Vinyl Siding vs Hurricane Force Winds

Who or what can withstand the force of hurricane winds? Superman? Cement? Steel? The Hulk? Well, not much or anyone can truly withstand the force of hurricane winds. Considering the lowest wind speed of a hurricane is 74 mph! 74 mph is speeding in most speed zones in the United States. Now that’s fast!

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Hurricanes are rated on a scale called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. There are four criteria that are measured to classify a storm as to which category it is. The four areas are storm surge, damage level, pressure and wind speed.

Storm surge is defined as a rising of the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm. The storm surge can be very dangerous and destructive. We have all seen the pictures of sea and ocean water coming up onto streets and into houses where it doesn’t belong. It will literally pick cars, trucks and buildings up and move them around.Vinyl Siding On Home

Hurricanes have very low pressures. Areas of low pressure have high winds, warm temperatures and low levels of oxygen.

The damage level is directly related to all the other aspects of the hurricane. The higher the winds, the bigger the storm surge, the lower the pressure than the damage level increases.

Wind is also the very damaging and dangerous. The wind itself can lift up heavy objects and throw them around making them a hazard. Hurricane winds range from 74 mph and all the way up to 156 and over. Hurricane winds can rip siding off from buildings. Per the Federal Emergency Management Association, hurricane winds try to blow ‘under’ a building but hit the walls and then rip up it with immense force. This, more often than not, lifts the initial course at the base of the wall and then flips each course of siding as it travels quickly up the wall. This can be quite destructive to the siding and the building.

Here at Window Nation we offer high end quality vinyl siding for homes in Cleveland, Canton and throughout Ohio. Our vinyl siding is five times more rigid than other leading brands and has been tested to withstand category five hurricane winds! Our professionally trained vinyl siding installers also know all the correct procedures to install your siding to resist hurricane force winds.

The wind that blows through Cleveland and Ohio from hurricanes can be scary business. With the help of Window nation you can put your fear of losing your siding to rest. Call us today!


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