What Your Front Door Says About You

First impressions are important. Well, the first thing that most people focus on when coming to your home is your front door. Believe it or not, your front door can say more about you than you think. From its size to its color, you may be revealing more about yourself than you know! Here are list of the more popular door colors and what the color could be telling others about you!

A red front door has commonly put forth a welcoming message. Red is the color of passion and love. It tells visitors and onlookers that you are welcoming them in. There are many shades of red, and using any of them will certainly tell everyone that you aren’t afraid to stand out on the block.

Blue is a tranquil color. Painting your front door any shade of this calm color says that your home is your sanctuary. This calm and relaxing color tells of the serenity within the walls of your home. If you desire a bit more privacy, but are still in search of the peace that blue offers, use a darker shade to give a sense of solitude.

A yellow front door portrays mental clarity, wisdom, confidence and understanding. This is usually the door color of the pack leader. The color yellow is a reflection of the natural joy and energy of the sun. Making your entrance door a reflection of the sun is a great way to add a ray of happiness to all who enter.

White has traditionally been used to represent purity, virtue and serenity. Using it as the color on your front door is no different. A clean and crisp white front door tells everyone that you are neat, organized and clean.

A black door is a timeless look. Black lets everyone know that you are not easily swayed by fads and passing styles. Black can be used to signify power and strength. Often homes of authoritative figures have black doors.

Green is a natural reflection of the world around you. A front door that is green sends a message of health, tranquility, harmony and safety. Some may say that your door says that you are concerned about your community and its values.

Whether your front door is green, blue, yellow, white, black or red, it is certainly telling a story. Let that story be one that reflects you, your home and your family. If you need to replace your front door, then search no further than Window Nation. With a huge variety of steel and fiberglass entrance doors, you are sure to find one that suits your style.

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