Vinyl Siding Is The Best Choice For Maryland Homes

It’s that time of year again, to start scraping and painting the exterior of your wood-sided home. If painting your house is getting old, maybe it’s time to consider something new. No, not a new house, but how about new vinyl siding for your Maryland home? This is an excellent option to help improve the look of your home, improve curb appeal and reduce time-consuming maintenance the exterior of your home requires.  And did you know that installing vinyl siding on your home can help protect it from the elements?  It’s true! Vinyl siding from the professionals at Window Nation in Maryland can do more than just improve your home’s look; it can protect your investment against the coming hurricane season and the heavy winds and rain that accompany storms of that nature.

Both vinyl siding and reinforced vinyl siding are good choices for your Maryland home to protect it from the elements. Vinyl siding panels won’t split, peel or rot, which in turn won’t expose the inside of your home to moisture that can cause mold to grow or cause the structure of your home to become unstable. Vinyl siding is durable, rigid and wind resistant.  The vinyl siding colors are attractive too and unlike wood panel siding colors, the color goes clear though the panel, which means it won’t chip and fade like typical painted or stained wood siding.  When you choose vinyl siding in Maryland from the professionals at Window Nation, your home will be given a weather-proof barrier, protecting it from whatever Mother Nature throws at it, whether it’s wind, hail, snow or rain. Wood panels are known for absorbing moisture, but vinyl siding just lets the moisture slide off; what better way to protect your home?

Reinforced vinyl siding offers the additional protection of Fullback® Insulated siding, which is the most energy efficient siding that can be purchased on the market today! With an R-value of between 2 and 3.5, it can reduce energy costs, keeping your home warm in the winter and your home cool in the summer. It can also help to keep your furnace or air conditioner from having to work overtime to keep your home the right temperature during weather extremes; this can extend the life of those systems.  Reinforced vinyl siding has also been known to make your home quieter, reducing noise from outside! It can reduce rot, mold and mildew that can be introduced into your home from the weather and can even deter pest infestations, with a built-in pest control agent.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home maintenance easier and to protect it from the upcoming weather associated with hurricane season, check out the vinyl siding options available for your Maryland home at Window Nation in Maryland. You can stop by our window showroom in Glen Burnie to take a good look at your options; we think you’ll be impressed at what we have to offer! If you’re too busy between scraping and painting your old wood siding, give us a call instead at 888-817-9507; we’d be happy to discuss what we can do for your Maryland!

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