again. But, there is a benefit to purchasing a new entry door for your home that most people miss.
Do you put plastic over your windows when the temperatures begin to drop? Why is that? It’s to keep the heat in and those sub-zero temperatures out. You also do it because you know that there is a ton of heat going out those windows, especially if your windows are over 10 years old. When heat goes out, your energy bills go up, and the money you were looking to spend on something fun goes right out those windows.
Have you ever heard of anyone putting plastic on their doors? That would make it a little difficult to get in and out, wouldn’t it? But, those doors can be almost as leaky as those windows. Not just around the edges, but right through the wood or steel. If you have old doors on your home, you’re losing money.
Saving money on our energy bills is not what most of us think of as a benefit for putting in a new entry door, but it’s true. At Window Nation, our doors come with a polyurethane core that gives our doors a superior energy efficiency rating. Whether you purchase a steel or a fiberglass door, your new entry door is going to hold your heat in. When you hold the heat in, you hold your money in, right where you want it, in your pocket.
Here are a few more hidden benefits you probably don’t know about:
  • All of our doors are tested to withstand heat so that your new doors don’t warp, bend or crack.
  • Our frames are rot resistant. That means no service callbacks to fix insect-damaged door frames.
  • Our doors have the most advanced defense systems to make sure your home is safe.
  • With Window Nation you always get industry-leading service and installation.
 If you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of a new entry door, give us a call. Your Window Nation agent is looking forward to guiding you through the creative process–to make sure you get a custom door you will love for years to come.

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