Vinyl Siding Color Options For Cleveland Homeowners

Summer is almost over and before winter arrives, the professionals at Window Nation in Ohio wanted to talk to you about having vinyl siding installed on your home. The benefits of vinyl siding are many; it is beautiful and can add appeal to your home, it can help sound-proof your home, protect it from the elements and reinforced vinyl siding can even help insulate your home, which will benefit you greatly in the dead of winter. Because the color goes all the way through the vinyl siding panels, you never have to worry about sanding and painting- vinyl siding from Window Nation is virtually maintenance free! Now, the choice is clear- when choosing vinyl siding, Cleveland homeowners will greatly improve their homes in many ways by choosing to have vinyl siding installed on the exterior.

Once you’ve made the decision to go with vinyl siding, the fun begins! Well, it should be fun!  Choosing colors for your vinyl siding isn’t always easy, but with the choices available through Window Nation in Ohio, you have our expert assistance in choosing the right color for your home. Our vinyl siding color options for Charter Oak vinyl siding include:

The Architectural Color Collection

  • Autumn Red
  • Ivy
  • Harbor blue
  • Heather
  • Slate
  • Walnut

The Contemporary Color Collection

  • Glacier White
  • Antique Parchment
  • Platinum Gray
  • Cape Cod Gray
  • Mystic Blue
  • Adobe Cream
  • London Brown
  • And many more!

Now, you can pick a variety of options. First, you should choose the vinyl siding color. Then you can choose shutters, trim, soffits and other vinyl siding accessories; the color of these items can perfectly match your siding, or can complement it in many different ways. When choosing colors for the exterior of your home, some experts suggest choosing colors based on what your neighbors have, based on what colors have widespread appeal (in case you ever sell!), based on your house style and your personal style. Your siding color should look nice with your roof and the accessories can be used to highlight special features of your home. Do you have dormers? Wide siding trim can offer a more dramatic effect, especially when in just the right shade to complement your siding color. Do you have shutters? They add a lot of visual appeal to your home and when you choose a lighter colored siding, a dark colored shutter will create a dramatic focal point.  Siding that is just a shade lighter than your shutters will create a more subtle visual highlight.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices involved in picking out your vinyl siding colors and accessory colors! But at Window Nation in Ohio, we make this process enjoyable by giving you the benefit of our years of experience to help you choose the vinyl siding that will best suit your home and your style. For more information on vinyl siding from the experts on vinyl siding in Ohio, give Window Nation a call today or stop by one of our Ohio showrooms to see what we can offer. Your home deserves to look fantastic- stop thinking about vinyl siding and call Window Nation today!

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