What To Do With A Garden Window

There are a lot of great parks in Philadelphia, but at the end of the day, we still live in a city–which can sometimes feel like a concrete jungle. That is why a lot of Philly residents have had garden windows installed. These are windows that extend outside the walls of a home and offer a place for plants to live and flourish. If you’re considering a garden window for your home, here are some ideas to help you use that new space.

Ideas for Your New Garden Window

  • Let’s talk plants. Obviously, this is a good place for potted plants to grow, but you need to make sure you get the right plants. Some plants do well with a lot of sunlight and others do not. If you’re new garden window is on a side of your home that gets light all day long, you’re going to need to make sure your plants can handle that. If your garden window will be on a shaded side of your home, you can grow finicky plants that need a delicate balance of light and moisture, but it doesn’t matter what you decide to grow, plants add life to any room, and make the concrete jungle feel a little less–well–concretely.
  • There is something else you can do with all the light that a garden window will bring into your home: you can put glass items in that window space. Things like, glass figurines, twinkling crystals, an assortment of glass bottles, or some other collectible item. These sparkling treasures will add a magical quality when the noon day sun hits your new garden window just right.
  • Where there is sun coming in through glass, there is also heat. Your new garden window will be the perfect place to do something fun, like making a jar of sun tea. All you need to do is sanitize a jar, fill it with fresh water and some tea bags, and place the container in the direct sunlight for 2 – 5 hours. When it is done brewing, stick it in the fridge to chill. You get a tasty beverage and, if you put your tea in a pretty glass container, you also have a beautiful decoration in your window garden that glows a brilliant amber as it sits in the sunlight.
  • The space in your new garden window can also be used for just that–space. You can create a spot for soap, detergent, sponges, or other objects you use in your kitchen, and free up space on your counter tops.

Don’t Have a Garden Window Yet? Window Nation Can Help!

When you’re ready to get a new garden window installed, give us a call. At Window Nation, we have earned a reputation for superior craftsmanship and superior installation that has made us one of the nation’s top remodelers, based on national rankings. Let us help make your new garden window the perfect addition to your Philly home.

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