When’s The Best Time For Maryland Replacement Windows?

While there is really no right or wrong time to buy replacement windows, there are a few things you should know about the window installation process and trends in installations throughout the year. As we gear up for a busy spring season here at Window Nation, we wanted to make sure to share some helpful information that could assist you in deciding when you want to invest in new windows, doors or siding for your home.

In the spring and summer we are going full steam installing new windows, entry door systems and even vinyl siding to homes in Baltimore and across Maryland. There is something about the spring season that sparks the motivation to finally replace those old drafty windows. And hey, we get it! After a long and cold winter dealing with those old and very drafty windows, enough is enough. But, don’t shy away from the installation process in the winter. With the professional installation team that we have, we can work around the weather and through the weather to ensure that your home has the very best new windows and doors.

When’s the best time to replace your windows? We like to tell homeowners to keep in mind the end of summer around August. This is a very busy time for many families getting back into the swing of school and after school activities so it often slips people’s minds to get started on a replacement project which leaves us a little more room for scheduling. But, then comes September and October when homeowners realize they don’t want to spend another winter with drafty windows so we get another major spike in installations!

So, the answer is ultimately up to you. The best time to purchase your new windows is when you feel ready! No matter what time of the year that you decide, we are here to guide you through the process of new replacement windows, doors or siding for your Maryland home. To get more information and to begin the installation process, please contact us today!

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