Want A More Energy Efficient Home? We’ve Got You Covered!

Winters in Cleveland can vary from year to year, but typically from January through March, you can expect very cold temperatures! There is a lot to worry about during a Cleveland winter, including shoveling, getting your driveway plowed after a storm and keeping too much snow from building up on your roof. Another concern that you may not have thought about is keeping your home energy efficient during the winter. This is important because although your home’s heating system could be working hard, the heat could be escaping out your windows, your doors or even through your siding. Energy saving tips can be a huge money saver for you, especially during the extreme cold winter months we experience here in Cleveland.

To maximize your home’s energy efficiency, first you should check your windows for drafts or air leaks. If your windows are letting out all the warm air in your home, your heating system is going to have to work extra hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you notice drafts from your windows, it may be time to consider replacement windows with energy efficient glass. Newer windows that are Energy Star rated can help reduce heat loss during the winter. The Energy Star qualification allows consumers to easily identify products that provide superior energy performance. You want to choose a product that is Energy Star rated with a low rate of heat transfer (a low “U-factor”), and a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat the window will transmit.

According to Energy Star’s website , replacing your windows with Energy Star qualified models can save you between $150 and $500 a year on your energy costs! And not only will they lower your home’s energy bills, they can help your home feel more comfortable year round, not just during the deep, dark winter!

Energy efficient door systems can also help you save money. If you stand in front of your current entry door and you feel a draft, then you probably need a new and more energy efficient front door. Although Window Nation is a Cleveland window company, we also sell and install doors. If you’re looking for a secure entry door system, sliding glass doors or French doors, we have what you are looking for. Stop by one of our showrooms to take a look at your many door choices and to talk to one of our specialists. We can show you our inventory and discuss how energy efficient doors from Window Nation can save you money on your bills.

Siding is another surprising way that energy can be lost in your home. In every home, the wall studs typically make up 25% of the total wall surface. Since studs are metal, they conduct heat, which can allow for a significant amount of heat transfer. With a quarter of your home almost completely made of studs, it’s like having one whole wall without insulation! Reinforced vinyl siding can improve your home’s insulation and provide greater wind resistance and rigidity than standard siding. Vinyl siding can also reduce noise from outdoors and make your home look beautiful.

Now that winter is over and spring has arrived, don’t forget about improving your home’s energy efficiency just because the weather has warmed up! Now would be a good time to give the pros at Window Nation a call to discuss the ways in which we can help you make your home more energy efficient.

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