What’s The Difference Between Bay And Bow Windows?

When it comes to adding a new window to your Philly home or changing out the old windows, you may consider making a serious change to your window plan. Do you have any bay or bow windows in your home currently? If you don’t, then you’re missing out! These windows allow in more light and can give your home beautiful curb appeal. Realtors will often tell you that both bay and bow windows can add value to your home! Are you wondering what the difference between bay and bow windows are? The Philadelphia window professionals at Window Nation would like to break it down for you!

Bay Windows: These windows are typically made up of three windows of varying sizes. Normally, there is a large center window that is flanked by two smaller windows. The two smaller windows are actually called flankers and are angled from the wall at a 30 or 40-degree angle; they are usually double hung to give adequate ventilation. The center window gives a large and unobstructed view and can be opened to add additional ventilation to your room.

Bow Windows: These windows can be made up of 3 to 6 windows. The windows are the same size and this allows for the design of the space to have a gradually curved look. This window design may not allow for as much of an unobstructed view as bay windows offer but can often be opened in several different places to allow for ventilation. Since bow windows have more glass panes than bay windows, they often allow more light into your space.

Why should you choose replacement windows from Window Nation in Philadelphia?

At Window Nation, no matter whether you choose a bay window or a bow window, our experienced window installers are the best choice to install these windows for you. At Window Nation we know that window installation is just as important as the quality of the windows themselves. Each team of window installers at Window Nation is led by an Installation Master Certified Installer. All of our team members have been trained and certified directly from the factory so they know how to perfectly install your new bay or bow window.

Come check out our showroom in Philadelphia to see the many window options we can provide you and to learn more about our window installation services.

You can also give us a call to learn more about our quality replacement windows in PA and to schedule your first consultation with our friendly representatives!

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