What Beautiful Entry Doors Can Do For You

Have you ever heard the term "establishing shot?" It is the first camera shot in a movie scene that introduces you to what is about to happen. The camera is fixed on a jib arm and held up above the city, or farm, or whatever the scene will be, and is slowly lowered down. What does this do? It establishes what you, the viewer, are about to see. It lets you know if you're in the future, the present, or some old western town in the past. If you're in the Old West it will tell you where the scene is going to take place. Will you start off in a saloon, on a prairie farm, at the site of a Chinese railroad camp--or something more exotic? Besides telling you where the characters are going to be, the establishing shot tells you what time of day it is. If it is early in the morning there is an expectation of a long journey. If it is night, there is a possibility of dangerous events. The establishing shot can tell you volumes about what to expect, and also begin the mystery that is about to unfold. Folks like Spielberg, Coppola, and Cameron use these scenes to create breathtaking worlds we want to live in.
Believe it or not, entry doors have the same effect. They speak volumes about your style and invite the viewer to want to live in this world you've created. They are your establishing shot.
What are you establishing? What do you want people to know about you? Are you a little bit country or are you a little bit rock 'n' roll? Do you want visitors to see that you are elegant or sophisticated? Then you may want a door with stylized glass in the center. Do you want to appear powerful and strong? Then more wood surface and thin glass borders could do the trick. At Window Nation, we don't just help you get an entry door that will provide better energy savings, better security, and better rot resistance, we are looking for the perfect door that describes who you are, and complements the theme of your home.
We could go on and on about how our doors are Energy Star compliant and that you'll save a ton on your energy bills. We could explain the details of our water infiltration testing, how a sprinkle of rain can get around an improperly sealed door, and how our doors and installation prevent your home from being damaged by water; but when it comes right down to it, we earned the 2014 Angi Super Service Award because our customers fall in love with their new entry doors. Our high ratings at Guild Quality and our award for The Best of Houzz are because we give customers the doors that make an impression.
When you're ready to give your home a facelift, give us a call. At Window Nation, we're in the business of getting the perfect "establishing shot" and making people happy.

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