Vinyl Windows Or Wood Windows?

Eeniee meenie miney moe. This is probably not the best way to choose between whether you should buy wood or vinyl replacement windows. Windows are not only initially a significant financial investment, they will affect your finances for as long as they are in your home. You see, if you have good energy efficient windows than the cost of heating and cooling your home will drop significantly and the price to maintain windows over the years can also affect your home maintenance budget.

Quite often the purchase price of vinyl windows versus wood windows is much lower. This means less money up front to get your vinyl replacement windows. Wood window advocates will argue and say that wood is a natural insulator, unlike vinyl. But, some of our vinyl replacement windows perform over 700 times better in thermal tests than its leading competitors. With many highly efficient models to choose from you will certainly find the right one for you.

Another way that vinyl replacement windows save you money is the fact that they never need to be painted. Wood framed windows will need to routinely be sanded and repainted to maintain their weather resistance and attractive appearance. It has been said that you don’t truly appreciate just how much of a benefit this is until it comes time for you to do your own windows. Sanding, scraping, cleaning, taping, and repainting is just the beginning. And don’t forget that you will most likely need a ladder, drop cloth for your landscaping and some fall gear if you have a multi-level home. Yes, you could hire out this job to a professional painter, but why pay for someone to paint wood windows when you can just buy high quality vinyl windows to begin with and never have to worry about this circus at all!

New vinyl replacement windows from us here at Window Nation are the best choice for Philadelphia. We have countless sizes, colors and styles to fit your style. Isn’t it time that you made the best choice you can for your windows, your home, your finances and your family? Your final choice should be vinyl, vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation Philadelphia.

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