Top Colors Of 2015 (Plus, How To Use Them In Your Home)

We all know about movie of the year, car of the year, and song of the year, but did you know that there is a color of the year? Marsala. That is the ‘predicted’ color of 2015. Marsala is a deep red color with earthen brown roots and some warm orange hues. I can certainly see it making its appearance in the fashion scene. But where and how can it be incorporated into your home?

It has been said that color can change a person’s mood, spirit, intention and mind. Color is an indicator in so many facets of life. From the pale face of an ivory skinned grandmother, to the rosy red cheeks of a baby, we carry and exhibit changing colors constantly. A gray sky can not only change our itinerary, but also our state of mind. Once harnessed, color can be a useful tool in our homes. Here are some examples of ways to use some of the 2015 top colors.

Wall Coverings. When planning on the colors of your interior walls, consideration of things like natural light, room usage, and room size will come into play. Smaller rooms with less natural light will benefit by utilizing lighter colored walls. This will help to reflect what small amount of natural light exists. Using colors such as those in Behr house paints “Nuanced Neutrals” will do just that. These lighter colors can accent your furniture nicely, while increasing the room’s quality and quantity of light. If having color on all your walls is a bit of a stretch for your style, then choose an accent wall or walls that can break up the monotony of white walls. Doing a wall or two in a pleasant wall paper and then adding an accent wall or two to match is a great way to add texture and style.

Just like small, darker rooms benefit from lighter colors, larger rooms can be made cozier with the use of deep colors, like those in Behr house paints “Deep Dreams” collection. These colors seem to be filled with such a color depth that you can almost feel them. Pair your walls up with a bright, white glossy trim for a classic look, or utilize some darker wood tones and a steel gray trim and your room will be the talk of all your family and friends.

Colored light fixtures. Light fixtures come in countless shapes and styles. Retro simple and elegant glass drop pendant lights are currently all the rage. These delicate fixtures are very versatile. Available in endless colors and textures, you are sure to find one that matches your décor. Whether tethered close to your ceiling at ten inches or dangling down ten feet, these smooth, glass globes are a subtle way to incorporate some top colors of 2015 into your home.

Rugs. It could be a room size oriental style rug, or a six foot oval throw rug, either way, adding color to your floor is another simple way to create warmth and add color into your home. Accent rugs come in many colors, patterns, textures and sizes. Some rooms are just not complete without a Marsala colored rug as the center piece. A plush rug in the hallway can help with traffic control by ushering your family and guests to their destination in style.

The top color winner for 2015 is Marsala. Be the tops in your family and friends by utilizing it and other popular colors in your home in 2015 with these easy and popular suggestions!

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