What Your Home Decor Colors Say

Colors are everywhere! From the natural greens, blues and browns of the earth to the fluorescent orange traffic cones that we all dread to see. Red very often means to stop or take notice, whereas green seems to be the universal color for the all clear and yellow is apparently the cautious color of the world. These are colors that are designated to have a meaning, but what do colors in your home say about you? Here are a few common color schemes and their proposed meanings.

Warm shades like yellow, orange, peach and pink say ‘welcome’. People who utilize these warm tones are most generally ones who are nurturing and friendly. The comforting feeling that these colors put forth seem to reach out and wrap you in the room. What a wonderful color collection for a living room, sitting room or foyer.

Soft, cool hues like pale to medium blues, greens, and lavenders are common colors that are often used to mimic natural color schemes. These colors can create a soothing calm. With their mild shades, they have a lower light intensity and are easier on your eyes. Sitting in a library among mild blues and greens can create a quiet oasis in your crazy world. They say that you value quiet, serene moments to reflect on life without the harsh bright light of the world jumping in on you. Keep a wee bit of warmth in your cool sea of color by adding small splashes of brown, yellow or orange as accessories or furniture.

Bright, and deep jewel tones can be electric and fun. If your eyes and heart are just aching for these colors to be part of your home, then go ahead and do it. Colors like ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz are bold and say that you are too. Using these color jewels will give you inspiration and get your creative juices flowing. If you absolutely love the va-va-va-voom of these colors but still think that they may be too fast for your main rooms, then you can always use them in a hallway or powder room. Pair these rich colors up with neutrals for a mild contrast to keep them within the acceptable speed limit!

If neutral hues like gray, brown, beige, ivory and granite are more your thing, then by all means use them. Using neutral hues on your walls is a great way to ensure that you don’t have to repaint them every couple years when color fads fade. Neutral walls are like having a clean slate or canvas. Neutral colors say that you are most likely a practical, down-to-earth person, who enjoys tradition. Add color and texture to your rooms in your furniture, windows, window dressing and rugs because neutral doesn’t have to mean boring.

Whether you are practical, bold, quiet or nurturing, there is a color family that is just for you. Express yourself and your life through color. Use color to enjoy your life and have fun!

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