Vinyl Siding: Less Maintenance And More Durability

You may be thinking of updating the look of your home with some new siding. There are several different products available for the outside of your home through Window Nation. Different types of siding is the easiest way to provide a beautiful exterior to your home. Siding products vary in materials. Siding can be found in vinyl, wood panels, cement board and wood shakes. They all have their pros and cons but vinyl siding is considered the product with the least amount of maintenance. The durability of the premium Charter Oak vinyl siding is known throughout the industry.

The benefits of vinyl siding vary from durability to easy installation and maintenance for the homeowner. Vinyl siding is much easier to upkeep than wood siding. Wood has to be repainted over time to protect the wood. Vinyl siding only needs a little maintenance. To keep your vinyl siding appearing new all you need is a hose! We suggest spraying it off every spring and fall. Spraying the siding also deters pests and removes unsightly webs and spiders as well! You can use either a garden hose or a power washer. Some recommend using laundry detergent along with the water spray at least once a year.

Vinyl siding is known for its durability. The product installed by Window Nation is five times more rigid than other leading brands. It has also been independently tested to withstand Category five hurricane force winds. Most vinyl sidings are designed for easy install and easy repair if a section is damaged.

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of architectural styles and colors. It is easy to find one that fits your home’s personality. Vinyl siding provides a durable layer of protection for your home. Vinyl does not absorb moisture like wood can. Vinyl provides a solid barrier against the elements. Installation of vinyl siding can also reduce heating and cooling costs because it provides a new layer of insulation and protection to your home.

If you still have any questions about the cost and installation process of vinyl siding, please give the pros at Window Nation a call. Our experienced staff can answer any questions that you may have. Click here to learn more about our quality vinyl siding!

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