The Pitfalls Of Installing Sliding Glass Doors

The Importance of Professional Sliding Glass Door Installation

Have you decided it is time to get new sliding glass doors for your home? Whether you are replacing old glass doors or installing new doors into a wall, there are many issues that can arise. Here are some things that can go wrong if you don’t have a professional take care of your sliding glass door installation.

  • It may seem silly, but some do-it-yourselfers accidentally put their new doors in backward. Don’t laugh. This is easier to do than you think. And, if the doors are put in backward, this can significantly compromise the security of a home. But, of all the things that can go wrong, this is the most obvious and easy to avoid.
  • Your new doors are going to come with special technology that will prevent loss of heat in the winter time, and loss of cool air in the summer. If those doors aren’t installed correctly, this technology could be wasted by unnecessary leakage. A professional knows all of the steps necessary to make sure your new doors don’t leak. This is not an obvious mistake–it could take you months of higher than normal energy bills to recognize it.
  • Water damage can also result from improperly installed doors. If you miss the fact that your energy bills have stayed the same or have gone up, you’re not likely to miss the rot that will happen when water gets in where it shouldn’t be. If mold occurs, this can lead to mysterious sickness in your home.
  • When your doors aren’t installed properly, they can stick, squeak, or rattle. There are a lot of measurements required to getting those doors in and a surprising number of ways things go wrong. When you have a professional install your doors, not only is there a good chance that everything will be done right, if something isn’t quite right, they’ll come back and fix it. You don’t have to live with dysfunctional doors.
  • Glass doors have glass in them. If that glass gets damaged while installing those doors, you’re stuck with the bill. Professional installation comes with a guarantee that you’re not going to have to pay for a door if it is broken during installation.
  • Do-it-yourself projects come with risks. Slips, falls, accidental cuts, stepping on a nail, and other issues can arise. There are a lot of ways to hurt yourself when attempting to install anything.

There are so many things that can go wrong when installing sliding glass doors, but when you have Window Nation install your doors, you can know for sure that it will be done right. All of our teams have a team leader who has InstallationMasters™ certification. That means you’ll avoid costly callbacks, ensure improved energy efficiency, have those doors in fast, and get results you’re satisfied with. Every time.

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