Top Remodeling Projects Of The New Year

It’s a new year. 2015. Wow. Time really does fly. Have you been thinking about doing some remodeling to your home? Are you trying to decide whether to repair or replace your windows, siding or doors? These three aspects of home maintenance are certainly some of the larger areas of your home that do require your attention and can make a huge difference, if they are performing correctly.

If your windows are leaky and cold, it may be time to replace them. Sure, if they are wood windows, you can do some scraping and repainting to give them a fresh face, but will it change the way that they perform? Probably not. If you have composite or vinyl windows that are just plain old leaky and damaged your choices are pretty limited as to how you can repair them to make them perform at a higher level. Replacing your windows with new, vinyl replacement windows will certainly give you a good yield for your investment. Your heating and cooling bills will change dramatically, if you currently have unwanted air exchange with your windows. You will never have to scrape or paint them. This will decrease your annual home maintenance dollars. And, don’t forget that the new, vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation have security features that are tougher on criminals and safer for your family.

Doors, like windows, can become unsightly and detrimental to your home’s energy efficiency as well as its security. You may be able to replace some of the weather-stripping on your doors to improve their performance. This can be an easy and inexpensive task, once your purchase the correct weather stripping. Replacing thresholds and trim can also increase your door’s performance. Most doors, door frames and trim can be sanded and repainted. These steps can certainly make your entrance way a more pleasing sight as well as more weather tight. It is, however, possible to completely replace your entrance door without breaking budget. A new fiberglass or steel insulated entrance door system from Window Nation will certainly increase your home’s energy efficiency and security. A new door unit will have multi-point, stainless steel locking system to keep your family safe. If replacing your entrance door isn’t possible, then consider adding a storm door to insulate your home more from the outside temperatures. Window Nation offers many styles of energy efficient and attractive storm doors.

Siding is the majority of the essence of curb appeal of your home. The type, condition and color make all the difference. Wood siding, although popular, is a lot of maintenance and repair. Vinyl siding comes in countless color and style options and is virtually maintenance free! Changing your siding to new quality vinyl siding from Window Nation is an investment that you are sure to reap fruit from for a long time.

When you are debating on whether to repair or replace your home’s windows, doors, and siding, remember all the benefits of replacement vs repair can’t be measured by dollar bills. By using Window Nation to replace your windows with new, vinyl replacement windows, you are increasing the level of security that your family gets from your home and the amount of free time you have to spend with them instead of maintaining and repairing old windows, doors and siding.

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